The Mission

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Chapter 2

What neither of them realized that was their reaction to each other was seen to everyone but themselves. Mitsuhide knew he liked the woman he was standing next too and that he was attracted to her, but he couldn’t see her reaction to him. she didn’t see that though. She only saw the other side to him. the one that was relentless when he caught a whiff of something. She had thought of him as a shark with blood in the water. She knew he could find anything out but how she felt about him.

She wasn’t scared of him. there was a small amount of danger that she could feel just by standing next to him. she had thought he was something else when they first had met. She tried to push the attraction she had felt off to the side to continue working though she thought she had done a horrible job at it; no one said anything to her about it. Her team loved to rib her on the fact she didn’t show those types of things even to them, her most trusted friends in the world. She didn’t talk about her personal life at work, and she didn’t talk about her work life at home.

The fact was she was slightly nervous that he would figure out her secret before the six month was up, and he would not be able to let go. She knew this was not going to be permanent and she should just enjoy it for what it was. She was going to marry the only man she wanted to marry even if it was for a fake relationship in the end. Six month being his wife would either be heaven or hell. She didn’t know that much.

She was tired of being the one left behind. This was her mission, and it did excite her in a way she had never felt before. She was confident enough to know that the two of them would indeed figure everything out like they had been tasked to do. The thing that scared her was the after part. She would not want to just move on from their fake marriage, but she had to push that aside for now. That was not part of the mission. That was not part of this whole thing. That was going to kill her in the end, and she knew it no matter how much she tried to push him and her feelings away.

They stood in front of a judge in the courthouse both in uniform with the judge looking them both over. “And why is it that you two have come to stand before me today?“, the old judge asked as he looked over the two people standing before him. they didn’t look like the normal couples he would marry on a daily basis.

“We would like to get married.“, she said.

“And why the rush, my dear?“, the old judge asked.

“I am getting ready for a mission sir.“, Mitsuhide replied, “I would like to make sure she knows how I feel and then we can start new when I get back.”

“I see son.“, the judge said as he pondered Mitsuhide’s words. “And you?” the judge turned his eyes on her.

“I want him to know I will be waiting for him.“, she said with a smile.

“Good good.“, the judge said. He looked over the papers in front of him and then up at the two people in front of them. He noticed she was shaking slightly as if she wanted to reach out to hold on to something, but she was afraid for some reason. The judge smiled at her and nodded his head.

“Do you Kit Johnson take this man Mitsihide Akechi to be your husband?“, the judge said in a different voice that was not the same one he had just questioned them with.

“I do.“, she said clearly.

“Do you Mitsuhide Akechi take this woman Kit Johnson to be your wife?“, he asked, and Mitsuhide blinked for a second as if he was trying to clear his mind.

“I do.“, his voice echoed through the room.

“Then you are husband and wife.“, the judge said as he went to sign the papers in front of him and the pair looked at each other. Mitsuhide went to take the paper the older man was holding out to him, and the judge smiled, “You forgot to kiss her.”

“I’ll do that later.“, Mitsuhide said with a grin that brought a smile to the old mans face and a blush to hers.

“Congratulations to you both.“, the judge said. “Mr. and Mrs of I see Dr. Akechi.

“Thank you.“, she said softly.

The pair walked out of the room and brought the paper to the clerk as she smiled at them both and went to work typing up the certificate. Five minutes later they were walking out the doors with one piece of paper that completely changed their lives. They were married now. She didn’t know how to act around him as she really didn’t know the man who was standing next to her. She looked up as he unlocked his car.

“For a person who just got married, you are oddly quiet. I thought you would at least talk more. I am your husband now.“, Mitsuhide said as he chuckled.

“I don’t talk much.“, she said with a wave of her hand. “It has been said that it is a personality flaw.”

“A woman that doesn’t talk much, I haven’t heard of this paradigm before.“, he said as he took his seat. “However you will have to open up somehow. I mean I don’t mind the silence, but other people will not believe we are married if we don’t at least act like it.”

“What if we are having issues. I mean it is a good back story. They are making it look like we are in a perfect relationship, but we both know those are the easiest to break. Nothing is perfect. A six-month getaway could mean we are trying to fix it.“, she replied.

