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Chapter :- 2

Jeh didn't mean to hurt Tia, never in his dream he could do such thing. It was just that at the party his friend Moon was really drunk, she didn't knew what she was doing. Jeh being a gentleman didn't brush her off because as good friend, he does not want to let anyone take advantage of her drunk state. So, he let her do such thing. But now he didn't understand how to explain it to Tia when she was avoiding him, ignoring him.

There was another reason why Jeh tolerated Moon's action that day, because in first year of college, once only Jeh and Moon went to a party alone as Tia had some assignment she needed to complete. On that night in the party some so called friends of Jeh made him drunk and when he was drunk they asked a girl from party to leave love bites on his neck. It was fortunate that Moon was there with him. When she saw this, she immediately stopped them and left the party with Jeh and the next morning told him about full incident and suggested him to break friendship with such people. Jeh was grateful to her for defending him that night.

"She is still not listening?" asked his friend Mike.

" No " Jeh replied.

" Are you going to just sit here without saying anything with that long face, Dude" Mike said.

"What do you want me to do? Dance?" Jeh replied.

" No, please don't, you look so stupid dancing and even more stupid when you are sad,"said Mike. " Why don't you just ask Moon to talk to her and explain everything, You know much she is sorry for such act and is feeling guilty for ruining things for you guys ".

It was true because Moon kept calling Jeh from day after party to apologize and she keeps saying that she didn't mean to do it and she is feeling really guilty and sad. Even though Jeh tried to console her that it's okay but she still keep asking for a chance to make it up to him, but Jeh didn't want to involve her again, afraid that Tia will get more angry.

"I'll think about it," he replied.

Mike looked at Jeh for long time. He needed to act as cupid because he doesn't want to see his best friend hurt and sad.

"Do you really love her?" Mike asked.

"Of course, I do," replied Jeh.

Jeh turned silent again after replying so, to remove awkward silence and try to make Jeh realize that he needs to clear things with her right now or one small misunderstanding will turn into something else, he very slowly and cautiously asked " What do you love about her?.

Feeling annoyed with Mike's question Jeh was going to ask Mike to leave him alone, but Mike question made him think all the things he loved about her.

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