The Fight Back

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Chapter 7

It was three days of sharing a small cottage house that was Rine’s breaking point. She was to the point of tears, and Mitsuhide had no idea why. He was trying to think of anything that he could have done that would have left her to this point. She had done so well with everything else. She was even sleeping more than she had. She was sitting in the chair, and he was glancing at her as she was sighing and sniffing.

“Is there anything wrong, my dear?” he asked as he looked at her.

“it is nothing.” She said softly.

“Look at me.” He said as he moved closer to her. “Just tell me what it is, please.”

“Really, it is nothing.” She said again, not looking at him.

“Rine.” He said as he reached out to her slowly. Though she was doing better on the face of everything that had happened to her, he picked up on the idea of fast movements around her where enough to scare her. Though she didn’t react most of the time, the look of fear flashed in her eyes. He made sure after seeing that look in her eyes, he never moved fast around her. “Come on. Maybe I can help.”

“You can not help with this.” She said even softer to the point she was almost at a whisper level.

“How can you be sure?” he asked.

“Mitsuhide, it is nothing,” Rine said.

“You are upset, and I want to try to fix it if you would let me.” He said softly.

“Fine. I am greasy. My hair is matted, and the washcloth got most of the blood, but it still there. I can’t take a shower because of the casts.” Rine said softly. “You can’t help me with this because I can’t even wash my own hair!”

“I see,” Mitsuhdie said with a slight grin. “This is a problem.”

“What?” Rine asked as her eyes looked at his grin.

“Sweetheart Ieyasu and his wife are coming over anytime to help with this. I talked with them earlier about the fact you have been upset about the lack of being able to take a shower.” Mitsuhdie said. “They said they finally figured out something for you.”

“You really did?” Rine asked as her eyes widened. She was surprised someone was thinking of the little things like this.

“it was clearly bothering you,” Mitsuhdie said as he touched her face gently. “I am the watcher out of everyone. I see things that others don’t see, so yes, I saw over the past few days you have been upset and avoiding mirrors as you made small comments about your hair. I still don’t know how we will do that one, but if worst comes to worst, we will find a way.”

“Thank you,” Rine said as she smiled at him.

“That is all the thanks I need,” Mitsuhide said as he stood up and went back to his chair overlooking the room. She preferred to look out to the water. She could sit there and watch for hours without saying much of anything.

An hour later, there was a knock at the door, and Mitsuhdie got up and then let the two doctors in the house. Liv, Ieyasu’s wife, took one look at her and smiled. “You must be Rine, I’m Liv.”

“I am. It is a pleasure to meet you.” Rine said.

“I’ll bet with only these guys to watch out for you. I hope this works. It took a little while to find one that worked well. I had to try them out to see.” Liv said as she moved over to Rine. “Basically, because of the casts, I know your range of motion is limited. Luckily you should only have to be in the casts for another few weeks. At least your arms. The one on your leg depends on the rate of healing because when you have multiple breaks, things tend to heal slower as your body is trying to do multiple things. And then you’re pregnant on top of everything else, so we will have to wait and see how that works. When Ieyasu told me of your case, I knew what the major issues they would overlook, but I wanted to find the perfect thing for you.”

“Okay,” Rine said as she looked at the woman before her.

“I know I am talking a lot. You are my first somewhat patient in six months. I am rather happy to have one again. I love my son, but he is more like his father than I had hoped.i have also found out I don’t fit into those mom groups. So really, you are the first person other than him and his friends I have talked to in months.” Liv said.

“That’s fine. I haven’t had someone to talk to in a while, either.” Rine said.

“Hey,” Mitsuhdie said.

“Except him.” Rine amended.

“He doesn’t count,” Liv said as she laughed. She looked up to find her husband standing there, “Go set that up. Can you not see she really wants to take a bath?”

“Well, I probably would have if you hadn’t stolen my patient,” Ieyasu responded.

“Now,” Liv said, and the two men walked out of the room. “Basically, I remembered my grandparents had this thing that was like a motor that you could place into the tub. It made a whirlpool effect, and you didn’t have to scrub yourself. I thought for you that would be perfect. It isn’t like you can right now, and well everything is embarrassing at the moment anyway. Not because of your injuries mind you but the simple fact you will have doctors probing you and everything because of the baby.”

“I guess that is true,” Rine said softly.

“When the time comes, and you are doing better instead of one of them, I can help you through that part,” Liv said softly as she pat the younger woman’s hand. “I just went through it myself, and I hated every second of it. I also knew what was going on and what they had to do. I still hated it.”

“Thank you,” Rine said. As the two men came out of the bathroom.

