The Mission

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Chapter 13

They overheard the clerk, “Take Mr. and Mrs. Akechi to the airport and drop them off.”

They were both relieved but at the same time, suspicious of everyone and everything. Mitsuhide tucked her in close to him. he was not letting her out of his reach. She seemed to agree with him because she didn’t put up any fight. She was happy to be leaving their vacation and to the safety of the mainland. They would be fine now.

They loaded up the van the resort used, and she got into the van when the doctor came running up, “Mrs. Akechi, please reconsider. Flying now would be bad for the baby. You do care about your baby, don’t you?”

“We do care about our baby, which is why I am going back to see a real doctor.” She said to him. “Flying will not hurt the baby. I can safely fly until I am seven months along. Thank you for your worry, but I assure you we will be fine.”

“But... but... but.” The doctor sputtered again.

“No buts. A real doctor.” She said, “And I am sure the three of us are perfectly fine.”

“The three of you? Your husband has no real part of this.” The doctor countered.

“I wasn’t talking about my husband.” She said with a smile, and that was when the doctor knew that she knew. “I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Dr. Kit Johnson-Akechi.”

“You’re a?” the doctor began.

“A doctor.” She replied with a knowing smile.

“Oh.” The doctor flushed and then started to grab for her, “You bitch.”

“Touch her, and you will be in pieces on the ground,” Mitsuhide said as he rounded the car.

“But. You both lied!” the doctor nearly screamed.

“We did not.” She said. “I just didn’t say my full name or title.”

“We should go now,” Mitsuhide said as he looked around and more staff was gathering.

“We should.” She replied, and they waited for the driver to get in. When he did, and he started the car, Mitsuhide leaned over the seat.

“Whatever they implied doing to us to you I would rethink it now. There is a united states government plane landing at the airport in forty minutes. If we are not there to meet it the people on board will tear this island apart, and you will go to federal prison for kidnapping, and whatever else they will thrown at you. Do I make myself clear?” Mitsuhide said in a very calm and cold voice. She almost wanted to giggle at the sound.

“Yes, sir.” The driver said as he thought of all two seconds on the implications that Mitsuhide was laying out before them.

“Now that we are on the road, do you want to help the government or do you want to go down as an accessory after the fact?” Mitsuhide asked.

“What do you want to know?” the driver asked.

“Everything,” Mitsuhide replied. “Why do they drug people? What is the purpose? Why do they lie about babies? Why do they sell them?”

The driver went on the entire time about every detail of the plan. From the intake interview to the fake doctor who would tell women something was wrong with their baby. Every detail was outlined, and they were taping the entire interview.

“You see the founder of the retreat was a married man whose wife was unfaithful. He started this entire place to help her. He found the right combination to act powerfully and to help people find themselves back in love. Sometimes it worked, but others it made things worse. The retreat became known for the unwanted babies it helped make, so he also found a way to rid the women of the babies and make some other family happy.” The driver went on. “The income from the sale of those unwanted children is what kept the retreat going. So it began to focus on the babies. In your case, you had two. So they wanted both, but you wanted them too. They were going to keep you in the cellers until it was time for you to deliver and then send you back to the mainland. Your husband was the roadblock because he wouldn’t leave your side. Most of the time, the husband doesn’t want to be around the wife once they change the dosage.”

“So because Mitsuhide and I were different they wanted both of our children?” she asked.

“Yes.” The driver said. “We were encouraged to get you to stay and to help talk you into this was the best for you both.”

“So they sell the babies?” he asked.

“For a really high price too.” The driver said.

“Why would you be a part of this?” she asked.

“I don’t have anything to do with the plots or the planning. I simply take care of the grounds and the van.” He said.

“But you know everything that goes on here.” He replied.

“I overhear things. I am the person no one sees. Therefore, the one people talk around. I didn’t know for years what this place was, but it was a job.” he said.

“Then why are you talking now?” Mitsuhide asked.

