The Mission

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Chapter 6

It wasn’t until the second day of being locked in a small cabin house that either one of them actually thought that they would be brought to trying to do something to alleviate the burning desire that they had. Mitsuhide tried everything to do to not to be near her. He would look out the windows, read a book, anything that was on the house that looked like it needed something to do he did it. He couldn’t even look at her anymore without the pain becoming too much. He needed to find some kind of release otherwise he was never going to be able to look at her again. She had tested the food and they knew that drugging has not come from that but neither one of them realize that the other one had been dosed as well.

It wasn’t until the third night of them being on the retreats compound that they even realize that they were being watched even in their time of isolation. They both had laid down and curled up on the respective sides wrapped in the blankets that they had each. They heard the sleek shift of a wall somewhere in the room but they couldn’t tell where, as they were not asleep yet. Both of them went to high alert rather quickly and even nudged her leg with his foot to which she responded by kicking him. They heard the voice of someone they didn’t know in a low hush town that was almost a whisper.

“They still are not touching. We’re going to have to give them more time here and up there dose.” The first voice said.

“They are already taking 10 times the amount. I don’t know how much more that we can give them.” The second voice said.

“We will give them as much as we have to get. They came here for a reason and we want to keep the reputation as being the place that these posh couples can come to, to fix the marriages. It’s hundred percent safe no matter what dose we give them.” The first voice replied again.

“If you say so. We will tell them in the morning that they have another few days and isolation and hopefully by then we’ll drive them into each other’s arms.” The second voice said.

The couple in the bed waited until they heard the last movement of the wall moving back into place. Then they both rolled over and started to face each other, they were only inches apart at this point and it was difficult for both of them to breathe. In those moments he got lost in her eyes and his attention for skin under his fingers. She was breathing heavier than she normally did and it was because of his touch.

“You’ve been dosed with something?” He asked as he looked at her.

“It looks like I was dosed with the same thing you were.” She replied with a smile. “Please tell me that you feel something as well.”

“Yes I feel something as well. I figured they got to me but I didn’t know they got to you.” He replied.

“Do you have any idea what it is or how?” She asked.

“I have no idea on either.” He said with a sigh. He didn’t want to move from his spot but he knew that he had to. He couldn’t let her know how he really felt. He rolled over to the side, “maybe you should sleep a little closer it looks like we’re being watched regardless of what we do.” He heard her quick intake of breath before she let it out very slowly.

“Maybe I should.“, She said as she moved closer to him. He moved his arm so be in back of her and she used the crook of his shoulder as pillow. She settled into her spot and could feel the heat coming off of him like radiation. At least in her mind she thought that she wouldn’t be all that cold.

They woke up in a tangled mess. Legs were intertwined and arms wrapped around each other. He woke up first and tried to untangle himself from her. He was aching by the time she woke up. They both heard the door and rushed then to get out of bed to go see what they had in store for them today. It was of course a simple breakfast.

They ate in peace and continued to not look at each other. They both remembered what had happened last night and they were both replaying everything that had occurred between them and any conversations that might have been over heard. They knew they hadn’t said anything both of them were to good to make a mistake like that but then a wave of wanting hit both of them. It was like a tidal wave that could take out an entire island. She finished and got up to look out the back door. She knew this could not be natural. They were drugged with something but what? Why did it affect her this way. Why did it make her want the one man in the world she knew she couldn’t have?

He watched her stand and go over to the sliding glass doors. He was also hit with the wave and he was starting to piece together an idea. He still had no idea how they were dosing them as the food had been tested thoroughly. He had to forcibly fight with himself as he wanted nothing more than to walk over to her and pick her up and then punish her throughout the day. He shook his head trying to clear the thoughts but that never happened.

The day dragged on. There was nothing to do in the cabin. They were trying to figure out each, something to do when their lunch came right on schedule. They opened the door together and got the meal. She was going to wait to eat so they didn’t have to be near each other. Something was radiating off of him that she didn’t know. She though he was angry. He was rough when he did speak. It was almost like it was a different person then the one she spent time with a few days ago.

