The Fight Back

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Chapter 2

The tiny woman was laid out on the exam room table. It was easy to see even to the untrained eye her arm was broken in three places, her leg was as well, her face had been punched in excess of at least ten times. Yasu was standing over her as he looked at her and shook his head. “She has taken a beating most men wouldn’t survive.”

“But, you can fix her, right?” Masamune asked as he walked around the room behind the man. Mitsuhide, who had been the first man to spot her and the one who carried her to the car and drove her to the clinic, had taken to just sitting there in the chair with his golden eagle eyes on her and not blinking.

“I can try.” Yasu said, “Who knows what her mental state is, though. She didn’t ask for help, so waking up and finding all men around her is going to be interesting.”

“Just fix her,” Mitsuhide said softly. “We will handle everything else as it happens.”

“Then you two have to get out of the room. I have to x-ray her arms and her leg. Also, her face, though, there isn’t much I can do there.” Yasu said, “I figure there are more breaks that have healed as well.”

“Probably,” Mitsuhide said as he stood. “Make two copies of the x rays, though.”

“Why?” Yasu asked.

“Just do it,” Mitsuhide said as he walked calmly out of the room. He was already making plans of his own as he sat down in his office. Though he knew Yasu was a well-trained doctor who worked for the team as well. He didn’t need to know what Mitsuhide had planned for the man who did this to the small woman on the table. The look in her eye brought him back to a place he never wanted to go. It was one that he had locked away in his memory and hoped would disappear. It never did.

“Well, the house is on fire,” Yukimura stated as he walked into the office. He was followed by Sasuke and then the rest. They all worked in the same room though they all had their own spaces. It was easier than building a new area for all of them. The office building itself was nothing more than a warehouse. They had put up a few walls but nothing more than that. It was easier to call out across the room instead of hunting down the person in question.

The group had been friends for years. When they all realized that normal jobs would not work well for them, they banded together and started this company. Most of them had sunk in whatever they had at the time to help build it. It was a one of a kind mercenary company. They had the training and the know-how to run the company in the beginning because of their different skill sets. It was now ranked second in the country for its type of work. Often working through government back doors and a few other big named companies. It was simply that they had taken nothing and made it into something.

Taking on a private citizen, though, was something they had never done before. Helping someone like the woman they had found was not in their normal interests. Something about her called out to all of them in a way they didn’t know they could feel the empathy like they had. “Is she going to be alright?” Sasuke asked as they looked to Mitsuhide, who was carefully planning something.

“Yasu is working on her.” He replied as he looked up. He saw now that the room was completely full with all of his co-workers and friends. “He thinks her arm is broken in a few places and her leg as well.”

“Well, I hope he can work his magic on her,” Sasuke said as he sat down. “The guy I believe we will be looking for was at the scene.”

“And?” Nobunaga asked as he looked over the younger man.

“He was not impressive.” Yukimura stated. “it seemed that he was saying his girlfriend had set the fire after he broke up with her or something like that.”

“I hope that she broke up with him,” Hideyoshi stated.

“She has been beaten before,” Yasu said as he walked into the room. “Perhaps as much as a few times a week for maybe a year or so. She has close to sixty somewhat healed fractures and five breaks from this attack.”

“How could she survive something like that?” Shingen asked, “She was so small.”

“She is a fighter. Though she has no defensive marks on her or any that would be healed. I can’t believe that she would just stand there and take it.” Yasu said, “But unfortunately, it gets worse.”

“How could it get worse?” Mitsunari asked.

“She is pregnant?” Mitsuhide asked.

“Not only is she, but she was also sexually assaulted multiple times,” Yasu stated.

“Wonderful,” Kenshin said as his eyes betrayed the bland tone in his voice. He wanted to go and kill the man who did this to her slowly and very painfully.

“Okay, I need the names of the people involved,” Nobunaga said as he took charge of the situation. “Yasu, go and do what you can for her. Money, in this case, is not a consideration. If you have to consult with a therapist as well. She will probably need it. Yukimura and Sasuke find out who he is and everything you can about him. Shingen and Kenshin, after they identify him find out everything he has ever done in his life. Hideyoshi go and see if you can locate space in one of our safe houses for her. I know we have a few in use. If we don’t have any, acquire one for her. Mitsunari find out what you can on the law that can help her in any way. Masamune, she will need to eat probably when she wakes up. Check with Ieyasu on what would be best for her. Mitsuhide?”