“Because you said government.” The driver said. “So soon, there will be no retreat, and I would like to know I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I see.” She replied as she sat back.

“You okay?” Mitsuhide asked.

“Tired.” She replied as she placed her head on his shoulder. “The adrenaline is wearing off now.”

“Good. Relax, My love we are going home.” He said softly in her hair as he lightly kissed her. The airport became visible in the distance. He could also breathe a sigh of relief. He was holding her tight against him. he knew everything had changed, but it wasn’t until they were going to head back to home that it was completely real. He was here, and so was she, his wife. His very pregnant wife.

They watched as the plane landed and then the hatch opened up, and three men walked out to greet them. The commander of the whole mission took a look at both of them and smiled faintly.

“Been busy Akechi?” the commander asked with a smile.

“Sort of,” Mitsuhide said with a smile.

“Tell me you have something?” the commander asked.

“We do.” She replied as she looked at the driver. “We have all the answers you need. Call the reinforcements because a lot of people are in trouble because of our exit.”

“Are you positive?” the commander asked alarmed.

“Yes.” She replied. She walked over to the driver who was off to the side.

“Where do they keep the drugs?” she asked.

“Under the dinning building so they can dose the food.” The driver replied.

“Where do they keep the pregnant women?” she asked.

“Under the main buildings.” He replied again.

“How many are there right now?” she asked.

“About twenty.” He replied.

“Twenty women are being held either against their will, or they have been tricked.” She said to the commander. “They are all pregnant, and the people there have the intention of selling those women’s babies for a high profit.”

“What the hell?” the commander said.

“The drugs they use aren’t drugs per se. that is why no one could figure it all out. Why the agencies kept hitting dead ends. They are not in the trade. It is more supplements to alter your bodies chemistry. To make you more ready to conceive. The whole retreat is a baby broker farm.”

“Are you freaking kidding me?” the commander asked, shocked as she spoke.

“the drug or chemical compound added to the food acts as an aphrodisiac more than anything else. It boosts male testosterone and female estrogen. Basically making it impossible to deny your feelings. They dose you so high, basically turning humans into rabbits.” She laughed. “Then, when they remove the compound, it leads to people not caring. As in husbands not caring if their wife goes missing or what not.”

“This can not be happening.” The commander said. He looked over to his second in charge. “Do what she said and call everyone on. We can’t leave knowing that people are in trouble.”

“Yes, Sir!” the second in charge said as he went back into the plane.

“So I take it you two were also dosed?” the commander asked.

“Yes,” Mitsuhide replied.

“And that is the result.” He looked at her growing abdomen.

“No,” Mitsuhide replied, as well.

“What?” the commander asked.

“That is the result of my wife and I trying for a child,” Mitsuhide replied.

“So no annulment is in the works?” the commander asked.

“No.” they both replied, and the commander smiled at them both.

“I knew you two would be perfect for this mission.” He said with a smile. “Now, Dr. Johnson.”

“Akechi.” She said softly.

“What?” the commander asked.

“My last name is Akechi.” She replied.

“Ah, yes. Dr. Akechi, do you need anything?” the commander asked. She looked at him and realized he was asking her if she needed to rest.

“No, I am fine.” She replied. “We all are fine.”

“All?” the commander asked.

“She is pregnant with twins,” Mitsuhide replied with a grin.

“Son, congratulations. You are going to need all the help you can get.” The commander said with a huge smile. “And Dr. you as well.”

“Thank you, sir.” She replied as she sat down in one of the chairs brought off the plane for her. “what do we do now?”

“Now, we wait.” He replied as he also took a seat. “Everyone had gathered off the coast, knowing you could call at any time. They should all be here in less than an hour.”

“Good,” Mitsuhide said. As he sat next to her and took her hand. She was already tired he knew, but she would see this through. It was one of the many things he loved about her. He thought about the begin of the mission and how he hoped she would settle with a date afterward. Now he had her for a lifetime. That was a huge change for him, but one he was willing to have. Nothing could change that she was his, and he was hers.

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