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The Mission

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Two people were selected for the mission at hand. Neither of them knows what is going to happen when they are alone. What does happen changes everything for both and makes them better as people and them together.

Romance / Mystery
Kat Thomas
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Chapter 1

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Due to many thefts of online work This copyright notice will be there on every online posting from now on. I will also say I will take action on any person or company who posts my work without permission.

This is a story that is almost identical to Getaway Island. I wasn’t truly happy with the way that one came out and rewrote the idea into this story. I hope you enjoy it.


Mitsuhide woke with a start. The noise of people walking around him brought his sense back to reality as he shifted his body and opened his eyes. For a spilt second he was ready to reach for his gun but then saw the intruders on his sleep and even more so the intruders in his house and bedroom.

Nine pairs of eyes were looking at him all of them were questioning now, but he assumed even in his half dazed mind they wanted to welcome him home. He propped up as best as he could but the simple fact was he couldn’t to much without waking her up. He knew she could sleep through nearly anything and had now that she was able to rest again. Her head was blocking him getting up and he was not going to try to shift her. He looked at her sleeping soundly and smiled at her form.

“Guys not now.“, he said softly. “As you see I am slightly busy.”

“Busy?“, one of the guys asked in an equally soft voice.

“My wife is sleeping guys. You can’t come in here anymore like this.“, Mitsuhide said to them.

“Wife?“, one of them parroted back.

“Wife.“, he said as he looked down at her.

“We will be back later.“, the leader said as they all shuffled out of the room and he heard them leave the house as well. It was a good feeling knowing that they were there to welcome him back but the shock of the two people in bed together might take a few hours to sink in for his teammates. They knew her as well. They knew what had happened enough to know they were back even though it was a top secret mission they had been placed on.

Mitsuhide settled back into his bed and felt the warmth and the softness of the female besides him. He held her closer to him and he felt as her abdomen shifted slightly to one side. If the guys thought just seeing her here with him was going to be a shock when they saw the rest of her they might fall down dead in their tracks. He was surprised himself how everything had happened. He placed his hand there on her growing burden and smiled to himself, this was his doing. A piece of him was growing inside her and he could not be happier about that, neither could she.

As he closed his eyes he remembered the day it all began. It had been six months ago right before the first chill of winter. He had been called into a meeting while his team had been sent on a fact finding mission. He didn’t understand why he was being held back as he was the fact finder. When he entered the room she was sitting on the other side of the table waiting as well.

“This just got somewhat more interesting.“, he thought to himself.

“Good, Akechi take a seat so we can begin.“, the commander of the joint special teams began as he sat down himself. “this is not our normal purview but we have been asked to assist. The agency that would normal handle something like this has been breached. The agents there have been all compromised and they are left scrambling. I said we would help out if we could and that led us to you two. Both of you have experience in the field as being things other than you are. We have a mission for you both and you will have to work together.”

“What kind of mission?“, she asked as she glanced over to him and raked her eyes over his upper half. It took Mitsuhide everything he had not to ask if she liked what she saw as a biting retort for her looking at him like that.

“We are still getting all the details but it has to do with someone dosing people with some kind of drug on a vacation retreat on a getaway island.“, the commander replied.

“So why us?“, Mitsuhide finally spoke.

“Both of you have the field experience to pull this off. You, Akechi, are known to have your ways of getting to the bottom of something and getting all the necessary information no matter the difficulties. You, doc, are there as a distraction and to act in a medical way if needed. This is not a dangerous mission per se but something is going on and we would like to know at least what before the brass makes it’s decision on how to handle it.“, the commander stated. “This will be a deep undercover mission and it take somewhere up to six months to finish. You two are the only ones that can handle it and the ones we can spare for that long.”

“Sounds wonderful.“, she said under her breath as she looked at the table.

“There are a few issues that have to be dealt with before you both go if you decide to do this mission.“, the commander stated roughly.

“We have a choice?“, she asked.

“You do both have the choice but you need to make your decision today. Everything on your part here will be taken care of so rent, bills, all of that will be done as if you are still here. You just need to make a list for us and someone will pay everything for you. Everything depends on you two.“, the comannder stated.

“So we really don not have a choice.“, Mitsuhide said.

