The Forbidden Man

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2: Ma Belle

I groaned as my mom and Caleb; her boyfriend kissed for the hundredth time today. Can I fucking puke already? "Get a room!" I yell and throw a grape at them and watched it fall far away from them, making me scoff.

They stood in the doorway of the kitchen making out like some teenagers when both were so damn old it was upsetting. Okay, maybe they weren't that old but it still was disgusting. Plus, watching Vampire Diaries while loud smacking and moaning sounds coming from your right wasn't that fun.

But no the love birds had to be freaking loud and now I have to hear smacking noises from their disgusting, tongue-swallowing-face-eating-contests. Mom giggled before she spoke, "Honey calm down. You'll be going through the same thing once you get a boyfriend."

Oh, mom, you're so naive. If only she knew about Trevor. My thought's got interrupted when I heard the Devil himself speak, "Which will never be." Caleb piped up as if he had any rights. He might be dating my mom and who knows what happens in the future but he didn't have any rights to mingle in my business, which angered me.

He pissed me off on daily basis. I don't know, why? Maybe it had to do...Nah, I don't think so. Rolling my eyes I replied, "You know I'm 20, right?"

He scoffed, "Anna, you just turned 20, last Saturday. Don't act like you're an adult just yet." I rolled my eyes at him and was tempted to just snap and tell him that:

First, he didn't own me.

Second, he wasn't my dad and will never be.

And third, I can do whatever the fuck I want!

My mom rubbed his shoulders, "Honey let's just leave her alone. Let's go to that room huh?" I groaned again at how disgusting they are. My mom giggled once again as she pulled Caleb into their bedroom.

There is no surprise that my mom can pull a young, sexy ass man like Caleb. My mom is pretty hot for a mom. She's brunette, has brown eyes, nice tan skin, big boobs, and a big ass that everyone comments on it, she really does have a nice body. People say I'm a younger version of my mom but I don't see it. I have light brown hair, dark brown eyes, and am ugly as shit.

I turned the volume up louder to block out the moaning that could be heard from their bedroom. Gag! This is what I have to live with and me being the only child makes it even worse, because I couldn't use anything as an excuse to get out of the house.

And with Caleb always on my back and with a remark of me going out, it was kind of hard to find excuses. I grabbed a pillow and threw it at the door, "Can you guys please shut the fuck up!" I shouted. "It's disgusting?!" I added after a minute.

"Hey watch your mouth!" Caleb yelled back.

I roll my eyes, "I'll watch it around your dick." I mumbled. I admit that the first time I saw Caleb Pierce, I never made it my mission to develop a crush on him. But feelings just start to rise when he wouldn't stop teasing me and being the way he is.

And let's not forget that he's daddy material as fuck. I mean just for the fun of it, sometimes I even call him that. Of course, my only excuse is 'you're dating my mom, probably going to marry her too. So, you're going to be my daddy.' I know, I know that's such a slut move but honestly, I don't give a shit.

Also, I can tell it turns him on a bit, which is why I continuously do it every chance I can. Of course, I feel bad for feeling such a way towards him because of him being my mom's boyfriend but I can't help it. I mean he's only 32 whereas my mom is turning 45 this year.

Tell me that's not a huge age gap?!

She'll be 45 and he'll be only 33?! I'm closer to his age for Christ's sake. Stop thinking this nonsense, Anna! I decided to text my best friend, Jesse, and see if she had anything planned for today. At this point, I will do anything just to get out of the house.

'Hey, loser!' I texted and waited for a reply. When she finally responded after a few minutes I let out a breath of relief. Turns out she wasn't doing anything interesting. So, I asked her if she wanted to go out since I couldn't stay here and hear my own mother have sex with her boyfriend. Which keep in mind that I secretly have a crush on and usually got myself off of thinking of him.

Hmmm... good job, Anna. You just reserved a first-class ticket to hell.

Once Jesse told me she'd get ready and come pick me up, I stood up and made my way towards my room which was on the second floor, away from the love birds. When I walked inside my room, I made my way to my closet and started searching for something to wear. After throwing on a pair of black spandex shorts and a frill white crop top on, I stared in the mirror and decided to just leave my hair like they were.

Grabbing the smallest black shoulder purse that I had, I put in my wallet, phone, and house keys just in case. Grabbing a pair of small round sunglasses I put them on and made my way downstairs, walking towards the door and bend down to search for my white converse.

