The Mission

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Chapter 14

She watched as the entire airport became full. Two more planes landed and off to the side where the port was three large ships had pulled in. they were swarmed by people who wanted the layout and the possible dangers before them. This was much more then the other agencies had planned on, and everyone knew it.

Everyone talked amongst themselves. There was no agency in charge as there were simply too many different laws being broken, not one of them had true jurisdiction of them. They all had to work together and then try and figure out the mess of red tape and who would handle each thing. It was a nightmare to think about, but she was glad the nightmare would be over soon.

Mitsuhide pleaded with her to stay back, but in her wisdom, she knew staying back meant she was alone target still. When she brought that up, he changed his mind and wanted her next to him. she just had to stay in the back of everything. Every loaded up the jeeps and drove back to the retreat, which already looked different for some reason to her. She looked at the buildings and told the people in her jeep that those were the buildings they needed to target. Each took note of the buildings and made the mental preparations to do as she said.

She was in the fourth jeep. Mitsuhide was in the first. He was going in first as one of the breach teams as well as one who knew the compound. He had made a map of the place in his notes and was able to make copies and give them out before they left. They were going to end this today.

Everyone was going home.

She waited as she watched the first jeep stop her eyes, never leaving Mitsuhide as he moved with a grace that comes from being in the field many times and knowing what lay before him. He opened the doors to the main building with the other members of the breach team, and soon he walked out. The team had begun their real mission as the others flooded the area with more teams of all the different agencies one by one people were being led out from the staff. Each had on a pair of flex cuffs, and she had to silently smile so far so good. She moved slower than she normally would have as she walked the compound again and followed Mitsuhide as he led the team around. Soon they were at the food dining hall, and he stood back as the others went in and stormed the entire building. Everyone was shocked. The guests that they had all met before had no idea what was going on. They were led out of the building and brought to the beach. People were upset, and they were told someone would explain soon. The group on the beach was growing fast, and she knew she should go down there to explain, but something told her to stay where she was.

She looked around and saw two men headed her way from the staff. As soon as she was within reaching distance, they both tried to grab her. She fought both of them off with no issue, and the commotion had garnered the attention of Mitsuhide and the breaching team. He was the first to reach her as he pulled her tight to him. the other crew threw the two to the ground and placed them in cuffs. They were led away.

He looked her over, and no words were said as she smiled and nodded. He went back to work, clearing the main buildings, and that was when she remembered what the driver had said. The women were held in the cellar of the main building. She pointed down to him as he walked out of the building and knew what she meant. They both with two other teams began to look for an entrance to the cellars.

When they found them, she heard the calls for help. She wanted to race down, but she waited behind him as they began to clear the buildings. She walked steady and surly as she followed in the darkened spaces on the musty cellar. The calls were getting louder and more desperate.

She knew what was going on. The later term babies had been induced. The “Doctor” had left them as well. He was going to force these women to have their children in the basement with no medical help.

“Call the medics.” She yelled into the comms, and everyone in the whole retreat heard her. She hadn’t even seen what was waiting for her in the large room. She was floored when she walked into it. The breach team secured the exits and left people standing at each one. The rest went on to complete the buildings basement.

She looked at the bed of seven women, all of them were in active labor with no help in sight. She looked around for anything that could help her. A box of gloves was on the table.

“Hi, I am Dr. Akechi.” She started as she talked calmly to the group of women. “I am here to help.”

“They are coming!” one of the women ground out.

“I see that.” She smiled. “I know they started this what about an hour ago?”

“Yes!” one of the women said.

“Okay. I need to know what your name is, and how far along are you?” Kit asked, and each woman yelled out the information. “Okay, I have a team of medic coming to help me to help all of you.” She walked the line of women as she stopped their iv drips. “You said you were six months along?”

“Yes.” One woman said as she was crying. “They said something was wrong with him. that I had to deliver him right now.”

“Okay, I can’t do a major check right this second, but I doubt there is. The people here wanted to sell your babies. This place is no good, and there is probably nothing wrong with them like the doctor told you. But you are going to need some help to stop this.”

“My water already broke.” She said.

“Shit.” Kit replied. “Fine, we will handle this as it happens okay?”

“okay.” She said as she was in serious pain. The medics walked into a nightmare.

“I need you to check each one of them. If they are 3 or less get them out of here and on a plane. Take them to the nearest hospital on the mainland.” Kit said.

“What if they are over three?” one of the medics asked.

“Then we deliver right here.” She said with a grimace. She was playing the odds that they were just started and hopefully none of them would need to right at this moment. When she checked the woman in front of her, that was the only one she needed to stop, she was stopped. “Goddamnit.”

“What doctor?” one of the medics asked.

“The baby is crowning.” She said. She looked at the woman who was in labor hard, and she was crying. “Do you want your husband?”

“No.,” she said. “Just save my baby.”

“I will try my best.” She said. “I need blankets and something to clear the airway.”

“Here you go, doctor.” A medic was there with a blanket in hand and an aspirator ready.

“Good. Don’t leave.” She said as she reached down. “Okay, Jen I need you to bear down as hard as you can with the next contraction. The baby is right here and ready for this.”

Two more pushes and the baby was out. She was clearing the airway when the faint sound of crying filled the room. She wrapped the blanket and did one final check on her after she delivered the rest of the after birth. “Take her now.”

“Yes, Doctor.” The medics said, and they moved fast. The room had one other woman in it. She was crowning too. Kit changed her gloves and had the medic ready with the blankets and a different aspirator. She was ready as the women screamed, and the babies head was out. Then the baby cried out. She completed the tasks and knew she had just delivered three babies in an hour.

She stood back as they wheeled her out, and she was called to another basement. Her hell was not over.

She stood in the sunshine three hours after she was moved to another basement and then another. She had personally delivered thirteen babies in four hours. She was basking in the sunshine when she felt arms wrap around her. “Everything has been secured, people taken in, and all the women and babies are doing as well as can be expected.”

“What about the drugs?” she asked.

“Those have been secures as well.” He replied in her ear. “You did wonderful, my love.”

“I can’t believe they induced and then left them.” She said.

“Child endangerment and attempted tampering with a fetus charges were added.” He said.

“This place is horrible.” She said.

“We did find love here.” He returned as she turned in his arms.

“We found love here because we already were.” She said with a laugh.

“We found love because of a mission.” He replied.

“Here is to the Mission.” She said with a smile as they went back to the jeeps to bring them home.

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