The Mission

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Chapter 15

Six Months Later.

Mitsuhide stood in the hospital room, looking at his wife, who had completely changed his world. He looked at the two small isolates that were by her bedside, and he knew without a doubt, he was the luckiest man in the world. His wife had just given him his dream all at once. She was sleeping at the moment. She deserved it, and he didn’t want to wake her. He knew they were waiting to hear anyway. He walked out with a grin on his face. He looked in the waiting room to the face he had come to know as brothers. His team. He had been right they were shocked when they came back later that first day they were back to find that he had returned home from his solo mission and not only had he brought the tiny doctor to his apartment with him, she was rounding with the telltale bump that gave everything away.

When they returned, they were shocked. More shocked to find her bent over a box as they were packing up his apartment to rent a small truck to move his things into her house. They stood there, just staring at her as she stood up and looked their way. Mitsuhide had to laugh at their reactions.

Now, as he walked into the room, they all held their breaths. “It’s a girl.” Mitsuhide said with a smile and then went on to say, “And a boy.”

“We knew she was going to have twins,” Ieyasu spoke up as he looked at the man in the middle.

“We did too. She wanted to keep it quiet until today.” Mitsuhide said.

“How is Doc?” Nobunaga asked.

“She is sleeping right now,” Mitsuhide replied. “But she was good before she went to sleep. I think she was just glad to get it over with. They both came fast and are full sized.”

“Poor doc,” Masamune said with a grin.

“She handled it like a champ, though,” Mitsuhide replied with a bigger grin. “We found out today she is the strong one between us.”

“What do you mean?” Hideyoshi asked.

“Nothing phased her. However, I was the one scared out of my mind.” Mitsuhide said. “She is so small and well, neither our son or daughter take after her that way.”

“What do they look like?” Mitsunari asked.

“Little aliens,” Mitsuhide said with a laugh. He pulled out his phone and showed pictures of his children to his best friends.

“They look like her the little angels,” Shingen said as he tapped Mitsuhide on the shoulder.

“Here is to hoping they stay that way,” Mitsuhide said with a grin. The rest of them had brought in the presents and balloons to which he laughed. It looked like they would need another moving truck to bring the stuff home. Mitsuhide piled it on a cart and brought it back to the room. He saw she was awake and holding one of the babies.

“Everything alright in here?” he asked as he peered over to see if he could figure out which one she had. They both looked very much alike at the moment.

“Yes.” She said. “I think he wants to eat.”

“Oh.” He said as he looked around to see if he could find a place away from her.

“It isn’t like you haven’t seen my chest before.” She replied with a laugh. She placed the baby at her chest, and he began to root around and latched on. “Hopefully he isn’t too hard on me like his father.”

“Have I told you today how beautiful you are?” he asked with a smile.

“Mitsuhide I just had two babies a few hours ago. I am sure I am a mess.” She replied.

“You, my love, are the most beautiful woman in the world. With our daughter a close second.” He replied.

“You are just saying that because you want more children.” She laughed.

“I do, but I really do think that.” He said.

“I know.” She replied.“I love you, Mitsuhide.”

“I love you too, Kit.” He replied as he picked up his daughter and held her up to see her face. She did look like her, and he couldn’t be more pleased. His daughter and son were like her except in size. They were going to be a handful and the beginning to a new mission.

He kissed her forehead and looked down at his son as well. He was ready for anything now. Whatever mission life brought him all because he found love and happiness on one.

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