The Forbidden Man

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Chapter 20

I stumbled into the house, softly closing the door behind me. I groaned and cursed when I banged my toe against the cupboard. “Fucking Christ!” I bend over and massaged the aching toe as my body shuddered from the pain. On the other hand, my blood was boiling from anger. Have you ever had that feeling, when you’re in pain but also feeling such pure rage, that all you want to do is break things and scream?

After calming myself down, I started making my way towards the kitchen when a voice spoke, making me gasp from surprise. How the fuck didn’t I hear the TV?! “Didn’t think you’d come here.” He spoke, I turned around facing Caleb only to see he was too engrossed with the TV but still acknowledging what was happening around him.

I cleared my throat and neared the couch he was sitting on. “Yeah, well...” I shrugged leaning against the couch, “Jesse, decided to ditch me, so I thought I’d come home.” I finished, looking down at him. He hummed and leaned his head against my arm staring up at me.

“I’m glad.” He whispered and gave me a small smile. I smiled back and removed my jacket as I rounded the couch. Placing my purse beside the couch, I sat next to him but made sure there was enough space between us. There are still a few things we needed to discuss.

Like the fact, that he went all Christian fucking Grey on me at the club. Or the fact that something is going on that I didn’t know. On the other hand, I was hoping we wouldn’t be discussing anything serious right now because I was dead tired and my eyes were ready to drop and take me into the darkness.

“So, what are you doing up so late?” I asked trying to start up a conversation. Of course, my attention instantly got caught elsewhere, when I saw what he was watching.

Addicted. Hmm...why in god’s name is he watching such a movie? I licked my lips when William Levy appeared on the screen shirtless. “Belle!” Caleb sternly called out my name when I didn’t respond to him after a while.

I cleared my throat and tore my eyes away from the screen, cursing Caleb in my head for interrupting me. “Yes?” I questioned and saw him glared at me. “Sorry.” I chuckled causing him to roll his eyes. I tried to hide my smile as I moved closer to him. Cupping his cheeks, I arched my back moving closer towards him and pecking his lips.

“I’m sorry.” I chuckled and sighed when he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me towards him. I straddled his lap and placed my hands around his neck as I stared at his face realizing just how much I loved him.

“Belle?” He questioned after a minute when I didn’t say anything but sat there straddling his lap and staring wide-eyed at him. Holly shit. Did I just say I loved him? I quickly moved away like I had been burned and stood up.

Clearing my throat I removed my eyes from him and stared at the wall behind him. “I’m tired Caleb, I’m going to bed.” I muttered and turned away ready to walk away. Before I could climb the stairs up to my room, my wrist was grabbed as he turned me around.

Cupping my cheeks he forced my eyes to meet with his. His gorgeous blue eyes that I could get lost into. “Is there something wrong?” He frowned studying my face. I shook my head and tried to move away, but he only tightened his hold on me.

“Let me go, Caleb.” I ordered as my eyes filled with tears. I blinked them back and hoped he didn’t notice, but with the way I was so close to him, that’s a bit hard not to notice.

“Belle, what’s wrong?” He questioned in concern.

“Nothing, I’m just tired.” I sighed, “let’s go to bed, please.” I begged and grabbed his hands making him sigh.

“Fine, but you and I need to talk about a few things, tomorrow.” He groaned and went back turning the TV off. When he came back and stood by my side, he bends down hoisting me in his arms and started carrying me bridal style.

I yelped in surprise and wrapped my arms around his shoulders holding for dear life. I know he wouldn’t drop me, but it was never too bad to be safe. I leaned my head against his shoulder deeply inhaling his masculine scent and his cologne that I was sure I was addicted to.

How did we end up here? “Caleb, where is my mom?” I questioned and felt his body stiffen as his jaw tightened in anger. I pulled away and stared at him in confusion. “What’s wrong?” I ask but he only ignored me. “Caleb-”

He cut me off with a growl. “Drop it, Belle!” I frowned and studied his face for a second longer before a sigh of defeat escaped past my lips. I dropped my head against his shoulder once again and let him carry me towards my room.

I stared at him as he softly placed me down on the bed. His eyes were clouded with such anger, I truly felt sad. Something must’ve happened. He turned away and started removing his shirt, as I stood up behind him and grabbed his wrist after he removed the shirt and was about to drop it on the ground.

Grabbing the shirt off his hand, I turned my back to him. “Help me.” I spoke as I removed my hair granting him access to the zipper. I felt his fingers touching my back, making my heart flutter. Closing my eyes a breathless sigh left my lips as I enjoyed his touch.

When the zipper was undone, I re-opened my eyes and turned back towards him. He started at me, his once bright blue eyes had darkened with lust. I panted as I stood up on my knees and placed my hands against his chest.

I was never a fan of hairy men. But there was something about Caleb that just made it, I don’t know so desiring. I loved how his shoulders were so wide. I licked my lower lip and trailed my eyes up to his face, his jaw was clenched as he stared down at me, waiting for my next move.

I looked up at him and slowly moved closer to his chest. Placing a soft kiss against his chest, I heard him hiss as his fists clenched by his side.

I started trailing kisses up to his neck never breaking our eye contact. I could see it, in his eyes. The desire, the control he was trying to keep in check. I knew he wanted to just snap out of whatever state he was in and just take control. Like he always did. But I wouldn’t let him, I knew that things have changed. At least for me.

I pulled away when my lips stood only inches away from his. “Caleb.” I breathed out his name and instantly felt his arms wrap around my waist as he pulled me against his chest. His hand trailed up my arm towards the strap of my dress before he slowly took them off my shoulders as the dress fell.

Allowing him to see that I wasn’t wearing anything under. I wasn’t ashamed, I felt a feeling of pure proudness as he regarded me with lust. He groaned before grabbing my jaw and making me look up at him. “You’re so fucking gorgeous.” He whispered against my lips as I panted out of breath. I don’t know if it was just me but it was too hot in here.

He placed his lips against mine and started kissing me, his hand wrapped around my neck pulling me closer. Tilting my head to the side, I moved even closer as our lips moved against each other. I was getting breathless from how fast my heart was racing and I feared at any moment it would stop beating.

But there was one thing clear in my head: Something has definitely changed.

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