The Fight Back

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Finding herself at the mercy of a group of men who found her on the day she left her abusive boyfriend. Rine Tines is left with nothing in her life but to the desire to learn how to fight back. Soon she finds one of the group will teach her. She waits and watches as they two learn about the real fight back between them

Romance / Adventure
Kat Thomas
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Chapter 1

She sat in the darkness, waiting for any sound coming from outside the room she was now in. She had locked herself in there in hopes maybe he would lose interest. She knew that would never be the case. She was running out of dumb reasons to explain the cuts and bruises that had been darkening her fair complexion for the better half of a six month period. She knew everyone around her was just giving her a pass on it. She knew they all knew the real reason, but no one would bring it up. It was like no one cared enough to say something to her about it.

Tonight it had started out of the blue. All she had asked was for five dollars so she could get gas for her car so she could get to work the next day. It had completely taken her by surprise when after dinner, he walked in back of her and locked her head in one spot with his arm as he shoved the five-dollar bill in her mouth, making her gag. Once the piece of money was there, he pushed her against the sink. “Stupid whore, what do you think I am made of money or something? I will show you to ask for money before the time allotted to you.” He roared as his arm came down and hit her shoulder, sending her even more into the counter. The hits didn’t stop. They were one after one, each one growing in intensity. She refused to back down this time. She refused to give in to him. She was going to stay awake this time, knowing what would happen to her if she didn’t.

The pain of the blows that she was taking was going away, and she knew it was only a matter of time before she passed out from it. She looked around her and then saw her purse and keys on the nearby table. If only she could get to them. She knew she couldn’t just yet. She looked up to this man whom she thought loved her. She thought he was the one, and she had given everything up for. She had cut the ties with her family. He had isolated her from anyone she might call a friend.

She started to move off the counter. She fell to the floor and pretended to pass out. It was the only way to get him to stop. She laid there as she could feel the blood now coming off her head and pooling on the floor. Her nose was also gushing still. She wondered how bad it really was. She fought with herself as she knew this was her one chance to escape. She had to stay awake and be able to move when the time came.

“Why the hell does she make me do this?” he said as he stepped over her and walked into the other room. She waited until she heard the door close to his office, and then she listened to the telltale squeak of his computer chair as he sat down in it. He was now searching for something online. She began to move softly and quickly toward the storage area of the house. She had grabbed her purse and keys off the table, and she went into the separate room that was attached to the house. She looked around in the darkness, not daring to turn on the light. She knew the lockable closets were off to the side.

She went to one and got inside. She locked the door from the inside and sat down in it. She was going to wait until she knew he was gone looking for her or he would leave the next day. She didn’t think he would be able to find her in the closet like this. The lockers were only supposed to be lockable from the outside. She knew this day would be coming sometime, so she had fiddled with the lock until she knew it could be locked from the inside. If he found her, she knew she was going to die.

“What the hell?” he screamed throughout the house. He was tearing the house apart. It sounded like. He was actually ripping walls into pieces as he moved through the house. She could hear him as he opened the door to the storage room. He laughed as he stood in the room. “Little girl?” his voice was menacing, and he sounded like he was one of the villains in a horror movie. “I know you can’t be in here because of the dark.” He switched the light one, and she could see the faint line of light from where the storage closet doors met. He was walking around the room as he was peering into everything and checking the locks. She was beginning to get more nervous as he was getting closer to where she was at. The doors on the closet shook. The lock was caught, though, and he moved on to the next one. She held in her sigh of relief. She was almost holding her breath, as well. She wanted no sound to give her away.

He walked to the door and shut off the light again as he laughed. “I will find you, stupid girl. Then I will teach you a bigger lesson for hiding from me.” He had said this as he shut the door and was not in the room. As soon as the door shut, she wanted to let out a sigh. She knew though he was tricky and he could have locked himself in the room as well just waiting for her to make a mistake. She waited and was silent.

Her head hurt. She was already tired from working at her job all day. She knew she couldn’t sleep, though. She had to wait. She sat in the dark and waited for some other noise either in the room or out of it. She felt around in her purse and hit the silence tab from her phone. She also turned it off. She was going to try to rest enough so she could leave when she could. Whenever that would be.

