The Mission

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Chapter 11

Mitsuhide woke up with a start. He was sure someone else was actually in the cabin. He didn’t know why he felt that way even as he looked at her peaceful form. He got up and walked around the house, inside and out to assure himself that no one was there. He was so overworked in his mind that he shut the front door and stalked back to bed.

He wanted to make sure nothing happened to her. He thought maybe it was just his nerves leading him to believe that, but something else was there. She was now the center of his world, and even that had changed to a point. He had to keep her safe.

When they both woke later, he told her about what he had found out in the middle of the night. She smiled softly and knew he was right. This was a huge piece of information. She had thought it had something to do with the babies that were not exactly planned for nor wanted, but she still couldn’t see how or what they were doing and why. She tried from every angle with her thoughts as she was attacking the idea. She was always coming up empty.

Mitsuhide’s sleeping habits were off by a mile. Every night for the past month, he would wake up with the fear someone was in the house. It was beginning to disturb her sleep and relaxing time. It was like the dose of what he had been given had changed somehow and was instead of making him want her; it was making him paranoid. He was fighting the effect, but it was still there.

Three months on the getaway retreat and they had done almost everything but find out why. She had a feeling she would at least piece that later today at her exam. She didn’t realize it, but she was a full-service retreat, they had the goal of every couple leaving the island pregnant, or that was what the two of them thought. So it made sense that they had a full clinic to help and support these new families being made. She walked into the clinic, and he was at her side. The nurses and staff all looked at him and shook their heads.

“I think they want me to do this alone.” She said.

“Not a snowballs chance in hell.” He replied. “You are my wife. That is my baby. I am staying.”

She sighed, but she understood why he was staying. The fact was they had been drugged to get together, they had been drugged so they would make love together, the goal was now in front of them, and she was so tiny that she could not fend off more then a few if she had too. He no doubt she would but there were more than a few, and she and the baby could get hurt in the meantime. That was not a risk he was willing to think about let alone take.

He sat next to her as he took her hand. He was absentmindedly running his long fingers up and down her hand. He was comforting himself at the same time he was trying to help her stay calm. They knew almost instinctively this was the belly of the beast. This was the retreats main goal, and here they were sitting in the waiting room. She took in a breath and held it. She placed her hand on her stomach and held it there. This was the endgame.

“Mrs. Akechi it is your turn now.” A nurse said. As Mitsuhide got up, the nurse looked at him, “I’m sorry, sir, but this is only a quick exam and for her.”

“He is coming with me.” Kit said in a voice Mitsuhide had never heard. “He is the father of this baby and has the right to be there any time I say. He will be coming in, or we will not be seen today.”

“if you feel that strongly Mrs. Akechi.” The nurse said as she was clearly taken back by the smaller woman’s convictions.

“I do.” Kit replied, and Mitsuhide for his part, never left her side. He was more than willing to scrap the entire mission if it meant her safety was on the line.

“This way, please.” The nurse said as she led them to a small waiting room with a table and then an ultrasound machine. As the nurse left, he looked at her.

“Are they going to do a scan?” he asked as he looked at the machine, not knowing exactly what it was.

“it is possible.” She replied as the doctor walked in.

“Ah, Welcome Mrs. Akechi and Mr. Akechi. On the first visit, we normally confirm the pregnancy and do a quick scan to make sure everything is going the way it should. This time you waited long enough to confirm it so we will do a quick scan and then we will schedule your next appointment accordingly.” The doctor said as he sat down. “We don’t normally have the fathers in here so this is slightly different.”

“I tend to be unorthodox,” Mitsuhide replied to the older man.

“You can wait outside, son.” The doctor said.

“Not on your life. where she goes, I go.” Mitsuhide replied. “She is my wife, and that is my child. If she gets to see it today, so do i.”

“Possessive.” The doctor noted.

“Only when it comes to them and they’re well being,” Mitsuhide said with a half grin that was truly frightening to her. The poor doctor who was already frazzled by his presence was becoming more and more uncomfortable by the minute. Mitsuhide was going to challenge them all if he had too.

