The Forbidden Man

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3: First Mistake

Spending the day with Jesse always lightened up my mood, I honestly didn’t know what I would do without her. She’s just always there for me and always understands me no matter what. Kissing her cheek I smiled and turned around opening the car door. “I think there’s going to be a party in a few days, do you want to come?” She suddenly spoke making me pause and turn towards her.

“Sure.” I smiled and got out, crunching down so that I could stare at her, I saw the smirk on her face.

“Don’t do anything, I wouldn’t do.” She smirked and looked at my house. I scoffed and rolled my eyes at her.

“Yes, mother.” I smirked when her eyes widened in horror.

“Take that back, bitch!” She exclaimed making me chuckle and pull away from the car when she leaned over to slap me.

“Yes, mom!” I saluted her and started making my way to the front door. She honked making me turn towards her. I rolled my eyes and flicked her off too when I saw she was holding up her middle finger with a smirk on her face.

“Bye!” She yelled and speeded off making me stare at her car until it disappeared from my sight. I mumbled a bye too and turned towards the door. Putting my key into the keyhole, I turned it and pushed the door open and walked inside.

“Mom, I’m home!” I yelled and shut the door behind me as I removed my shoes, holding against the wall as I struggled with removing them, a curse escaped past my lips. After finally removing the fucking shoes, I looked around and didn’t see anyone. I furrowed my eyebrows and went to open the door to her bedroom to see she wasn’t in there, nor was Caleb.

Maybe they went out, but I don’t know why she wouldn’t tell me. I mean even Caleb could have told me something. I jogged up the stairs and opened my bedroom door to be greeted by the Devil himself, who was sitting at my desk chair.

I jumped and held my chest, “What the fuck! Did you not hear me yelling for mom?”

He was basically giving me the death glare, “Don’t speak to me like that. Your mother went out to some dinner. She won’t be home until late but in the meantime, I have a bone to pick with you.” What did I do now?

I turned my back to him and removed my purse placing it on the dressing table and walked towards the bed sitting at the edge of it. I thanked God; I wasn’t drunk. After watching the movie and ditching our other ‘friends’ me and Jesse decided to go to a bar and just have a few drinks. But now staring at the clock against the wall, I could almost not believe my eyes.

8:30 pm, I sighed and looked back at Caleb, I saw that he had my laptop open but it was facing towards him, so I couldn’t really see what was on the screen. He suddenly stood up and turned the laptop, so it was facing me now. At first, I was kind of confused about what he was showing me.

But when the familiar page of Pornhub registered in my head my eyes slightly widened. I wasn’t proud of it, I admit it. But this is what happens when you first time is with a dumb boy who doesn’t even know how to put a condom on.

My first time. Joshua Lance, a boy that used to be in the same class as me in my sophomore 10th grade, when I was seventeen years old. We had gone to a party together one night and he had gotten me drunk. Things happened and the next morning I woke up with him snoring next to my ear as his breath stank of rotten beer. Ever since that day I had promised to not sleep with any other guy that was the same age as me. Of course, that promise was broken with Trevor but this time I’ll keep it. No more boys, now it was men. Forbidden men, maybe like Caleb Pierce. Hmm, yes, yes.

Blinking away from my thoughts I quickly stood up and tried to snatch the laptop away so I could close it, but Caleb grabbed my wrist and glared at me. My breath hitched when I saw how close we were to each other. “What did I tell you about going on inappropriate sites, Bella! And what the hell is this?” He snapped, the only thought in my mind was, how I loved when he called me Bella. For some reason, he only does it when we are alone. Weird right?

“You’re looking up stepdad and stepdaughter porn?! Is this some kind of sick fantasy of yours?!” I was literally speechless. Of course, I looked up that kind of porn, thanks to you. I wanted to tell him but knew it was a bad idea. But I never thought he would see it. Or go through my stuff!

I instantly got angry at the thought, “What are you doing in my room anyway?!”

He had the nerve to scoff at me, “I’m basically your stepdad! I have the right to know what’s going on with you and since I’m the one who bought this laptop, I get to look through it to see what kind of sites you’ve been on!” He growled making me snatch my arm out of his hold.

“You have no right!” I snapped and glared at him.

“Oh, and another thing-” He ignored me but I knew it pissed him off that I raised my voice at him with the way his jaw clenched and his eyes turned darker. He walked over to my dresser and yanked open the top drawer making me curse, great! Pulling out my purple vibrator, I turned bright red and quickly walked near him and snatched it out of his hand.

“Why the fuck were you looking through my fucking panty drawer you creep?!” I screamed and pushed past his chest as I put the vibrator in the drawer and closed it keeping my body in front of the drawer as if to protect it.

“Where the hell did you get that?!” His vein in his head popped due to the anger and I was afraid it was going to pop and kill him.

“It’s none of your business! Why are you even in my room?!” I repeated the question and glared at him.

His eyes darkened, “That doesn’t matter! Why the hell do you look up porn and have a vibrator?! Do you get off to this shit?!” He screamed and pointed to the screen. I can’t lie, I was getting a little turned on right now which is so fucked up, but there was something about Caleb whenever he was angry. Maybe it had to do with the fact that his muscles would bulge each time he fisted his fists or the way his jaw clenched or maybe his eyes that would stare directly at you as if trying to look into your soul.

