The Fight Back

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Chapter 9

Things in the apartment were mostly silent at all times. That was how he heard the noise so well that night right after she got her arm casts taken off. Her cries went through the house and filled his room as he tried to steady himself to the reason he woke up from a dead sleep. He was moving through the house quickly and quietly. It was something he could do well. All the years of training seemed dependent on this one moment. He opened the door after he knocked to which no answer had been given. Though another cry pierced the air.

“Rine?” he asked softly. He looked around the darkened room and could see nothing out of place. He looked to the bed and saw her tossing and turning. She was in one hell of a nightmare. He moved closer to the bed and placed his hand down to her shoulder, to which she jumped and slid away. “Sweetheart, you were having a nightmare.”

“Oh. I am sorry.” She said in between sobs and trying to catch her breath.

“For what?” he asked, “We all have them. I just wanted to wake you.” Mitsuhdie said as he turned to walk out the door.

“Don’t go just yet, please,” Rine said. “Just stay with me for a few minutes.”

“Whatever you wish.” He said as he sat down on the bed as he watched over her.

“Mitsuhide, have you ever wondered if you are good enough?” she asked.

“Not really.” He said as he thought about what she was asking. “I always had to assume that I was better than what other people thought I was.”

“I don’t think I am good enough. Where ever I go, I always make the wrong decision, and people get hurt.” Rine said.

“Like yourself?” he prompted.

“I don’t care about me.” She said.

“And that is the problem in it of itself, sweetheart. You need to learn how to do that.” Mitsuhide said. “You have time to figure everything out.”

“I think it may be best if I start thinking about adoption for her,” Rine said as she curled up even tighter into the ball on the bed.

“Why would you do that?” He asked, now completely turned to her.

“I’m a screw-up. I want her to have better.” Rine said, and Mitsuhdie smiled at her.

“And that is one of the reasons you will do fine,” Mitsuhdie said. “You have many more resources now at hand, as well. Rine, I won’t let you screw up again.”

“What if you aren’t there?” She asked.

“I will always be there,” Mitsuhide said, and he felt her hand intertwine with his on the bed. He knew he had dropped the mask of indifference. He couldn’t feel bad about that either.

“Stay with me?” she asked. “I might be able to sleep if you are there.”

“Do you know what you are asking of me?” he asked softly.

“I am asking for you, Mitsuhdie, to stay with me,” Rine said as she looked up into his eyes.

“You are asking to drown in the ocean.” He said.

“Then let me drown.” She replied as she squeezed her hand with his. He was trying to figure out what he was supposed to do. He knew he shouldn’t stay, but everything in him told him he had too. This slip of a young woman was everything he needed in his life. He needed her. He needed everything about her. Only with her did he feel something more like complete. He lifted the blankets and slid his long leg under them. He could feel her breathing ease as she moved closer to him. Soon he found an entire body pressed up against him. He looked down and knew he was in hell, but this hell was going to be worth it. She looked up to his face, and soon she found herself pinned gently to the pillow as his lips touched hers.

“this is all that will happen tonight, my dear.” He said softly as he continued to kiss her.

“it is a start.” She said as her arms wrapped around him. Soon in the darkness of her bedroom, they found a sense of peace in each other. He watched her go to sleep in his arms, thoroughly kissed until her soft lips were swollen. Things had completely shifted, and Mitsuhdie, for the first time, saw a future that was good and happy. Two things he would never have in his life. He had lost a piece of himself the day they found her in the field by the basketball courts. This day he got it back. He let his eyes fall and soon found a better sleep then he could ever recall having.

When the light started to peak through the room, Mitsuhide opened his eyes and started to stretch. He remembered the small body that was next to him, and he just stayed very still. He wanted to let her sleep, and she had found a place on him that allowed her the rest she needed. She was so peaceful lying there. There was nothing he had to do right now as he looked around the room and wondered how this was going to play out in the light.

She stretched her body and remembers the wall of muscle underneath her hand was him. She didn’t think he would stay. He had always kept his distance from her on a personal level while they were together. Though she knew there was more under the surface. She had felt it when he kissed her last night. She let a smile appear on her face.

“Good morning, mouse.” He said as he ran his fingers through her hair.

“Mouse?” she asked as she heard her voice cracked.

“Oh, yes. My little mouse.” He said as he chuckled. “it is time to get up. What would you like to do today?”

“Same as yesterday. I just want to sit and watch the water. My leg hurts a bit. I must have hurt it last night.” Rine said as she looked up to his golden eyes.

“Then that is what we shall do.” He said as he moved, and they both got up. “it is good that you are resting.”

“I would have figured you would want me to do something other than sitting around,” Rine said softly.

“No, for now, you can sit and relax. Once the cast comes off, though, we begin training you.” Mitsuhdie said.

“Training me?” she asked, surprised.

“I want you able to defend yourself, Mouse, and the baby if need be. If he ever comes at you in a public place, I want you to know you can defend yourself.” Mitsuhdie said.

“Shouldn’t I think about moving or something?” Rine asked.

“How can I help you if you are gone away?” Mitsuhide asked as he looked at her. “I know this is to soon to think about everything, but I do not believe I was placed in your path that night to stand idly by and let you walk away.”

“Meaning?” Rine asked with her eyes open.

“I tried to keep you away from me. I tried to think of you as a kid. I tried to think of you as a daughter. I tried. None of those things worked, though. I know I am quite a bit older than you are, but do you think?” Mitsuhdie said as he looked at her, and she then placed a finger on his lips to cut him off.

“We will see,” Rine said softly. She pulled his shirt closer to her and touched her lips to his. This was just the beginning of a new chapter for both of them. One that would have to be done slowly and carefully. They both had issues. They both thought they were unworthy of love.

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