She could feel the pain come back to her slowly. The pain was everywhere. She thought her arm was broken. Maybe in a few places. It wouldn’t be the first time either. Her legs hurt as well though she couldn’t remember him hitting them. That didn’t mean anything, though. She normally zoned out, and he continued until she would pass out. Then another type of torture began for her when she woke up.

She wondered how this became her life. Nineteen years old with a drive that would have allowed her to do anything until she met him. The one-man to sweep her off her feet, and then within six months later, he was the one who beat her until she couldn’t stand up on those two feet. She knew she had been brainwashed after the last attack. Even his own mother had looked at her with no pity or compassion as she tried to explain her blackened eyes. It was like he said, she deserved this for her behavior. She had done all he asked. She handed over her checks to him. She made more than he did. She never talked out of turn anymore. Nothing she could do was ever right for him.

She had finally realized this was not her fault. This was him. He was going to kill her. Whatever was left of her, that is. She had to get away tonight. It was her only hope. She waited and listened. She couldn’t hear anything but that to her was not the sign she was waiting for. Locked up tight in the storage closet, she began to plan. She had to wait.

A few hours went by. She still had not heard anything from him in those hours. He was also waiting for her to move. They both knew that she was still in the house somewhere well hidden. He would kill her on sight if she moved. She was cramped but could move slightly. Though she tried not to make any noise as she shifted her body in small ways.

Time passed slowly as she thought about ways she could get out from where she was. She had to wait until he was asleep or gone to actually be able to leave. She thought that he probably already did something to her car so she could not use it. She was trying to think how far she could get on foot if she had too. It wasn’t that far. A safe place. She needed a safe place.

Finally, she heard his car start up and speed away. She wondered if it was the next day or not. She opened the lock and pushed the doors open. She went to the windows and saw it was still pitch black. She walked into the house and smelled the gas throughout it. She knew he planned to burn her alive then. She grabbed a backpack and threw her things, which were not that many into it. She went out the back door, knowing him he was far enough away but could be watching to see if she tried to leave.

The four-foot fence in the back of the house seemed like a mountain as she threw her things over it and placed one foot over the other on the chain-linked metal that was squeezing her foot. She tumbled over the side and landed with a thud on the other side on the ground. Though it hurt as well, she got up and grabbed her things and started to walk across the school’s grounds in the shadows. She could hear his car come back, and she found a spot in the darkness to watch as he turned on the lights in the house. He was sitting at his computer chair again, typing away.

She moved back into the shadows that concealed her, and she continued walking as best as she could in the other direction. Again in the distance, she heard his car start up and drive off. She moved quicker into the park that she knew he didn’t know about. It was dark, but the lights were on in the basketball park. She saw a group of men there playing as she tried to stay out of sight. She was moving from shadow to shadow when one of them turned around and looked at her.

Their eyes met for a minute as she silently wished him to look back to the game going on around him. She could not continue moving. Everything got the best of her in that second. She fell to the ground, and her eyes closed. Her last thought was, I almost made it.

Mitsuhide watched as the woman who was trying to stay in the shadows fell to the ground. She had looked at him for a second before she had dropped and he had seen the blood everywhere over her face. Her movements were jerky as she tried to move. He had seen that before. He knew what had happened to her without even thinking about it. He was around the fence in a heartbeat and running towards her. He looked down at the small figure before him as he slid to a stop next to her. “Well, what do we have here. It looks like a little mouse who tried fighting with a cat.” He smiled as he touched her neck softly to make sure she was still alive. The soft pace of her pulse was still there. “Ieyasu, I think you have your next patient!” he yelled over to the group.

As the group of men came over to him sitting next to the very bruised and broken young woman, they all looked at her with pity. “Well, I am guessing she didn’t want medical treatment if she ended up here,” Ieyasu said softly as he looked over her and could see a few broken bones.

“Maybe she was going a roundabout way?” One of the guys supplied in her defense. The group stopped and listened for a minute as the sirens of the police and fire engines seemed to be getting closer. They looked through the school’s entranceway and saw a house on fire beyond the fence. “Or maybe she was escaping a death sentence?”

“I will have to say it is the second.” The leader of the group said as he looked down at the woman. “Yasu, you should bring her to the clinic and get started on fixing her up as best as you can. I will cover and expenses for it. Sasuke and Yuki go to where you see that fire and see if you can find anything out. I think we have our hands full now, and a new case may have just opened up for us.”

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