But one thing I knew for sure about whenever he was angry: was how much I wanted him to bend me over my bed and fuck me. But of course, that wasn’t going to happen, was it? I mean, I felt a little embarrassed but then again maybe now I don’t have to hide the way I feel about him. Maybe now that he knows that I play with myself and the vibrator while watching a stepfather fuck his stepdaughter, he would actually do that to me. Sure, keep on dreaming Annabelle!

He took a deep breath and took a step closer towards my trembling body. I knew sweat was rolling down my forehead, I just wanted to be naked right now there was too much going on right now. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife, and his erection wasn’t making this any easy. It could be seen through his pants and it pissed me off because he wasn’t even trying to hide it.

“Well alright then. How about you show me what you do with that vibrator while you watch that huh?” He suddenly smirked and took another step closer. I was completely taken back at what he was saying to me.

“W-What?” I gulped making him chuckle and grab my jaw forcing my eyes to meet with his.

“Show me, how you please yourself.” Caleb grabbed my arm and turned around pulling me towards the bed and threw me on it. I yelped in surprise and turned towards him, he reached over and clicked play on the screen which first started with a girl coming home to her stepdad who was mad at her about something. Then he brings her over his knee and lifts her skirt and spanks her while she’s screaming and saying sorry.

“Is that what you want?” Caleb asked not even staring at the screen. “To be bend over my knee as I spank your ass raw?” He growled making me gulp, he’s gone crazy.

After that, the man on the video started rubbing the girl’s pussy and kissing all over her neck as he whispered all the dirty things he was going to do to her. My panties were wet by now, I just couldn’t control myself. I tear my eyes from the screen and looked over at Caleb who was intensely watching me.

“You want me to do that to you? Is that why you watch this stuff? Because you have a fantasy of having me, your stepdad, fuck you into oblivion?” He questioned the veins in his neck popping.

I couldn’t believe my ears, was I seriously having a conversation about sex and porn with the man that I have been fantasying about for the past few months which also happens to be dating and sleeping with my mother. “Tell me Bella!” He snapped making me grit my teeth.

I scoffed and stood up trying to walk past him and reach the laptop but he grabbed my arms and walked me backward as I fell on the bed with him hovering above me. He bites down on his lip and stared down at me, “Bella, show me what you do. Show me.” He ordered making me turn my head away from him and towards the screen.

By now the video had taken a total turn, with the gorgeous man naked as his cock moved in and out from the girl’s pussy. I closed my eyes and couldn’t help but picture Caleb and I, like every other time I touched myself and I suddenly felt like I was possessed because I nodded and opened my eyes as I stared up at his blue darkened eyes.

“Alright.” I whispered making him pull away, sitting up I feel myself slowly pulling my shorts down my legs and lay back on the pillows of my bed. I stared at him for a second longer before I place my hand over my covered pussy, he sucked in a breath and sat on the chair beside my desk and got comfortable.

I started circling my clit making me softly gasp at the feeling. All I can hear is moaning, screaming, and the sounds of fucking from the porn on my computer screen. And I can’t help but get turned on even more.

“Oh!” I gasp when I felt myself get wetter, I wanted to take my panties off so badly but didn’t know if it was too far, I look at Caleb and see him staring at me, biting his lip and at that moment I decided that no matter what I did right now, I wouldn’t be embarrassed because we were both horny as fuck and in the moment. I could worry about my mistakes after I had my pleasure.

I removed my hand as I harshly breathed and hooked my fingers around my panties and slowly took them down my legs. Spreading my legs open I could see Caleb visibly gulp. I’m laying directly in front of him with my legs spread wide giving him full access to my uncovered pussy and continue to play with myself. Before I could go to touch myself again, I push two fingers into my mouth and moan making him growl. Sucking on them for a few minutes as I opened my eyes back and stared at him.

Caleb’s heavy breathing could be heard in the room even with all the moaning and skin slapping on the screen. He wanted me to get off to the porn but in reality, I was getting off to the thought of him fucking me. “Fuck!” He cursed when I removed my fingers from my mouth and slowly massaged my clit before I pushed two fingers inside me moaning in the process.

He harshly closed the laptop cutting off the sounds as he undid his pants and reached inside, pulling out his huge boner. I threw my head back moaning louder as I started moving my fingers faster and closed my eyes.

I felt a presence above me and as I opened my eyes, I saw Caleb standing over me, jerking off as he watched me play with myself. He reached over and grabbed my crop top and pulled it down making my breast spill out.

“Oh, fuck!” I moaned when he pinched my hardened nipple.

“You’re such a slut.” He whispered making me open my eyes again and glare at him, he chuckled and leaned down.

“I should fuck you right now.” He growled making my eyes widen, yes, please! “But I won’t.” He added making me frown. Then what were we doing? He grabbed my hand that was giving me the pleasure of my life and pulled it away pushing his dick back in his pants as he zipped it up. What, just happened? I lifted myself on my elbows as I looked at him, confused.

Grabbing my hand he pulled me to sit up and grabbed my throat making me gasp, “Next time you’ll learn not to disobey me.” He pulled away, “don’t dare to touch yourself.” He ordered and turned around and walked out of my room leaving me with my mouth open as I tried to comprehend what in the heck just happened.

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