The Mission

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Chapter 12

Spent the next month writing down everything. Dates, Times, and conversations. He was always with his trusty notebook that was written in shorthand so no one, even Kit couldn’t read it. He never left it alone, either. He was either writing, or he was doing something to help her out. She had begun to show. She was so tiny that it really didn’t matter that there was two of them, they knew she would show before they left the island.

Her size was one factor that kept him on his toes. She was so small, and he was not. He was afraid he might have bigger babies as well. With every fear he released to her, she would smile and tell him it would be fine. She could handle it.

She found this side to him loveable. He was so protective of her that she at first thought that no one would approach her. However, she was wrong. Seven different staff members had. Each telling her that they could fix her problem for her if she wanted a son but was having a daughter, she could try again as soon as this one was born and handed off. She got much more information then she had hoped for. She just needed the good doctors input on the situation.

“You are not going alone,” Mitsuhide said as she told him her plan.

“He won’t say anything to me if you are there.” She repeated.

“You are not going alone.” He said again shaking his head.

“Mitsuhide would you listen to me.” She pleaded.

“Sweetheart I am not letting you go into their alone. It isn’t just you that you are putting at risk but our son and daughter as well.” He replied, and she knew he was right, but that didn’t stop her.

“Why can’t we just improv my plan so you are there but not in the room?” she asked.

“Because do you know how many things could happen if I can’t see you?” he asked. “All of them end up with me razing this place to the ground if they hurt you.”

“Mitsuhide.” She said.

“Kit Akechi I know that you are more than capable of going in there by yourself but you are married to me, for better or worse, and right now is the worse part of that. You are pregnant sweetheart. You are pregnant with our children, and you are placing yourself in the crossfire. I can’t let anything happen to you. You are too important.” He said softly.

“I thought I was only important because of them.” She said as she rubbed her growing abdomen.

“No. They are important because of you. You stand at the center, sweetheart. Our children are important because they are ours, yours.” He replied. ” You are the important one, sweetheart. Though I love these two, the fact is we can always have more. I can’t do that if you are gone.”

“You are a closet romantic.” She said with a smile. “Fine, you can come.”

“Thank you.” He replied as he took her hand in his and kissed it. “This trip has been an eye-opener for sure.”

“At least they stopped the drugs.” She replied.

“I am glad they did do that.” He said with a smile. “Though not an overwhelming burning to have you all the time now it is a normal ache.”

“Mitsuhide.” She exclaimed.

“What it never goes away.” He said.

“Good to know.” She playfully swatted his shoulder.

They walked into the clinic, and she knew something was very wrong. Something was going to happen. She looked at the receptionist who refused to make eye contact with her. She looked at Mitsuhide and knew he felt it too. They looked around, and no one else seemed to be there.

“Mrs. Akechi?” the nurse called, and she and he got up. “This appointment is for her alone.”

“Then, she is not going,” Mitsuhide replied as he placed his hand on her back.

“Sir, we have to ask you to leave.” The nurse said.

“He comes with me, or I don’t go in,” she said.

The nurse sighed and then nodded. She didn’t want Mitsuhide back there with Kit they both knew that. Something was going to happen. The air was charged, and Kit knew this was the beginning of the end of there stay here. It was almost a relief.

The nurse put them in a room, and then the waiting game began. They had changed the clinics plans so not they had to scramble to come up with another plan. Both the people in the room knew that was why they had to wait so long. When the doctor came in, she looked at him and knew he wasn’t a doctor. He was trying to school his expressions as one.

“Mrs. Akechi, your last test results from the blood test were not good.” He started. “We would like you to stay here at the clinic for the duration of your stay.”

“No.,” she said. “I would like to see the test results.”

“My dear, I assure you it is perfectly safe for you to stay here. You would have the entire staff at your disposal.” The doctor went on.

“I would like to see the test results.” Kit said again.

“Mr. Akechi, surely you understand this. Your wife and daughter are in trouble.” The doctor looked at Mitsuhide, who was sitting there stone-faced.

“Show my wife her test results, and we will talk,” Mitsuhide said as he stared down the doctor.

“The baby has a birth defect, and we need to monitor the both of them.” The doctor went on.

“What defect?” she asked.

“that isn’t your concern at the moment.” The doctor said, and she stood up.

“Not my concern?” she asked. “Tell me what you think is wrong with my baby, and we will talk. I will not be staying here, I will not be staying on the island if you do not tell me.”

“Mrs. Akechi, please lower your voice.” The doctor pleaded. “The defect is T-21.”

“T-21?” she asked, and she thought for a second.

“Yes.” The doctor said. “A serious defect that could cause some serious complications. We should do another scan to make sure, and then you should stay here for the duration of your stay.”

“Do the scan, and then we will talk.” She said as she looked at Mitsuhide, who was looking at her. The message was clear between them. I am not staying here any longer.

“Alright.” He said. “I know these type of situations are rare, but we will take good care of you during your stay.” The ultrasound machine was turned on, and then she saw the face of one of her children. Within the face, she saw nothing wrong. She waited till this ‘doctor’ explained the difference, which was completely wrong. She could see her other child as well. She wanted to laugh. After the scan, he still was going on about how serious this was.

“You are right; this is serious.” She said as she unfolded her shirt and stood up. “My husband and I will discuss this.”

“You need round the clock treatments!” the doctor said.

“My husband and I will discuss this.” She stated again. “Until then, we are leaving.”

“But... but... but..” the doctor sputtered.

“Mitsuhide.” She said as she went to the door. The nurse was blocking their way. Mitsuhide looked at her, and she took a step back. They walked out of the building and right to the cabin. They began throwing everything in their suitcases, and they didn’t care whos it went into. He cleared the house, and then they went to the main building.

“We are leaving,” Mitsuhide said without a care in the world.

“Mr. Akechi is something wrong with your stay?” the clerk asked.

“My wife needs a specialist for our baby. We are going back to see one.” He said as he stared her down as well.

“I see.” The clerk said. “We can fly one here.”

“No, we will chose which one she sees.” Mitsuhide countered.

“But sir.” The clerk began.

“We are leaving NOW,” Mitsuhide said, and everyone around him could see there was no talking him down. They turned to her. She looked at all of them and then smiled. “He said now.”

“But the airport is closed.” The clerk said.

“Then, a boat.” He said.

“I am not sure in your wife’s condition that is the best thing.” The clerk said.

Mitsuhide bent down and pulled a sat phone out of his bag and then radioed the mainland. “I need a plane to pick us up.” He waited a few minutes, “Yes for two, ASAP.” He nodded to her and looked at the Clerk. “Doesn’t matter if the airport is closed our plane will be there in an hour. If we don’t show my people will tear this place apart.”

The clerk gasped. “Well, if that is how you really feel.”

“It is,” Mitsuhide said with a look that said he meant it.

“Fine. Someone will drive you straight there.” The clerk said.

“Princess, we are going home.” He said as he looked at her as she smiled.

“Finally.” She replied and walked out the door to wait for the car.

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