The Fight Back

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Chapter 6

The two looked at each other as the words hung in the air. Rine didn’t question him, and he didn’t feel the need to go on. Yasu walked into the room and looked at the pair looking at each other and not saying anything. “Am I interrupting?” he asked as he looked from one person to the other.

“No.” They both answered at the same time.

“Okay, then. Let’s see how the swelling is now.” Yasu said as he looked over her arms and then her legs. “Well, I don’t see much there anymore. I think we can go ahead and cast these up. Though I would normally like to wait another twenty-four hours. I don’t see any swelling at this point. If you feel that it is getting tight, you have to tell someone.”

“I think I can do that.” She said. “How long with they be in casts?”

“Three to four weeks for your arms and maybe six for your leg,” Yasu said as he looked at her. “I would not like to cast three different parts of you at the same time, in this case, there is no other choice. The fracture actually splits on your leg. For example, it actually transects two older fractures. Thus making it weak, and it might not heal correctly.”

“I understand,” Rine said as she sighed.

“Just tell me you won’t go back, and I will cast you up and keep you on as a patient,” Yasu said as he looked at her.

“Why would I go back?” Rine asked.

“Most people do go back to their abusers.” Yasu said. “it is an unfortunate fact we all deal with.”

“I don’t want to go back,” Rine said. “I don’t know what is in front of me, but it can’t be worse than what is in the back of me.”

“Different,” Yasu stated as he looked at Mitsuhide, who was chuckling.

“She isn’t the normal abused woman,” Mitsuhide said as he looked at his co-worker and old friend. “She seems to completely break the mold.”

“Well, I can’t say that it isn’t a great thing,” Yasu said. “Everyone should be coming in soon. So you can get her things when she is done in here, and you can take her to the new house.”

“Which one?” Mitsuhide asked.

“The beach one. You know, Hideyoshi.” Yasu said as he almost sighed.

“Extra?” Mitsuhide prompted the other man who almost broke a smile with the comment.

“Something like that,” Yasu stated. “You will have to be in a wheelchair for a while, and we are still trying to figure out some other basic care. My wife is also a doctor though she took some time off because of our son. She is helping with your case.”

“Why?” Rine asked.

“Well, after I put the casts on you, your range of motion is going to be cut by a lot. We are talking about both arms and your leg as well. You will have a few issues, like taking a shower and even using the restroom.” Yasu said.

“Oh,” Rine said as her eyes went wide. “I see.”

“You will have his help, but I am sure it isn’t the help you want from him,” Yasu said as he looked at Mitsuhide. “My wife is coming up with some ideas right now. If we have too, we will get a nurse to come in and help.”

“I hope that isn’t necessary,” Rine said as she looked slightly pinker. Mitsuhide watched the two as they talked. That was something he hadn’t thought of. She would be completely dependent on him for nearly everything for three weeks. He really hoped thinking of her like a child would work in curbing any thoughts from appearing. Though he already knew that was too late. He was already thinking about her in a way he knew he shouldn’t be. She was a client. He had always tried to remain professionally distant from anyone he worked for. He didn’t think that was possible in this case. This was going to be hard.

An hour later, she was completely cast up. Ieyasu seemed pleased with his work, and she was given a wheelchair to make moving slightly easier. Mitsuhide looked at her and knew she was tired again. He wondered when the last time she got more than a few hours of sleep at a time was. “Ready to meet the rest of the team?” he asked, and she nodded.

“I have never pushed one of these things, so bear with me.” Mitsuhide chuckled.

“It isn’t like I much of a choice.” She said, and he laughed at that.

“I will try to stop it before I ram you into a wall,” Mitsuhide said.

“Try.” She repeated, and again they laughed.

As he moved through the hallways to the main room, he noticed that everything was much more quiet than normal. He knew all of them were curbing the noise because they thought she may be sleeping. He thought this one tiny little female had changed everything in the building in a matter of hours. He turned the corner, and everyone stopped and looked at her. She was still covered in dried blood, and her clothes were ripped, but she looked better than she had the night prior.

