The Fight Back

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Chapter twelve

As time passed Rine Akechi settled into her new more domestic life in a way she didn’t possible. It was one thing to be married or with someone but what she had with Mitsuhide was unheard of. She enjoyed this new life that he had given her and everything had fit into the puzzle of their lives so easily.

Nobunaga had given her a job at the company. Though she had put some of the money to the side to start to repay the men back for the help they had given her when she needed it the most they refused any type of payment. Instead she began to use it to buy supplies for the building and things to have on hand just in case they got another special client as they had once called her.

Rine knew that she was different then most of the abused women that anyone would ever meet. She had just accepted her fate and moved on. She didn’t make excuses for staying. She knew she was dumb for that. Instead she wanted to be there for any one else who was like her and needed help.

That day came all to soon. She had gone to the doctor’s office for a check up when in walked Dave and another very pregnant woman. The woman had marks up and down her arms that were bruises that were fresh. Rine waited for her name to be called. Luckily for her the doctor’s office used last names to call back their patients.

When hers was called the couple was facing away from her with their backs towards her. She smiled at her luck. She made her way to the back but stopped the nurse who had called her back to the exam room in the hallway. “The woman who is sitting with the man in the middle row. She is being abused.” Rine said and the nurse looked at Rine.

“How do you know that?” the nurse asked.

“That man is the one who tried to kill me a few months ago.” Rine said in an even tone. “She has fresh blackish purple bruises all over her arms.”

“We will keep that in mind.” The nurse said and there wasn’t anything more either one of them could do. Rine followed her to the room and changed quickly. On the outside of the door she could hear the nurse tell someone what she had said. Rine blew out a sigh of relief.

After the exam she was smiling and happy with the result. At thirty nine weeks she was ready to be back to her old self again. She finished the appointment and she walked to the front to schedule her last she hoped. The guys were also waiting on pins and needles with her around. Rine had found out from Liv that they were like this with her as well.

As she took the card and put it in her purse she felt someone standing a little too close to her. She turned to see who it was and it was Dave. “Remember me, bitch?”

Dave went to grab her arm and Rine went into full on protective mode. Mitsuhide had held true to his promise of showing her how to fight. Even in her state she knew that she had more power than the man in front of her did. She blocked the punch he was trying to thrown and he grabbed at her shirt. It seemed he was focused on her mid-section. That is when it hit her. The other woman was pregnant as well. Dave had a fetish that was beating on pregnant women. He knew all along what she had been hiding.

The nurses were not at the window right now. Rine knew it was all on her. Though a camera was in the hallway she didn’t know if someone was watching the feed. Rine took her hand and hit him in the face square on the nose. He stumbled back. When he tried to come at her again she stuck her finger in his eye.

That time he landed on the floor. He was rolling around still trying to get a hold of one of her legs. Rine was much larger than she had been when Mitsuhide had taught her any of these moves. She knew that one wrong move and she could hurt herself easily. She waited until his hand was within inches of her leg as he was reaching for her. His fingers nearly touched her leg they were that close. Rine stomped down as hard as she could on his hand. She heard the bones crack and crunch as she did.

She looked up and saw the nurse walking back. “Help please!” Rine said as she took a step away from Dave’s now howling body.

“What happened?” the nurse asked and Rine motioned towards the man.

“He is my ex. He tried to grab me and hit me. Then I stepped on his foot when he was trying to pull me down to the floor.” Rine said as she moved away. Soon there were guards there and the police were called. Rine got to talk to the other woman who needed help to save herself from the man who had hurt Rine. “This is for you.” Rine handed her an envelope which was the small amount she had saved to help someone.

“But how?” the other woman asked.

“Some people saved me. Now it is my turn.” Rine said with a smile, “When you get the chance do the same.”

As she was getting ready to leave she felt a huge gush and she looked down. “Nurse?”

“Yes Mrs. Akechi?” the nurse said as she looked at Rine’s surprised face.

’My water just broke.” Rine said and they took her back to a room and found out she had gone from one centimeter to eight in the struggle. Though she wasn’t in any outwardly pain. She was no more than an hour away from having her baby. She took her phone out and called Mitsuhide, “Get to the hospital.”

“Why sweetheart we have another few weeks I am told.” He said as he started to stand up in his cubicle. She could hear his chair squeak as he stood up.

“Damnit just go. I am in labor.” Rine said as she hung up the phone. She went to stand and the doctor looked at her like she was crazy. “It is like two blocks. I will drive myself.”

“I will see you there then.” The doctor said as he mumbled under his breath. As waddled out to the car and drove over to the parking lot. She stood up and waddled her way in. She took the elevator up to the right floor and went to the desk. Mitsuhide was already there looking at her.

“My doctor just called about me. My name is Rine Akechi.” Rine said as she could feel a different type of pressure building.

“Yes. Mrs. Akechi we will bring you back to a room in just a moment.” The nurse said as she was typing away on the computer. Rine stood there for a minute as she could feel the pressure get lower and lower in her pelvis. When they got her room ready and she could walk she knew something wasn’t right. When she was in the room and laid on the bed she looked at the nurse.

’There is a lot of pressure.” Rine said and the nurse looked at her and she opened her legs for a moment. The nurses face was almost priceless as she opened the door and screamed, “There is a live one here!”

“what does that mean?” Mitsuhide asked as he took Rine’s hand in his.

“It means sir that she is having the baby right now.” The nurse said as she threw open a blue kit and then another nurse walked in and looked. “The doctor is in traffic.”

“Of course he is.” The nurse said. She looked at Rine who was getting ready to bear down on her own. “Well let’s have a baby.”

Rine looked at Mitsuhide who was standing by the window. He was looking down to the bundle in his arms. His golden eyes glowed with so much love. Rine could help but love him more in those moments.

“Are you done making promises to her?” Rine asked with a slight giggle.

“Never.” He said as he brought the baby over to her. “I wonder if your pain tolerance is the reason you could do that without any pain?”

“I think I was just in shock.” Rine said as she explained the whole situation to Mitsuhide shortly after their daughter had been born.

“Well I am glad I taught you to fight.” Mitsuhide said. “I don’t want to think of the damage he would have caused to either of you.”

“What is going to happen to him?” Rine asked as she looked up to him.

“That is already being taken care of.” Mitsuhide said with his evil grin. Rine knew that was enough and she didn’t need to know anymore.

“Well because of the fight back we got to meet our daughter.” Rine said with a smile. Mitsuhide leaned over and kissed Rine softly.

“The first of many I hope.” Mitsuhide said as he kissed her head too. “I will teach you as well how to fight back, Angelina. Our little angel.”

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