The Mission

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Chapter 9

A month later, they were no closer to finding the reasons behind the retreats weird tactics. They were hitting brick walls everywhere they went. No matter what they did or said the people that worked there were tight-lipped about everything. She had taken to strolling by the main building at the time the shifts changed and hoped to overhear something. She didn’t it was almost like everyone took a vow of silence. Mitsuhide, for his part, watched everything coming in and out of the compound. Though the two often worked together, they had things that they did separately. As she was in the main building looking around one of the cashiers asked her if she needed anything in particular and she smiled and said no. the interaction between the two seemed odd for some reason when the cashier then asked, “When you need them, the tests are in aisle three.”

“Tests?” she asked.

“Pregnancy tests. We find that after the isolation period, they are the most requested items.” The cashier said with a smile. “It is wonderful to know so many couples leave here with a lasting reminder of their love.”

“So nearly everyone leaves here pregnant?” she asked.

“I would say over ninety percent do.” The cashier replied.

“What if they didn’t want to have children?” she asked.

“But children are a gift and the true sign to love.” The cashier replied.

“I see.” She replied as she continued to look around the store. She made her way around and thought back. She was late. She really should buy one of those tests regardless to see if she was pregnant. Something in her though told her that she really didn’t want to alert anyone else though. However, she didn’t want to raise suspicions either. She debated on it for a few minutes and then thought what the hell. She already had raised concerns. The cashier was surprised at her choice. The happiness was there.

“I truly hope congratulations are in order for you and your husband.” The cashier said. She smiled and nodded.

“He will be excited for sure.” She replied.

“You won’t be?” the cashier asked.

“Oh, I will be as well.” She said, and the cashier smiled brightly back.

She walked from the main building that was in the middle of the compound toward the cabin they had been assigned. Life on the island was the same every day. She had enjoyed it, but at the same time, she wouldn’t mind going back to her house. She was ready for them to get the mission over with. She walked in the house and looked over to Mitsuhide, who was reading something as he sat on the couch. He looked up and saw the look on her face.

“What?” he asked.

“We need to talk.” She said.

“What about?” he asked as he stood not liking the tone of her conversation.

“I’m late.” She said.

“Late for what?” he asked, confused.

“Mitsuhide, I may be pregnant.” She said back.

“What does that have to do with being late?” he asked then he realized what she was late for. “Oh.”

“Yeah, oh.” She said.

“Sweetheart really?” he said with his eyes lighting up like a child’s on Christmas morning.

“Yeah really.” She said. “I bought a test.”

“So what do you have to do?” he asked.

“Take the test.” She replied.

“Are you going to?” he asked.

“I was planning on it.” She replied with a laugh.

“When?” he asked.

“When I have to go to the bathroom.” She replied, now laughing. “It isn’t like an exam.”

“I know that.” He said as he pulled her close to him. “Are you happy about this?”

“Either way, I will be okay. Mitsuhide ninety percent of the couples here go back expecting.” She said.

“Really, that seems high.” He replied.

“Something else is going on here regardless of the boosts they give. Something is very much, not right.” She said.

“Why?” he asked. “I mean, why do you think that?”

“I can’t believe that people think having a child will save their marriage. These people all have money of some sort; otherwise, they can’t be here for a long time. Children strain marriages not save them. I can’t honestly believe that to save a persons marriage, they would have a child unless forced too. I mean they locked us in here for two weeks. They have drugged us. Some people do not want kids; I can not for the life of me say that number is not too high. This isn’t the fifties where a womans goal is to be a wife and mother.”

“Are you projecting?” he asked.

“No. I want to have a child. Children really. I always wanted to be a wife and mother in the back of my head. The fact I am successful in my field is just another goal. If I hadn’t married him, I would have found someone else sooner to fulfill that goal.” She said.

“Then the only time I will say this I am glad you married that asshole.” He replied. “Because of him, you waited for me.”

“I guess you are right.” She said with a smile. “if I am pregnant great. If I am not, we will continue to try. Either way, I am fine, but we aren’t here to save our marriage. We are here to build our marriage.”

“What is the difference really?” he asked.

“building means we are starting out, Mitsuhide. We are not going to always agree. we are beginning our lives together here. Saving the marriage means they have been together for a while. It takes time to fall into love, and it takes time to fall out of it. They are working to save theirs, we are working to build ours.” She said.