“Good now, come on, and I will show you how to put on the water protection for your casts, and we will get you settled. You will have to have help from him on the last one and possibly turning on the water.” Live said as she turned to Mitsuhide, “She can have warm water but not super hot. That could hurt the baby.”

“I understand,” Mitsuhide said as he looked at the woman struggling to get up. He walked over and helped her as she stood. She hobbled as best as she could to the room where Liv had walked too. Mitsuhide looked at Ieyasu and raised his eyebrow.

“I know she is a tornado on her own. She really wanted to help.” Ieyasu said as he sighed and then flopped down on the couch. “This is going to take a while.”

In the room, Liv helped Rine get out of the oversized shirt she was wearing and helped her place the arm water protection on. They had already put the leg one on and wrapped a towel over Rine’s body. “The first thing we should focus on after getting you clean is putting on some weight. I am not condemning you as I do know the circumstances of how you came to them. I think it is good you got away period. However, you are underweight for being a single person, but it is dangerous for you being pregnant as well.” Liv smiled. “Now, I have run the water, and I will help you get in.” She put out her arm and helped Rine as she stepped into the large bathtub. As she moved to sit, she moved slowly. When she was finally down in the tub, Liv turned on the machine and watched for a moment. It was also kicking up the soap in the process, thus creating a bubble bath. Rine sighed with some pleasure. She laid back and felt the water cleaning her as it moved all around. “Enjoy,” Liv said as she walked out of the room.

Rine felt better and more relaxed then she had in a month with something as simple as feeling clean again. Her head was clearing, and she relaxed against the side of the tub. She waited for someone to come back in to take her out, but they were letting her relax and enjoy something simple. They all thought she deserved it.

A knock on the door happened, and Rine realized she must have dozed off. The water was cool now. “Yes?” She called out. The door cracked open, and she could hear Mitsuhide, “Liv had to leave but wanted you to relax so she didn’t come in. Can I?” Rine looked down at herself and saw the bubbles were still covering everything.

“Yea,” Rine said. She watched him come into the room slowly. He looked down at her and saw the tub of bubbles and smiled. “What did you want?”

“Well, you see, you were complaining about your hair. I know Liv didn’t get to that, so I thought I could help out.” Mitsuhdie said.

“How?” Rine asked as she watched him. He took out two bottles from the bag at his side.

“I didn’t know what type you used, and the simple fact is there are so many types.” He chuckled. “I got what I thought you would like. I can do this part.” He reached up and handed her a towel. “Place that over you so if the bubbles disappear.”

“You even thought of that too,” Rine said with a smile.

“I try.” He said as he knelt down and had the sprayer for the shower in his hand. “I am going to get your hair wet now.”

He turned on the water and started the process of getting her hair wet. In the process, he saw the bump there and wondered if she even knew about that wound. He was trying to use the water to get the dried blood out of her hair before he applied the shampoo. ” this might take a wash or two.”

“I figured as much,” Rine said softly.

“You have a bump back here.” He said, “So I don’t want to really touch that area.”

“I don’t feel it right now.” She said. “Just do it lightly.”

“I will try.” He said, and he put the shampoo in her hair, and he started at the bottom and started to work his way up. He was going slowly and softly while at the same time trying to loosen the grime that had built up in her hair. He rinsed the first batch of soap and was looking at the result which he was not happy with. He repeated the process a few more times until he was happy with the water running clear as he rinsed her hair. He put the conditioner in and let it sit for a moment.

He rinsed the conditioner out and smiled at the result. He was going to get up when she looked at him. “I need help getting out.”

“Yes. You do.” He said as he swallowed hard. “I guess I didn’t think this part through or them.”

“it is fine. I just need you to help me stand.” Rine said softly. “And then rinse off the bubbles. I still have the towel on.”

“That is slightly better.” He said softly.

He reached out his hand and helped her stand up. She had the towel wrapped around her, and he moved the sprayer around her body, getting the bubbles off as the water drained at her feet. He turned and handed her a dry towel as he had his back to her. He heard the wet towel hit the ground and her working to fix the dry one around her body.

“It’s okay now.” She said as she held out her hand and he took it but bent down and lifted her out instead. When he placed her down on the ground, she wiggled one arm. “I think I can get the rest off, but I need help with one.”

“That I can do, princess.” He said as he helped move the sleeve off of her arm. As he did, he made sure no water had gotten into the cast area. “There you go.”

“Thank you,” Rine said as he turned to walk out the door. “Mitsuhide one last thing?”

“Whatever you need.” He said.

“I need help with getting dressed,” Rine said.

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