“Yes, boss?” Mitsuhide asked as he looked up.

“Be prepared, you will be her guard,” Nobunaga stated as he looked over his friend of many years. If he was guarding her, he could not place himself in the way of this man to do whatever he was planning. The only person Mitsuhide had ever told of his childhood Nobunaga knew that Mitsuhide would go after the man in question without hesitation to exact a revenge for hurting the young woman.

“Yes, boss,” Mitsuhide said as he looked back, understanding that Nobunaga was only looking out for him. “I guess I should try to identify her as well.”

“That would be helpful.” Nobunaga chuckled as he walked out of the room and looked into the exam rooms. Yasu was studying the x-ray films on the lightboard, and everyone who walked by could see the extent of her injuries this time and the ones before. This sent all of them scurrying around because they knew for a fact, they had saved this young woman’s life.

Mitsuhide had seen her with a backpack when she fell. He knew someone had grabbed it, but he was having some trouble locating it. He was searching all over the office when he spotted something by the front door. It was cloth. He walked over to it and saw it was the two bags she had with her. He looked through her purse first. He found her driver’s license, and the first thing he saw was the state. It was not the state they were in. He wondered how she got her. Then her name. “Rine Tines.” He said softly. He continued through her wallet and found a bank card with her name on it as well. Thus confirming to him this was her. He looked at her date of birth. She was only nineteen. He was left to wonder how she was so far from home and in this condition.

He walked back to the room as Yasu had an IV placed in her arm. He was waiting for the medication to take effect. He looked up to Mitsuhide as he stood in the door. “Sedative.” Yasu simply said. “It is going to hurt like hell when I have to set her arm again. I don’t want her waking up.”

“Makes sense. Her name is Rine Tines.” Mitsuhide said softly as he looked at her lying on the table.

“Well, we have that now,” Yasu said as he began typing away on his computer. “I will see if I can find some record of her.”

“She is from Vermont,” Mitsuhide said, and the other man turned to him.

“What?” Yasu asked, knowing they were so far away. “She can’t be more than twenty. How did she end up here?”

“Nineteen,” Mitsuhide said as he looked at her license again. “I have no idea how she ended up here, though. Maybe she was military?”

“She isn’t in their files,” Yasu said. “Maybe he was?”

“I certainly hope not,” Mitsuhide said as he gave the other a death glare.

“You know as well as I do some of those guys lose it after a tour,” Yasu said plainly.

“I do know that more than you do.” Mitsuhide said, “I was one of those guys. I never hit a woman, though.”

“Well, not everyone is as upstanding as you,” Yasu said as he turned back to his patient. “She, on the other hand, is going to have some lasting scars that we won’t be able to see.”

“Those are the most dangerous,” Mitsuhide said softly as he focused on the woman. “I have been placed on guard duty. If there is any change in her, let me know.”

Mitsuhide walked out of the room and had to go outside for a moment. He opened the door to find Masamune standing there with a half-smoked cigarette in his hand. His wild devil take care smile was there as he was trying to read the other man who had just come out. “Need one?”

“I got my own, thanks,” Mitsuhide said as he reached into his shorts and pulled out his pack and fiddled with the top to get one out.

“How is she?” Masamune asked.

“She is going to have everything set. Yasu is giving her a pain killer, so she doesn’t wake up while he is setting everything.” Mitsuhide said as he lit the end and took a drag. He let out a trail of smoke as he spoke, “Her name is Rine, and she is nineteen.”

“Damnit.” Masamune said, “So young.”

“Hopefully, young enough, she can heal from this,” Mitsuhide said.

“Have you thought about how you are going to handle this?” Masamune asked.

“Carefully,” Mitsuhide said as he leaned up against the building. “One step at a time.”

“Well, that is really all you can do, right?” Masamune asked as he flicked the cherry off the cigarette and placed the butt in the bucket by the door.

“Hopefully I don’t screw it up,” Mitsuhide said as he thought of the woman. He knew he had to go back and do a search on her. He wanted to know why someone like her would be here. He didn’t think she had come from an abusive childhood. Yasu said all her injuries were less than a year old. She was new in this world of people who hurt another just to make themselves feel good or powerful. He was going to try his best to help her. He didn’t understand the need that was driving him, though. He knew the look she had. It was the last he saw in his mother’s eyes.

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