“Makes sense.” He said with a smile. “So are you going to take the test?”

“I will try.” She said, laughing. “Are you going to be okay with it?”

“Like you, I will handle the results accordingly.” He said with a grin.

She went into the bathroom, and soon she walked out. He looked at her and waited. “We have to wait five minutes.” She said as she went to sit next to him.

“The longest five minutes ever.” He said with a grin.

“Somehow I figure you have this planned to wait this five minutes many times in the future.” She laughed.

“I certainly hope so.” He said. “Let’s get through one.”

“one at a time?” she said. “I like the sound of that, but I do have to warn you.”

“About?” he asked.

“Twins run in my family. I have three sets of twins for siblings. Then I have four set of twins for cousins. Also, I have three sets of twins for nieces and nephews.” She said.

“Well, that is a thought.” He said chuckling. “Whatever it is or how many it is, we will figure it out.”

“We will.” She said as she smiled. “it could just be a false alarm as well.”

“Well, we will have to see about that.” He said as he stood, he reached out his hand, and she took it. “Who has the honors?”

“Mitsuhide I think you should.” She said with a smile.

“Sweetheart?” he asked.

“it isn’t very often that a man will know before a woman. This time I will pass that on to you. You go and find out if we are going to have a baby.” She said as she stood there and looked at him. “it is the best gift I can give you.”

“it really is, my love.” He said as he kissed her softly and he went into the bathroom and didn’t say anything.

“Mitsu?” she called out.

“Sweetheart, how do you read this thing?” he asked.

“one line means the test is active. Two means we are pregnant.” She said.

“Oh okay.” He said.

“So?” she asked.

“Hold on.” He replied.

“Hold on?” she repeated as she looked at the ceiling.

“Wanted to make sure.” He said as he walked out.

“Well?” she asked. He was straight faced and looked normal. For a split second, her heart fell. She had been almost sure she was. He looked at her and in her eyes and as he did, she knew without a doubt what the answer was. He could school his face. He could bluff the best of them. However, he could not hide the truth from his eyes.

“Well, it looks beside husband and wife we added another set of titles to our names.” He said. She played along.

“What would those be?” she asked sweetly.

“Mom and dad.” He replied. “We are going to have a baby sweetheart. You are going to be a mom, and I am going to be a dad!”

He took her in his arms and lifted her as he swung her around. She felt his excitement along with her own. She was thinking of everything all at once. He bent down and kissed her softly and then again harder. He knelt down to her waistline and began kissing the whole area. She was running her fingers through his hair as he did. He looked up, and she saw her whole world in his golden eyes. One baby or two, it didn’t matter to her. Nothing did except the fact she loved this man so completely that whatever came their way they would be together for it.

Life was good for the two of them. They were growing and building the family they both wanted. Five months to work on this mission and continue to figure everything out before they had to go back to the real world. Nothing else mattered for the rest of the night. They were wrapped in loving each other to notice anything else because nothing else mattered to them.

“What do you want?” he asked as they laid in bed and he was resting his hand on her abdomen.

“A healthy baby.” She replied.

“You have no preference?” he asked.

“No, want do you want?” she asked as she rested her hand over his.

“At least one of each. The order doesn’t matter.” He replied.

“A son and daughter seems like a good match up.” She said with a smile.

“A little girl like you would be perfect.” He replied.

“A little boy like you would be as well.” She said with a smile.

“You would want that?” he asked.

“Why wouldn’t I. I am your wife. I chose to stay married to you, after all.” She replied.

“I don’t think anyone has ever said they wanted me let alone a small version of me around.” He said, shocked.

“Well regardless of that, Mitsuhide we are going to have a smaller version of you or of me or a combo of us running around.” She said with a laugh. “As you like to say, everyone else of just an idiot.”

“I like the way you think.” He said as he nuzzled into her hair on her neck. “I like the way you feel. I just really like you.”

“Well, that is good.” She laughed at him.

“I am glad you think so.” He replied as he went to get up. “As much as I want to keep you here, we need to go get food.”

“Food.” She said as she got up.

“Yeah, you need to eat because you are doing something much more important then just working.” He said.

“I guess.” She said as she got out of bed to find her clothes.

“Growing our child is the most important thing in the world, my love.” He whispered in her ear as he helped her get ready.

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