“We shall do the scan. Please left your shirt up.” He said, and kit complied as Mitsuhide sat right by her side as she tucked her shirt into her bra. “is everything going well?”

“Yes.” She said.

“Able to eat?” he asked.

“Yes.” She replied and took Mitsuhide’s hand as the doctor placed the ultrasound wand on her lower stomach area and began moving it. Then something moved on the screen which caught her eye. She saw it clearly, but the doctor running the test didn’t know she was also a doctor. She looked at the screen and fell in love. Twice over. “Good. Good. The baby is forming well.”

“The baby?” she asked.

“Yes, would you like to see if we can sex it early?” he asked.

“You can try.” She said knowing something major was going on.

“Did you both have a preference?” the doctor asked.

“A boy.” She replied as she looked up to Mitsuhide who had kept his mouth shut and his eyes glued to the screen. He glanced down at her, and he knew something had her haggles up. She was the one who didn’t care what the sex was. If he would have answered it, he would have said he wanted a daughter. “We both really want a son.”

“Well, the doctor said as he pressed the wand in closer to her, it looks like a girl, but at this stage, it is really still undetermined. He then continued to ‘look’ around but he was looking at the other baby which she clearly saw was a boy. A girl and boy. Twins. She looked up at Mitsuhide and smiled. He smiled back but know this was part of an act for the doctor.

When she was done, she untucked her shirt, and they went out to make an appointment in a month, and he took her hand as they walked away from the clinic. She looked up at him and tugged him to the beach because no one could overhear them there. She was truly frightened for the first time. Something was very wrong.

“What is it?” Mitsuhide asked.

“He had no clue I was also a doctor.” She replied.

“What is wrong with our baby?” he asked, scared.

“Nothing is wrong with our babies.” She replied with a smile.

“Babies?” he asked.

“Twins.” She replied, and a smile broke off his face.

“Twins?” he asked softly.

“A girl and boy by the looks of it.” She replied. “Though he was right, it is early to tell for sure.”

“We are going to have a son and daughter all at once?” he asked. His eyes were like giant gold coins, and they looked like he was tearing up.

“Mitsuhide focus.” She said.

“What?” he asked.

“The doctor asked what we wanted and then told us the opposite.” She said, “As he was looking at our son.”

“He did do that didn’t he?” he asked.

“We were being tested. The whole god damn thing is a test.” She replied.

“What the hell is going on here?” he asked.

“I think I know.” She replied, and a shudder went down her back. “This is a place for well to do people to fix their marriages. They drug us with an aphrodisiac and have us all get pregnant unless we cant. It doesn’t even matter if it is the couples kid. They then offer services to keep track of you while you are here, what if they offer other services as well, like placing the child with another family?”

“You think this is like an adoption thing?” he asked.

“No, I think this is a baby broker thing.” She replied. “They can make completely new birth certificates here. The whole thing makes sense on such a level it is disgusting.”

“You think they test the people to see what they want and then approach them later with a way to fix the problem?” he asked.

“Yes.” She said. “I set this idea up now we wait for them to approach me.”

“Us.” He said.

“No, it has to be me.” She said. “Mitsuhide they know you are the dominant one in the relationship or that’s what they think anyway. They will approach me to see if it is something I want.”

“You are not putting yourself or our babies through a test.” He said.

“God, no,” she replied.

“Good.” He replied.

“I got the vibe that the doctor wasn’t even a doctor.” She replied.

“What?” he asked.

“Something about him was off.” She said. “Having worked with several doctors of his generation, I know how to spot them, and he didn’t have that vibe.”

“Wonderful.” He said as he shook his head. To the outside observer, it looked like they were having a slight argument. They both knew this. “It is important to remember we are being watched.”

“I know.” She replied. “There is also the fact he did not tell us about the second baby as well. If I didn’t know the family curse or how to read a ultrasound picture we would not know.”

“I know. Sweetheart, I think we should go back home now.” He said. “We placed everything together, and we have enough evidence to hand over.”

“One more month Mitsuhide.” She replied.

“What?” he asked.

“In one more month, we will have everything we need to shut this place down.” She said as an idea formed in her head as to what she needed to get for evidence.

“One month.” He repeated.

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