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My Painkiller

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Chapter 1: The Perfect Life

Chantalle Amadeo

“So, on behalf of the President of our student council-- I, Chantalle Amadeo, Vice President, would like to thank you for participating and coming to our Annual New Student Festival.”

Everyone at the university open field enthusiastically cheered and applauded after I said the last word for my closing remarks. This is our first event this school year in which we offer a warm welcome to all freshmen students here in West Valley University. It is also a great opportunity for various institutes and clubs to recruit new members. Thus, I did not hesitate grabbing the chance to introduce myself because I plan to run as a president next semester. Why not introduce myself early, right?

“Cici, pres wants to talk to you,” Verra, the current secretary of the student council said as she swiftly handed me the phone.

“How’s the event? Sorry, I got sick,” Dillon spoke from the other line, coughing as a sign of his illness.

“Hey, don’t say that! It’s not like we wanted you to be in that situation,” Though, part of me was happy about that. Yeah, the evil part of me. “And about the event. It was perfect.”

“Thanks Ci, you truly are a reliable person,” he gratefully replied.

“No problem.”

After a short conversation with Dillon, I hurriedly went to the Student Council room to pick up my belongings. Arden has been patiently waiting for me at the restaurant. Today is our first ever anniversary. No words can explain on how excited I am for his brewing surprise.

Arden Villanueva is my first ever serious boyfriend and I consider myself really lucky to have him. Honestly, it was like a dream come true. My dream boy is a doctor and Arden is not just a typical Med Student but he also has that high intellect that made him recognized as the top Medical Student here in West Valley University. Additionally, he came from a family of doctors and he’s really good looking. What else can I ask?

“Hold on for a second, Ms. Amadeo,” my heart stopped beating for a moment. I didn’t notice our Student Council Adviser; Professor Adolfo is also here inside the Student Council room. He’s in his early 50′s. Having a big round belly and almost bald head. Despite that, he’s really good in his profession.

“Yes, sir?” I curiously asked and immediately went near him.

“Nice speech back then and it’s an impromptu, right?” he grinned, I could see his amused expression for me.

“Thank you,” I uncomfortably said. He has this intense aura, specifically, his erotic stares that seems like he had already pictured you naked on his mind. It’s not like he is going to do it but—

I was stunned and had goosebumps when he slightly tapped my left buttocks. Am I imagining things?

“Good job, Ms. Amadeo,” he stood straight from his seat yet, I’m still a foot taller than him. I can clearly see his bald head. “Do you want to be the next president of the student council?”

“O-of course,” my voice cracked due to nervousness. My feet automatically step backwards as he tried to walk near me. I stopped when I felt the cold, hard wall against my back.

“Great, great...” he spoke while maliciously eyeing my chest and legs.

Now, I regret wearing tight uniform and short skirt knowing that he can see me through these clothes. I feel helpless.

“You like it?” he breathily asked as his body almost touch mine. His face has the same level as my chest.


“To be a president?” I think what he said was nonsense and his sensual act of touching my thigh was completely and utterly rubbish! His rough hand went higher until it reached what’s underneath my skirt.

My breathing hitched. I badly wanted to scream but I got tongue-tied and my whole system was shivering with repugnance. It is not the usual me, I’m normally a talkative person and I know how to fight… but this…

I pushed him hard that he almost fell on the ground. “So—” I was about to say sorry but I remembered that he was the one who did offensive things to me. Why should I give him my apology?

When I regained my strength, I ran as fast as I could away from him. I didn’t think twice to look or go back to grab my things. I couldn’t clearly see where I was going as tears started pooling under my eyelids. What happened earlier repeatedly flashes in my head. I wish I have done something more hurtful to him! My professor molested me and I couldn’t do anything but to stand and let him freely touch my thigh. I may be able to shove him away but his lustful act? I’m pretty sure that I won’t forget that.

I wasn’t in the right frame of thinking that I got bumped on a wall. My butt harshly hit the floor. I was about to cry harder when someone called my name.

“Chantalle? Are you okay?”

I pressed the back of my hands against my cheeks to wipe the tears and that’s when I saw who I really bumped into. It wasn’t a wall, it was Owen Orbiso. I immediately stood up and fixed my uniform that was probably creased a while ago when Professor Adolfo entered his…

“Why are you crying, Chantalle?” he asked, looking at me with his wide eyes.

“N -nothing… something just got into my eye. I didn’t notice you,”

He grabbed me by the shoulder but I instantly removed it as if it burned my skin. I just can’t afford to be touch again. Not now that I still can’t move on. I trusted Prof. Adolfo in every decision that the council has to carry out. He was like a father to us, members of the council, then he would just insult me?


“Don’t touch me,” I hissed and immediately made my way out of the university. I feel suffocated, and scared that I might actually lose my mind.

I hailed a cab once I reached the front gate. I have my car but I don’t want to come back.

I told the location of the restaurant to the driver. Even though I don’t want to see Arden right now because of what happened, I can’t just let him wait for me. I don’t have my phone with me to cancel our dinner. It is also our anniversary today; I cannot afford to ruin it just because of what happened.

Upon arriving I rushed into the restaurant to find Arden. When he saw me, he hesitantly hugged me and kissed me. I didn’t even have the desire to reciprocate her kiss. “Can you lend me a payment for the cab?” I shyly asked.

“Did you take a cab?” He asked with wonder but it immediately vanished. He took some bills from his wallet and handed it to me. “That’s okay, I’ll just drive you home.”

I went out to pay for my fare and stood there for a minute to freshen up my mind. I need to calm myself down and regain my sanity. I wanted to forget what happened earlier, at least not now.

I went back inside smiling. We were eating our dinner peacefully while talking. I was relaxing but it was really different when you were the one who experienced being molested. I was lucky enough to get myself out of that situation because it was really embarrassing. Not just what others might think but as well as what you think about yourself.

“Cici, are you with me?”

“Huh? What are we talking about?” I asked timidly. Arden doesn’t know what happened but it feels like he can see Prof. Adolfo’s hand in my thigh as I see it.

“Maybe you’re just tired. My baby is so busy ...” He smiled. “Do you want to go home?”

I nodded.

He called the waiter and paid for our bill. Our hands were intertwined as we left the restaurant. He even helped me to get inside his car. We’re both quiet throughout the ride until we stopped at a hotel.

I looked at him. “Why are we here?”

“I want to finish our... day here.” He smiled hesitantly.

I’m trembling as I follow him. He noticed it and jokingly said that I shouldn’t be too excited.

Yeah, I must feel excited. Arden has a strict policy that sex is not allowed when he’s too busy studying, and he’s always been busy. In our one year of being in a relationship, we have done it twice. The first time was when we’re together for 5 months and the second one was when I insisted him to do me. I’ve been waiting for this but I’m suddenly scared.

He chose the presidential suite as our room. The view is beautiful and romantic. It was like a dream to me if I was just in the mood. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get into the mood I wanted.

Arden approached me. He came closer to me so seductively and as soon as he reached my position he grabbed me and started opening my top uniform, I closed my eyes and tried to forget about earlier. I should enjoy this. Arden has never been like this to me. He had a better control about abstinence thing he was implementing while we’re busy studying, but this ... he might be starving.

“You like it.”

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