The Forbidden Man

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Chapter 4

Caleb Pierce

I could smell the alcohol on her, at first I was ready to fuck the shit out of her, but when I got close to her and smelt it I knew she wasn't in her right state of mind. Being a fuck up like I was I didn't think I would be able to stop myself but luckily I did.

As I descended the stairs, I could hear Belle lightly moaning. I shook my head and a chuckle escaped past my lips, of course, she doesn't listen and that's what I loved about her. Whoa! Calm down tiger, love? I didn't love her.

Hell no, I could never love a girl like her, she's way out of my league and could be my child. Wait, what am I saying? Since when did I start thinking about Belle as a child? Great, I'm in need of a drink.

Thank god, Violet isn't home it would be awkward and weird if we both could hear her daughter moaning as my erection kept growing. Shaking my head at myself I walked towards the television and bend down grabbing the bourbon and a glass before I pour an amount of it and sat on the couch the drink on my hand as I unzipped my pants and took my cock out. I couldn't help myself; it was starting to throb for attention.

I sat on the couch with my hand moving up and down my throbbing dick as her sweet little moans filled the house. I couldn't help but feel like she was doing it on purpose just to taunt me. I want to go back in there so bad but I just can't, not yet at least. I wasn't the type of man to fuck two different women at the same time. Just a few more weeks, until I break her mother's, little heart. I just hoped that it wouldn't affect Belle and I's relationship.

I should probably go back up and give her the one thing she's has been craving for and what I have now grown to have an obsession with as well. But a part of my ego just wouldn't give in and give her that satisfaction and letting her know that what she was doing upstairs right now was bothering me.

She disobeyed me so I teased her and I will do it again. I pumped my hand up and down my length as I threw my head back, moaning as I listened to her. And before I knew it, I had come all over my hand at the same time that her moans turned into a scream.

Throwing my head backward, I harshly breathed as I tried to calm down. Holly fuck, the things I do for this girl. I stared at my messy hand and groaned. Drinking the rest of my bourbon, I stayed like that for a while longer until I finally calmed down.

Standing up I tucked my cock inside my pants as I walked towards the bedroom. Stripping out of my clothes in the bathroom, I turned the shower on and waited till the water turned hot.

I couldn't believe I was still hard, but I just couldn't shake the image of Belle out of my head. She just looked so angelic with her legs spread out as she played with herself. I walked into the shower with a sigh and groaned in happiness when the water trailed down my body.

Nothing like a warm shower. I closed my eyes and turned towards the wall as I stayed like that under the water and just imagining the things I would do to Belle once I have her.

Suddenly arms wrapped around me from the back making me stiffen and open my eyes. I turned around and glared at the intruder until I saw Violet standing there a smile on her face. "Hello, handsome." She purred and leaned in closer. I stared at her and quickly came to the realization that she was drunk out of her mind and maybe even high from the smell that reeked out of her.

Shit, when did she come home? "Hey, love." I smiled and wrapped my arms around her naked body. She stood on her toes and started kissing me, but I just couldn't enjoy it when I was hard for her daughter. "How was your night?" I pulled away making her roll her eyes.

"It was fun until Lauren got a call from her boyfriend." She scoffed making me raise an eyebrow.

"Lauren?" I questioned in confusion. Wasn't it something with an A? I saw her eyes slightly widen in panic before she slapped my chest and laughed.

"You're too funny!" She exaggerated with her piercing voice. I studied her awhile longer before smiling. "Anyway, I'm going to bed to enjoy your shower." She winked and looked down at my erection. I rolled my eyes and turned my back towards the door.

After thirty minutes I had finally finished and had just gotten out as I wrapped a towel around my lower waist. Walking out of the bathroom I saw Violet snoring as she slept on her side of the bed.

I sighed not feeling like sleeping on the same bed as her tonight, so I walked towards the closet and grabbed a pair of shorts, and put them on. Running my hands through my hair I made my way outside the room and walked towards the kitchen.

After drinking a glass of water, I filled a glass of milk and started making my way upstairs. I knocked on Belle's door but heard nothing in return. I softly opened the door and saw her sprawled on her bed the cover only covering half of her naked body. Chuckling I placed the milk on her vanity as I neared her bed.

"What am I going to do with you?" I whispered and grabbed the cover and covered her body. She moved around mumbling words under her breath as she snuggled into her extra pillows and even though I just had covered her, her left leg got out of the cover. Guess she's that kind of sleeper where a part of her body has to be out.

I sat on her bed and removed the hair from her face. "Soon darling." I whispered and leaned down placing a kiss on her forehead. I deeply inhaled her strawberry smell realizing she had taken a shower.

"Goodnight, baby." I whispered once again and stood up walking towards the door. Grabbing the glass of milk, I turned all the lights off and softly closed the door to her room, and moved across the hall where the guest bedroom was.
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