“That could work.“, he said with a smile. “Like we are trying to rebuild or getting ready to walk away as well. It would allow us the space from the other as well.”

“I am glad I thought of it.“, she said. “It also means we don’t have to do the things that other married couples do.”

“Such as?“, he asked.

“I don’t know, sleep together for one.“, she replied sarcastically.

“I was looking forward to that part.“, he said with a chuckle.

“I bet you were. Akechi could you be serious for a minute.“, she asked.

“I was being serious, my love.“, he replied. “You are my wife you should know better than anyone I do have a darker sense of humor than most.”

“So do i.“, she replied.

“See we are finally getting somewhere.“, he said as he reached over and hooked his finger under her chin and nudged her to face him. “You don’t have to worry about anything, Kit. We will figure this out, and I will have your six no matter what. I need that brain of yours to help me on this. Whatever happens there happens, and we will figure it out. Could you at least act like you like me?”

“Act like I like you?“, she asked. She was flustered by the question because she wanted to scream. I don’t have to act like that I do like you, but those words stopped at her mouth and held by her tongue.

“Yes. Please do try to act like that.“, he said as he turned with a sigh. She went to look out the other window of the car as they started moving. She was lost in her own mind, and he was thinking about something she could tell. What and anything more was not for her to know. She sighed as she watched the roads go by. This was not how she planned her wedding day.

Mitsuhide heard the sigh and knew he was in for the long haul with her. She had so far made every move as he did by thinking and planning everything out. She was at least as good at him, and he knew that as she met the challenges of the day without qualms and complaints. He was going to focus on her at least in the beginning of this because he knew she was the one who would be the most useful in the mission at that point. She had the ability to charm people in the end. He had seen it before. She had this way of reading people and adjusting herself to be what was needed to them in that moment. He did notice that she didn’t talk much and wondered why. He knew it was a mystery he wanted to answer. There were a few about her that he wanted to answer at least for himself.

She was his wife. That realization hit him hard about halfway through the drive back to the base. He had come to terms with his lack of dating in the past few years, and though he knew he did want to have a family, he knew he wasn’t the best person to be around most of the time. He had tried the online dating sites, and nothing happened there on the few he did go out on. No one could understand his job and the fact it came first, at least right now it did. He wasn’t getting any younger, and he was ready to move to another stage in life. He just did. He was married. He was married to her. Someone who not only understood his job but someone who accepted his job as well. If only this fake marriage could turn real somehow.

The last light of day was fading when the pair looked up at each other from going over the large stacks of paperwork. They had returned to find the piles becoming higher and higher. They had new identities that were built of the real ones they lived every day. Their names would be the same, but new alternative identities would be used in their place. Photos were being redone. Things were being scrubbed from past accounts. They were becoming a couple on paper. They were searching the papers, and she was rubbing her eyes.

“Tired my love?“, he asked as he looked up.

“I am always tired.“, she said with a yawn.

“Why is that? Long night with someone else?“, he asked. There was a hint of something in his voice.

“No.,” she said. “There is no one else.”

“Then why the long night?“, he asked.

“I don’t sleep well.“, she replied.

“Why not?“, he asked.

“Nightmares.“, she replied.

“Oh.“, he said as he had nothing more to extract from that statement.

“From the outbreaks I worked on or my first marriage.“, she said.

“You were married before?“, he asked.

“A long time ago.“, she said with a shadow in her eyes. “It wasn’t good.”

“So you are divorced?“, he asked.

“It was annulled.“, she said. “It was only a few months.”

“What happened?“, Mitsuhide asked, and she looked at him. He looked like he really did want to know, so she broke down and told him the truth.

“He killed me.“, she said as she looked down at the papers again. His eyes had flown wide as he tried to process her words. They made no sense to him. She wasn’t dead. How could he have killed her then?

“You aren’t dead.“, he stated.

“No, but I should be. If it wasn’t for the insistence of a team member of mine who was there at the hospital, I would be. My heart stopped for three minutes. They were going to call my time of death, but he wouldn’t let them. I should be dead. He killed me.“, she said.

“How?“, Mitsuhide asked.

“Baseball bat.“, she said with a flinch.

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