“Things are getting touchy there at the resort island. Though it is not really showing on the outside we have seen reports that things are heating up now. We really need to get two people in there to find out what it is exactly they are doing and how this affects things on a larger scale. I personally am asking you two to make your decision so we can move on to the real planning stage of this. There are things that you both will have to agree to after you decide.“, the commander said as he stood up and left the room for a few minutes as the two people in the room looked at each other and waited.

“You in?“, Mitsuhide asked.

“I don’t know.“, she replied. “Six months is a long time to be undercover and neither of us has done that.”

“I know. However it is the fact we were chosen for this. Someone must think that we are the ones who can find what we would be looking for.“, he stated.

“So you are in?’, she asked.

“Yes.“, he replied. “I could use a nice vacation.”

“Akechi.“, she said laughing, “I don’t think it is a real vacation.”

“I think you probably need one as well, Johnson.“, he said with a smile.

“You remembered my name?“, she asked.

“Of course.“, he stated and she looked down. She was flustered in those moments only because he remembered her name. he almost felt giddy at the idea that he could do that to her. It was amazing that someone had not scooped her up and claimed her for their own. “So are you in?”

“I think I have to be.“, she said. “I don’t like the idea that someone is drugging people and getting away with it.”

“I agree.“, he replied easily. “Things are hardly ever as they seem on things like this. I have studied many case like this to a point for the simple things we know. We will have to rely on each other as well. I think I can trust you.”

“Same.“, she replied and the commander walked back in to the room with a stack of papers.

“After you two have made up your mind you will need to go over these and we will start on the uploads.“, the commander said. He placed the stacks and bundles of papers in front of each of them.

“Sir, we have made up our minds.“, she said with a slight smile.

“I knew you two would be a good pick.“, the commander said.

“She didn’t tell you what we decided.“, Mitsuhide spoke up.

“You two are some of the best minds we have. I know what you both decided by the way you are both itching to get into the files.“, the commander chuckled. “We have to do a few things for your back stories though. Legally you have to be married.”

“What?“, she asked and Mitsuhide just leaned back into his chair.

“It is the only thing about this place we could find. They do background checks on all visitors. That is why we couldn’t get someone else in there and neither could the other agencies. We can build damn near perfect back stories for you lives that are parallel to your real ones. Close enough that details could be lost easily but we can not upload a marriage certificate and have it be the same. So we thought of a plan. Two single agents going in but they are married on paper. Since the op is a special and need to know the agency will pay for all the legal things afterward to remove the entire thing from your records. I am sure a judge would agree this was a special circumstance and will annul it without hesitation so you have nothing to fear about that.“, the commander said.

The two people looking at him from their seats were in shock still. She looked confused for awhile longer before her mask of indifference fell back into place. Mitsuhide had long recovered from the idea that she, the tiny doctor who was sitting across from him, was going to be his wife even if it was fake and only for six month. She was going to be his wife at all was a enough for him to really have to think this through. Every one of the men on his team at some point over the past five years had tried something with her and she had turned them all down flat and here he was going to be handed her on a golden plate. He almost rubbed his hands together in glee.

Her eyes clouded over for a little bit and Mitsuhide who was watching through hooded lids was thinking that maybe she was doubting her place in the mission. His excitement though small and his glee was misplaced. When she made up her mind it was written on her face. He could breathe again. She had not said the words but he could read that she was as determined to see this through as he was. He was treating this like it was game of sorts but she would be more serious. She was always too serious.

He looked at her again and knew the first time they met was five years ago during another joint mission but they were not the main players in that game. They were just there to assist when needed. She was young then and she looked even younger now. He wondered at how old she really was. He knew it had to be younger than himself at thirty two but he wasn’t sure where she fit in. it would interesting to find out that much about her.

“Doc, what do you say?“, the commander prompted as both men were close to staring at her while she thought about things. She looked up at the both of them and a small smile crept on her face as it spread they both knew without words she was complete in as well.

“I will do it.“, she said.

“Good.“, the commander let out a sigh of relief and her smile turned brittle for a second before it was gone.

“Then you two should go get married as soon as possible.” The commander said and they both looked at each other. “The rest of your lives will be uploaded to social media shortly and then we can begin the briefing and rest of everything to get you two ready for the next part.”

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