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"Sometimes you have to move on without certain people. If they are meant to be in your life, they’ll catch up." — Mandy Hale Mirabella Tatum has been living with the traumatic death of her mother since she was only twelve years old. Because of that, she lives in solitary for the rest of her childhood until she turns eighteen and has made new friends and changed her dressing, thanks to her new therapist, Shannon. Since she wants a new start, when she gets accepted into her dream school, NYU, she packs her bags and moves to New York and there, she lives a somewhat normal life with a good paying job and a crazy best friend. All this changes when she meets Darius Michigan, a handsome and very rich werewolf who is to inherit the most successful company in the state of New York as well as being made Alpha of the Redstone Cliffs Pack one ehe has finished college. Because of the return of her mother’s murderer who claims her to be his mate, they are forced to go on the run. Her life is now filled with action, adventure and romance, but their relationship is far from perfect, mainly because he constantly cheats on her as well as not respecting her wishes. Will the two make it to the end together or did the Moon Goddess make a mistake in pairing these two lost souls together? READ BOOK 1 (ACCEPTING HIM) BEFORE THIS ONE!

Romance / Action
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00 - “Until we meet again, Princess.”

|Jessica Tatum

“Mirabella, sweetheart, hurry up. Your father’s almost home!” Jessica called from the kitchen.

“Mum, I really don’t see why you’re going all extravagant just to tell dad that you want a divorce!” Mirabella, her daughter, groaned as she added the finishing touches to the banner that read: I WANT A DIVORCE!

After thirteen years of an unhappy marriage, Jessica had decided to divorce her husband. Having rushed into marriage at the early age of eighteen, thinking that her first love would last, her and her husband, George, got married and had a baby. George’s parents had disowned them and let them live irresponsibly as if they weren’t ever going to die, whilst her own parents made it a habit to come to family gatherings just point out all the things wrong with George.

The two had only known each other for four months, him being a sophomore at the same college that she had started attending, before getting married. He was everything she had ever dreamed of and the two thought it was love at first sight. What they didn’t know, and realised far too late, was that all it was, was attraction. George was very handsome and was known by most to be the most charming and attractive person amongst all the sophomores. She, too, was very attractive with a curvy frame, as well as straight, long light brown hair along with dark forest green eyes that her thirteen-year-old daughter had inherited and long tan legs that would take the air out of every man’s lungs.

Jessica rolled her eyes at her daughter’s last statement as put the last cherry topping on the cake, put it in the fridge, and then entered the living room where her daughter was. She watched as she added decorations onto the poster that she was making.

“So, are you going to finish any time soon?” Jessica asked her.

Yes mum, I’m almost done!” Mirabella said and closed the marker she was using.


“Finally!” Jessica exclaimed sarcastically, which made Mirabella laugh softly.

Suddenly, the sound of glasses falling and plates breaking was heard from the kitchen and both the mother and daughter turned their attention to the sound.

“What was that?” Mirabella whispered.

“I don’t know. Stay here, I’ll go check it out,” Jessica told her and grabbed the baseball bat that was resting against the wall.

Jessica held it tightly and entered the kitchen slowly. Mirabella was scared already, and it didn’t help that a few moments later she heard her mother scream. She jumped off of the couch and was about to go to the kitchen when she saw shadows moving towards the living room. Her mother entered first and next was a large black wolf with irises as black as coal. She shuddered by just looking at him and couldn’t even let out a scream. Behind the black wolf, came in two other wolves, both dark brown in colour and they were all bigger than the normal wolves that Mirabella had known of.

The wolf behind her mother nudged her with his nose and that made her squeak in fear. The large black wolf huffed and tread towards Mirabella and continued thudding over to her, closer and closer until he was so dangerously near. Since the wolf was bigger than the average wolf, he was towering over her 1.46 metre frame.

Mirabella moved away from him, but he still just followed. She continued moving backwards until her back hit a wall and she whimpered when she felt his snout graze her bare feet. The wolf nudged her to the back of the couch and magically turned into a man, earning a scream from Mirabella. She covered her eyes as he was naked, much to Jessica’s disgust, and he just laughed darkly.

“Don’t worry princess, soon I’ll get to see you naked.”

Whilst Mirabella scrunched her nose in disgust without removing her hands from her eyes, Jessica shouted furiously at the wolf, her motherly instincts kicking in, “Don’t you dare put your disgusting hands on my daughter!”

“Oh, shut up, would you?” said the man as he snapped his head towards Jessica with a feral look in his eyes.

Jessica just continued screaming and the man looked at one of the brown wolves, saying, “Tony, shut her up,” he ordered.

Mirabella tried to run away and escape the man, but he stopped her by grabbing onto her naturally curly light brown hair.

“Ahh!” she screeched as he tugged a little harder when she kept struggling.

“Let go of my daughter!” Jessica shouted making the dark eyed man lose his last bit of patience.

He shifted back into his big black wolf and pounced onto her ripping her throat out. “No! Mum! Mum!” Mirabella cried, tears pooling in her eyes and then rolling down the porcelain skin of her cheeks.

The other wolves looked around the living room and decided to make it look like a wolf attack in case people decided to investigate. The black wolf let go of the mother and went back to Mirabella forcefully putting her down and bit hard on her shoulder, enough to draw blood.

After a while the sound of keys at the door is what made the wolves scurry out, but not before shifting again and saying to Mirabella, “Until we meet again, Princess.”

Mirabella was left alone with her dead mother.

“Mum, no. Please. I need you. Don’t go!”

Her father entered the house and was shocked at what he had seen. “What happ— Oh my God, Jessica!” He cut himself off and ran to Jessica once he saw the blood that was pooled around her body, then hurriedly called an ambulance.

By the time the paramedics had arrived, Jessica was already gone and there was nothing they could do. Mirabella cried hysterically, not understanding why this had happened to her, why this had happened to her mother. Jessica was all she had. Her father was never there, that’s why she was so excited to go away and live in New York. To get a fresh start. But, much to her dismay, she was now stuck with her father for another six years.

|Mirabella Tatum

After a few weeks of investigation, the police finally concluded that it was just a wolf attack and nothing else. Mirabella’s statement of the dark eyed man turning into a wolf and back was taken, but no one believed her, not even her father, and her therapist, Dr. Kennedy, had diagnosed her with multiple disorders — PTSD, clinical depression and anxiety along with bipolar disorder.

Jessica’s death was the talk of almost the whole world since she was a Vogue supermodel. They held a beautiful funeral along with a memorial a few weeks later for her and Jessica’s parents put the blame on George for not being there for his wife, but he took no notice of them. He was in pain and was just in his own little world where he didn’t care about anyone else. He still provided for Mirabella, but the day Jessica died, something in him had died with her.

The two moved to another country and bought a beautiful home, even though only Mirabella lived in it because George occupied himself with work and meaningless flings, forgetting about the daughter he had at home.

Mirabella spent her days at school on her own, eating lunch outside next to the creepy janitor, since she was known as the freak with too many disorders. When at home, she buried her nose in countless books and sometime dancing as it had always been her passion. What she didn’t know was that she was being watched.

Her every move.

Her watchers were waiting for the perfect time to take her to give her to their leader who had made a promise to her:

“Until we meet again, Princess.”

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