“Where do you think you are going?“, he ground out. As he watched her head to the bedroom.

“Eat.“, she said as she looked over her shoulder. “I’m just going in here. When you’re done I will eat mine.”

“Why aren’t you eating with me?“, he asked roughly.

“Your mad, Mitsuhide.“, she said.

“I’m what?“, he asked surprised.

“Your mad, it is written on everything you do.“, she said.

“I am not mad.“, he said as he stood up and moved closer to her. As he did it seemed the air of the cabin disappeared. There was nothing left but electricity and lust. His eyes went to a pure fire within them. She saw the change in them as he stalked closer and she ran out of room as her back was planted against a wall. “This is not me mad, Princess.”

“Then what is it?“, she whispered.

“Me wanting to take you and show you what I can do for you.“, he said softly.

“Show me what?“, she asked.

“How much I want you.“, he said. He was inches away from her and the size difference was made clear. He could do whatever he wanted and she couldn’t really stop him. She shivered.

“Want me?“, she asked.

“Tell me you feel it too. Please god tell me you want me as bad.“, he said on a whisper as his lips neared hers.

She snapped in that moment. He wanted her. He wanted her! She reached up and pulled him closer and their lips met for the first time. It was not a sweet kiss. It was not a gentle kiss. It took a life of its own and ended up with her crushed between him and a wall. Her hands around his neck and then moving down his back as she slipped them under his shirt. He was doing the same to her as the kiss raged on.

“Tell me you want this.“, he whispered on her lips in between crushing them.

“I want this.“, she breathly said.

He picked up her tiny form and brought her to the bedroom where he stood with her at the foot of the bed. He gently placed her down as he disrobed his shirt and hers as well. He sent both flying across the room. He let his hand so all the work and just sent himself flying high as he knew he was going to have her. She was going to be his. she was already his wife now it was time to put that into practice.

As the two lowered to the bed still wrapped up between them he made a promise to himself that he would make it good for her. That was all he wanted to do. He pulled away from her and whispered, “Are you sure you want this?”

“Yes.“, she cried out as she moved her hips. Her body was on fire in a way she had never known but she knew only he could put out the flames. He kissed her entire body. Even places she had only heard of being kissed. He worshipped her body for what seemed to be hours as she was pushed higher and high. She was trembling with an acute need. He could feel it as well. He was trying to keep his demons leashed but her reactions to everything were to much for him and soon he couldn’t stand it. He worked her body as best as he could without pushing her too far. He knew from the start she was new at this. She had been married before but he must have never loved her this way.

He was at her core and soon he pressed in and she arched her back, almost trying to get away from the pressure of her body surrounding him as he moved into her. He watched with hooded eyes as she settled down. When he was in as far as he dared as not to hurt her he began to move out and then back. Soon she was moving with him. he wasn’t going to last very long. No matter the amount of tricks he used to prolong this for her it wasn’t going to work. He moved his hand to her core and began to lightly caress her clit making her move more. She was close as he could see the haze start to take hold in her eyes. He continued until she screamed out and he felt her walls around him begin to quiver slightly then more. They were gripping at him and pulling him and pushing for his own release. When she laid there confused and hazey he found it with one more thrust.

He had collapsed on her. When he could move again he pulled himself up to look at her face which was in some far off place. His grin was breathtaking as she tried to focus on it but couldn’t focus on anything. Her quiet words filled the air, “That is how that is supposed to be?”

“You never had that reaction before?“, he asked knowing full well she had never had an orgasm before. It had been written on her face as it was happening.

“No.“, she said and his grin deepened. He was the only one to make her cum. He was disgustingly pleased with that knowledge.

“Every time from here on out, it will be like that. Sometimes more.“, he said.

“From here on out?“, she asked shyly.

“I have had you once, I will have you again, my love. I am your husband you know.“, he said softly.

“Mitsuhide.“, she said softly.

“My love, it is alright.“, he said as he pulled her into his arms and held her there. She was his now. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for her. The realization hit him like a ton of brick fell directly on his head. He was in love with this woman in his arms. He had been attracted to her before but something happened within him. Everything she did caught his eyes. She was made for him.

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