Forced To Marry My Ex

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Bailey is a twenty-one year old virgin that is waiting for the right guy to come around so she can start her life with a man that will cherish her like her dreams and how her parents have that type of relationship. All of changed at a friend's party when she meets Shawn Collins, the richest and most powerful man in Texas thanks to his dad. She turns his head and then he goes after her with everything he has to get her to be his. In the eyes of the public, he is a total gentleman but he has a dark side that no one knows about. He gets what he wants and his eyes are trained on Bailey. He tries to befriend her, but she sees a side of him that she does not like so she shy's away from him. This just makes him mad to where he strikes up a deal with her dad to make sure she will have to date him. When she tries to break it off, he ignores it and still drags her out on dates to make sure that the rumor he is available again gets put to rest. When she runs away due to his abusive behavior towards her, he tracks her down then makes sure that she will be his for the remainder of time. He asks her dad for her hand as an arranged marriage and of course her dad accepts it. She is then trapped in a life that she hates. Can she escape this relationship before she looses herself into a world that she will never be able to recover from?

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The Beginning

I am sitting in my dad's office as my fiancee sits beside me talking to him about our wedding that is in two days. I do not want this marriage to this man at all. I broke up with him for a reason but his family is the most powerful, richest ones around and every man wanted their daughter to marry Shawn. On the outside, he is the perfect gentleman but I saw a side of him that scared me to death. He is possessive, massively jealous and can be abusive when he does not get his way. When I broke up with him, he acted like it never happened. Still came over taking me out after my dad basically shoved me out the door into his arms, making sure everyone knew that we were not broke up by going to all the most popular places as he made me be on his arm as we went through the crowds. He even took my virginity one night by force after I denied him and tried to run away from him. He caught up with me within a few days, kidnapped me taking me back to his house, held me there for about a week then told me that I belonged to him and no one else was allowed to touch me ever.

Shawn Collins is the son of Parker Collins, his dad owns about all of Belton Texas due to his business that he owns. Everything runs through him before it can be approved even down to building a small store on a corner. He has the highest seat on the senate due to his knowledge, money and no one challenges his family. They found out the hard way if they did, people seem to mysteriously disappear without a trace. They can never find out who killed the person or where they went missing to. He is smart, got everyone in his back pocket so basically everyone is afraid of him and his family. I met Shawn one night at a party that one of my friends was throwing trying to impress him so she could hopefully date him with the option of marrying him. That is where my story begins.


My phone rings with my best friend's picture popping up on the screen.

"Hey Betty, what are you up to today?" asking to see what she has planned for us.

"Bailey, you know that Patty's party is tonight right?" she is squeaking due to this is one of the biggest parties she throws every year for her birthday.

"Yes, I know. Are we riding together or do I just need to drive myself tonight?" hoping that I don't have to have a tag along and can leave when her friends get way to drunk and then it can get out of hand. Her house sits out in the middle of of about forty acres so cops are not called when the music blares, drunk young people are strewn out all over the yard, even when fights break out between the guys due to someone else looking or flirting with their girlfriends.

"My car is in the shop and dad has to use the limo tonight for a business call so if you can come get me, I would really appreciate it"groaning where she can not hear me I know now that I will be stuck there all night.

"All right, I will pack a small overnight bag so if we have to stay we can" getting up to grab my small leather over night bag. I start shoving clothes into it, a swimsuit, nightgown and other items that I will need.

"She has asked we come over at three, she has invited Shawn over and wants us to meet him."

"I have seen him around at some of the parties but never been introduced to him. I heard he is a prick."

"That is from the girls that he broke up with" she giggles "They were mad about how they had the hottest guy in our county up and left them high and dry for someone else. You know he is the most sought after male around here. He is super hot, have you seen his pictures? He has the body of a god for only being twenty-two. Plus his family is the richest in Texas, most powerful people around and his dad owns all those businesses all over the state. He is a walking money bank that everyone is wanting to sink their claws into."

"I don't need money that bad Betty, we both are rich ourselves. He is probably a spoiled brat that gets everything he wants. I don't want to be involved with someone like that. You remember what happened to Becky? She got involved with Brad and he was so possessive of her, it got to where she was abused? No one believed her until they started seeing signs of it on her arms and neck?"

"Yeah, I do remember that. This guy may be a total sweetheart, I just want to meet him and see what it is like to be in the same room as a multi billionaire. I will probably be swooning over him with her."

"What if he is not interested in her? Are you willing to be at the end of her target for stealing him from her?" knowing how she is when someone gets what she desperately wants. She will not forgive you and goes after you with everything she has to make your life miserable.

"Well, I am going to go and get packed. See you in a couple of hours" she hangs up before I can say bye.

I walk down the steps and drop my overnight bag at the front door. Dad walks around the corner and looks at it.

"Going somewhere tonight? Are you driving or taking the limo?" he kisses me on my forehead.

"Yeah, Patty's birthday party. Betty needs a ride so I might have to spend the night with her riding with me. She is probably going to be wasted again like she always get with these big parties. I was going to come home when it got to wild but now I will just stay in the bedroom, then take her home in the morning after she gets up. You know I don't drink much at these things after that one time." I didn't realize that one of the drinks that we were having had so much alcohol in it and I got very drunk. The next morning I paid dearly for it with a massive hangover, hugging the toilet most of the day and a pounding headache that lasted for two days. I still think someone spiked it with a drug or something because I passed out, woke up in bed with three boys sprawled out around me. They did not have sex with me due to I am still a virgin, I went and got checked out just to make sure and they said that they did not touch me like that. I had no scaring where if they had, it would have shown up.

"Since you are going to stay darling, just have Larry drive you and then when you are ready to come home give him a call to pick you up. I need to have your car looked at anyway. There was some liquid up under it according to the mechanic this morning. He said it is probably just a loose line or hose but he wants to check it out before you drive it again" he walks with me to the kitchen.

"Thank you for being so careful with me but I am twenty-one so I can take care of myself now dad" handing him a bottle of water.

"I know that sweetheart, but I would like for you to find someone that you like, can date and eventually get married to. You are not acting like you are interested in anyone."

"I am not right now, I have not found anyone that I want to spend time with yet. All the guys that come to these parties are spoiled, rich guys and all they want is one thing if they can get it. When I find someone for me, I want to find love. That relationship like you and mom have, you each love each other with everything you have and I hardly ever hear you fight. I want something like that with the guy I will marry in the future."

"I know you do, but don't set your standards so high that no man fits it. Everyone has their flaws honey, no one is perfect."

"I know, I will keep an open mind. Does that help?" taking his empty bottle out of his hand throwing it away in the trash.

"That is all I can ask. Enjoy yourself and I know you will take care. See you sometime tomorrow then."

I pick my bag up and give him a kiss on the cheek "I will dad. Take mom out for a nice dinner tonight. You know she is due for that, it has been a few weeks since you two went out on a date."

He lightly shoves me chuckling "I know, my business has kept me busy the last few weeks. I guess it is time to go and enjoy a nice night with her."

Hugging him, I head out and get in the back of our limo to head out to grab Betty.

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