When I found them I stayed in the position to put them on and not aware that my mom's bedroom door had opened and Caleb was standing a few feet away from me. "Mom, I'm going out!" I called over my shoulder as I stood up and grabbed my purse from the floor and opened the door.

"Wait. Dressed like that?" I gasped and quickly turned around seeing Caleb standing there with his arms crossed over his naked chest as his eyes glared at me. I don't know why, he always had to say something about 'my inappropriate outfits', rolling my eyes at him, I huffed and looked down at my outfit.

"Yeah? Why? What's wrong with it?" I asked holding the door open with my foot as I copied his stance and crossed my arms over my chest.

He raised an eyebrow at my childish behavior, "I can practically see your ass!" Like always he exaggerated like the old man he is.

I winked, "That's not a bad thing though is it, daddy?" I made sure to keep quiet so my mom wouldn't hear me. He gulped as his eyes slightly widened, I chuckled walking out and shutting the door behind me. As if the gods were on my side today, Jesse pulled up in her blue mustang, I hurried and hopped in.

After settling in, we greeted each other. She speeds off towards the mall as she began to speak. "So, how's it going with Mr. Sexy? I'm surprised he let you leave the house in those shorts. Especially with the big ass you have!" I didn't. Have a big ass, I mean. But she still managed to always lift up my mood and therefore we have been best friends for the past ten years. Sure we had our ups and downs, but we still loved each other like sisters. And I wouldn't ask for anyone else to spend my life with.

I giggled, "He stopped me when I went to leave and asked me why I was dressed like this and said how he can practically see my ass." She laughed again. "And I was like 'well that wouldn't be a bad thing now would it, daddy?' and just left." I explained and she gasped.

"One of these days you're going to get caught from being a dirty little freak to him." She remarked and chuckled.

I shrugged, "He hasn't told mom about my little dirty remarks. Maybe he likes it."

She agreed, "Who wouldn't? You're hot. Big ass and big boobs. Shit, I would like it too!"

I laughed and smacked her arm. "Oh hush, Jesse you're hot too." We pulled up to the mall and get out, heading inside.

-- -- --

After eating and running around the shopping mall for a few minutes which in reality were hours. We decided to go watch a movie, because why not? Plus we had come across a few friends that graduated with us.

As everyone kept talking about college and which one they had applied to and wanted to get in. I stood in my own corner judging them. For god's sake, we just graduated a week ago, summer is here. Just enjoy it!

"So, how about you, Anna?" A friend of ours, Alex suddenly spoke causing everyone's attention to turn towards me.

"What about me?" I cleared my throat and pushed off the wall that I was leaning against.

"What college did you apply too?" He asked and took a step closer towards me. It was no secret that he had a little crush on me, he was cute and I could see myself dating him but it just wasn't meant to be. College life and long-distance relationships weren't my things.

There's also Caleb, who I have been craving for the past few months. So, Alex and I were a no go! "I don't know yet, still looking at the options." I lied. Jesse rolled her eyes at me, knowing that it was a big fat lie. "So, how about we go see that movie?" I changed the subject making everyone nod.

We weren't with a lot of friends, but it still was, Alex, Jesse, Sofia another girl that was in our class, and Abel and I. Abel and Sofia were a couple which made this so awkward because they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

We started walking towards the cinema which was only a few streets away from the shopping center. As we walked, I noticed that Alex was way too close for my liking. And I knew that he was going to suggest a college which I'm sure he was going to attend too.

"You know, WC is a good college, Anna. It is also not far from New York City, plus you wouldn't be alone since I'll be there too. We could explore another state together." He started, just because he was going there, I wasn't going to go there. Even though I have always wanted to go visit the state.

I faked my smile and turned towards him, "It's a nice offer Alex, but I just haven't decided yet. I'm sorry. But I'll think about it." I lie making a smile appear on his face. Jeez, how much do you want to fuck me, dude? I rolled my eyes as I stared straight ahead again.

"I know you'll make the right decision." He wrapped his arm around me, I took a deep breath. This is the last day you'll see him, Anna, let him do whatever he wants.

"Come on you guys!" Jesse exclaimed when the cinema came into view. I thanked God for having such a perfect best friend and quickly walked towards her and linked our arms together.

"Thanks for saving me." I whispered making her laugh.

"You're welcome, babe." She kissed my cheek making me smile.
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