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Addicted to Velvette

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He's cold as Ice............. warmth surrounds her as low flames. He's ruthless and unmoving .......she's soft and fragile as a feather. They're inimitable yet opposite attract. I'm drawn to her like moth is to flame. I'm attracted to her appealing beauty, majestic charisma and distinctiveness like bee is to nectar. An addiction, a delightful totorous addiction. Finally, the fire to melt my iced built heart. The sole hopeful moon to brighten my dark moonless nights. The charming sun to evoke after a heavy storm. But then crossing the hurdles to the hill top is implausible. Impossibility is our second skin. The only female to bring the Daek Lord to his knees. The thirst for veangance. Most at times what we perceive as the truth might not even be closer to it. A Golden necklace of aesthetic appeal, a brilliant sparkling beauty which holds a diamond shaped pendant, it opens to reveal two spaces. The main hinge holds a miniature potrait of my great grandfather and the other hinge houses a picture of an Angel with white wispy feathery wings and two tiny emerald - like stones located at each side of the wing. A mere mortal will recognize it as a classic, romantic locket with a memory of a loved one but it holds more than anyone could fathom.

Romance / Fantasy
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Prologue / My Enchanting Velvette

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
From her waist- length straight pure diamond hair, her midnight glowing emerald eyes fringed with long lashes that sparkles when she smiles. An incredible shivering tug to my cold heart.
The most beautiful voice, melodies that kindle my heart to hum along. Plump soft rosy and full lips that begs for my attention, that begs to be kissed.want to ravish her sweet lips and savor her tantalizing fragrance.
Intoxicating strawberry and lavender, she smells heavenly. It holds me captive in its embrace.I want to bury my nose in her hair and inhale her enticing scent until my lungs can take no more.
I stood in the shadows and admired her, her small breasts that fit perfectly in my hands like it was made solely for me.Her slender but curvy body and smooth olive skin. My seductress, temptress.
I stay in the shadows because that's where I belong, the more closer I get, the more unbearable it becomes to stay even a breath away from her. She looks soft and easily breakable,
She needs to be protected. She needs to be protected from me, I want to stay away. She evokes all buried emotions inside of me and provokes at the same time excites my inner spirit. From fury, pain and vengeance to bliss, excitement and pleasure.
I clenched my fist until my fingers were numb to stop the waves of energy threatening to take control. She calms the beast inside of me, heck even my inner spirit agrees.
As if on cue he rumbles his agreement.
She's hotter than fire and completely mine."
"She's not yours," I tried to reason but he wasn't taking any of it. He just whined and blocked me out.
Tell me honestly, can you be able to kill someone who's been made specially for you, even if it is destined to happen? Just as Werewolves have their mates, Mortals have their soulmates, Lycans have their erasthais, So as Daek Lords have their gèměla's.

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