“Hello,” Hideyoshi said as he started to walk over. “Welcome.”

“Hi,” Rine said as she looked over the man in front of her. She wasn’t all that impressed as he seemed like one of the men who was hiding something. He would be one she stayed away from on purpose.

Nobunaga walked over and gently took her hand. “I am Nobunaga Oda and welcome to our headquarters.”

“Rine Tines,” Rine said softly. “Thank you all for your help.”

“Well, for now, we do have some plans for you already set up. I hope you don’t mind them. If you wish to change anything, do not hesitate to say so.” Nobunaga stated.

“I can’t pay you. At least right now.” Rine said.

“That is no matter for us.” He said as he waved his hand, “Right now, you focus on getting better. We will take care of the rest.”

“Okay,” Rine said quietly. It was like she had to force the words out.

“We do have some questions, though. It will help with some of the things we will take care of.” Sasuke said as he moved forward. “My name is Sasuke. You don’t have to remember it, though.”

“I can answer some questions,” Rine said as she laughed at his introduction.

“Who did this to you?” Sasuke asked in a hard voice. It wasn’t towards her though it might have seemed that way at first. He was trying to figure everything out so he could help her.

“Dave, David Freeman.” She said.

“He lives at the house. The one on Victoria?” He asked.

“That one.” She said softly.

“Well, the good news is that the house is almost completely destroyed,” Sasuke said.

“It is?” She asked, confused. Then she remembered the smell. “He burnt it, didn’t he?”

“We believe so,” Mitsunari stated softly. “Did you think he would?”

“When I got out of the locker, I could smell gas everywhere. I was hiding in a portage storage closet that locked. It was supposed to only lock from the outside, but I fixed one of them so I could lock it from the inside. He came into the room and checked all of them. When it was locked, he left, but I wasn’t sure, so I stayed in there until he left the house. I heard his car start, and he took off somewhere. I heard him coming back when I fell over the fence.” Rine said. They all started to understand how she got away then. “I thought I heard the sirens, but I didn’t think it would be him. he was trying to burn me out of hiding.”

“I do believe you are right,” Shingen said as he placed a hand out for her to take. “Shingen Takada. You, my dear, are extremely brave to have got through this.”

“More like stupid for staying so long. he could have killed both of us.” She said as she looked down.

“But you did escape.” Kenshin stepped forward, “And he will not hurt you again. Kenshin Uesugi.”

“Thank you all,” Rine said as she yawned again.

“I think it is time I take her to the safe house. She needs to rest.” Mitsuhide said as he put out his hand for the keys to the place. Hideyoshi put them in his hand as he glared at him for a moment.

Masamune was sitting before her discussing food and if she had any allergies. When she answered, he smiled and then stood up. “I will be back later to finish the meals. The normal deal I will call first.”

“Alright,” Mitsuhide said as he pushed her outside and then to his car. He helped her up and then into the front seat. He then popped the trunk and began to fold up the chair. He placed it in the trunk and shut it. She was sleeping when he got in. He started the car and then began the drive to the smaller house on the beach and knew it would take a little while to get there.

This was not what he expected when they brought her to the building, but he couldn’t say he was surprised either. She was a nice young woman, but before they knew that everyone did want to help. Five years ago, they would have called the cops and left her alone. Everyone had grown up and moved into a different phase of life. Except for him. Most of them now had families of their own, and that had made them a little softer around the edges. This was going to be a learning experience.

She started to make a few sounds in her sleep. He wondered if she was reliving something. He nudged her gently on the shoulder, and her eyes popped open. “It is okay,” Mitsuhide said.

“It isn’t a dream.” She said softly.

“What isn’t?” Mitsuhide asked softly.

“This part,” Rine said as she looked at him. “I thought I was still in the closet, locked in. That I was asleep dreaming, I escaped.”

“No, I am afraid this is reality.” He said with a grin, “You are stuck with me for at least six weeks.”

“I don’t think that will be so bad.” She said as she closed her eyes again.

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