The Mission

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Chapter 5

Though they were together most of the day it flew by when they were not. Soon it was later afternoon and they were being moved so they could start the trek to the retreat island to begin. It was hours of grueling travel as neither of them really slept well the night before. They soon boarded their last flight and after take off he found a slight weight on his shoulder and looked down and she was asleep on him. he smiled softly and reached up to turn the light off from overhead as she was reading before her eyes could not stay open anymore. He watched and waited for them to be close to arrival and then he gently woke her up. Soon they were on a bus to the retreat and they saw half the island was nothing but retreat houses.

The large compound on the beach was before them as it took both their breaths away. It was bigger than they both had thought and they were both mapping it out in their heads. When the small bus arrived in front of a large building that looked like an old cathedrial she smiled at him and he nodded. They were now in character. They got out and got their bags and slowly walked up to the doors and opened them. They both knew the next six months started right now as they made their way to the head of the line.

He pulled out his new id’s and began the check in process. She was looking all around. The woman at the desk looked at them both and smiled softly.

“We were so pleased that you chose us to help you with your problems.“, she said softly and Kit turned her head to look at her. The look on her face was priceless and Mitsuhide had to chuckle.

“Honey we had to tell them why we are here.“, he said.

“I know that.“, she said back at him.

“I believe that the peace of the retreat will bring you both to happiness.“, the woman said as she handed them a packet. “Your cabin is 32 and it is here. We have no transportation within the retreat so you will have to walk. Dinner is served at eight here.“, she pointed to a larger building in the middle of the compound. “If there is anything more we can do, please ask.”

Mitsuhide pulled up his backpack and she did the same. They walked out of the building together and that was when the conversation behind them happened.

“Our new residents?“, a man asked.

“Yes sir.“, the receptionist replied.

“Well what do you think?“, the man asked.

“They need help.“, she replied.

“So we should start them immediately?“, he asked.

“Yes.“, she said. “I think double the normal amount is necessary for those two.”

“Good. Good. I believe in your abilities and that is what we will do.“, he said with a smile for the young woman. He went to make the call to start the newest residents on the program to happiness.

“This isn’t so bad.“, she said as she walked next to him.

“Remember why we are here.“, he said softly.

“I do. I was just saying it could be worse. It could be a crap hole.“, she replied.

“It is rather nice.“, he replied as they looked around for the cabin that was theirs. When they found it the structure was stable and he walked to the door and took out the key and opened it. They both walked in and saw the outside didn’t seem to match the inside.

“Maybe it just looks different.“, she said.

“Well it may take a little while but I am sure I can figure it out.“, he said as he placed his suitcase down. They looked around, “Of course one bedroom.”

“We do have to at least look like we are married.“, she said softly.

“They have a maid service, sweetheart. It isn’t like I can sleep on the couch either.“, he replied. “We both have to sleep in there.”

“Mitsuhide.“, she started to say.

“We are both adults.“, he said before she could get anymore out.

“I know that.“, she retorted.

“We don’t have to do anything.“, he said.

“I know that too.“, she ground out.

“Then what is your problem?“, he asked.

“The fact you aren’t letting me speak is my problem.“, she said through her teeth.

“Okay so what?“, he asked.

“I think for the time being it is fine that we sleep there.“, she said.

“You do?“, he asked surprised.

“We are married.“, she said with a smile as she walked away from the bedroom. He stood there in silence as he watched her go. He did need to watch the ability he had to answer people before they could even form the question. He already had her speaking he didn’t want to drive her back into silence again.

They both unpacked a few things and took a quick shower before heading over to the main hall to eat. They were both hungry and sat down at their table and began. She took a bite of the food and waited a minute. Nothing was happening so she continued. He watched her as she did. And then followed her lead. The drink they had a flavored water did have an after taste that left her wondering but she shrugged it off. She thought to herself that would be the first thing she would look at so it would be the dumbest place to begin drugging people.

It wasn’t until they were back in the cabin that she felt a little off. Something wasn’t right but she could not explain what she was feeling or why. It seemed it only affected her when he was next to her. If she moved away for a bit it wasn’t so bad. The overpowering need to be around him took over though he seemed completely unaffected was driving her insane. It wasn’t until she went into the bedroom and she changed that she knew sleeping next to him was going to be torture. She didn’t know why she felt this way but it seemed to grow as the night went on.

He was burning. He didn’t understand the burning in his veins. He wanted to show her the pain he was in but knew he couldn’t. It was everything he felt rolled into a ball and then set on fire with a need he could barely control. He walked into the bedroom and looked at her through the darkness and he could feel the pull to her. He took off his clothes and then got into bed facing away from her. If he was in hell of his own making it wasn’t the first time. He wouldn’t bring her down with him.

After the two fell asleep there was a faint noise from on of the walls. Neither of the two sleeping forms heard it as two voices whispered into the night.

“They don’t touch at all.“, one said to the other.

“Even after a double dose. These two need a lot of help then.“, the other voice said.

“Do we need to increase the dose?“, the first voice asked.

“Yes double it.“, the second said as they moved together throughout the night. The two had no idea what was in store for them the next few days but she woke with a start thinking someone was watching her. She looked down at Mitsuhide and listened to his soft and steady breathing and knew it wasn’t him. it must have been another nightmare. She laid back down and closed her eyes. Sleep found her easily.

The next morning they both felt the same as they had when they arrived. It was breakfast that made them both feel if something was off. Though neither seemed drugged to the other they both knew something was going on. How was it being given. Mitsuhide looked at her and knew he was back to being in hell with the burning ache he had to make her feel the same way as him. he needed her in ways he never knew. Every time she looked at him it went coursing through his veins like a never ending ache that only she could fulfil.

When they met with their advisor he surprised them by taking them back to their cabin. “You two will have to stay here for the next three days.”

“What why?“, she asked.

“It is the first step of the program.“, he said as he chuckled.

“So what do we do here?“, she asked again. The idea of being trapped in the house with Mitsuhide for three days was not something she wanted as she knew she was so attracted to him it would not be good.

“Whatever you want. Your meals will be brought to you and we will check in on the last day to see your progress.“, he said as he motioned for the two to go inside.

“Well it is a start.“, Mitsuhide said as he walked in the building and took a seat down. The door locked behind them. “Locking us in. Wonderful.”

“Did we do something?“, she asked.

“No I really thing this is part of their program sweetheart. Maybe they think forcing people to be together in a small space is a good way to force an issue out.“, he replied.

“I think it is hell.“, she replied as she sat down next to him.

“Good description.“, he said softly and he moved his hand to hers and gave it a squeeze. He would swallow his aching need for her to be completely unaware of the raging fire that was underneath his skin. He knew only she could put it out.

She wished he hadn’t touched her. It was like he was infecting her with feelings she didn’t understand. She hated it. She craved it. She wanted to act. She knew she couldn’t.

She started writing in code for herself to remember these little details. They both knew they were dosed with something but they had not lost their ability to stay focused on the mission but neither told the other. They both sat there looking around as they took their note and would glance at the other every once in awhile and that left them in a rut. They both craved the other but they didn’t know that. They both wanted the other but they didn’t know that. It was the burning in the looks, their touches, and just being in the same room.

After lunch it was worse. By dinner time it was painful. They waited to see if it calmed down but it never did. It was beyond anything either had felt before.

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