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My Painkiller

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Chapter 2: The Player

Owen Orbiso

“A parent complained that you were taking advantage of their daughter!” Mom angrily started. “You unfortunate child!” She was about to hit me with the stapler but my adrenaline saved my ass as I stood up immediately.

We’re here in her office. She rarely calls me here because she told me that students in this prestigious school should be treated fairly. Even though she is chairman of West Valley University and I’m her son, she never called me to this office for a “family matter”. But she just did. After all, we’re not talking about family matter right now.

“That will hurt, Ma!” I said, panicking.

“You are afraid of getting hurt, eh? But you slept with some random girls and not scared of getting caught by their parents?”

“So, it’s fine as long as we won’t get caught doing it?”

Her hands went to her nape, frustrated. “You are like this every time! Why can’t you be just like your brothers?”

“I’m not sleeping with some random girls. Do you really think that I’m a man whore?

She answered “Yes,” as she raised her eyebrows.

“You’re mean. Are you really my mom?” I pouted and asked her playfully.

“Are you really my son?” She asked back.

I heavily sigh, feeling defeated. “I’m serious mom, that girl’s out of her mind, she almost fooled me! I was drunk, I have no idea of what I was doing.”

“Drunk? When did you learn that, young boy? That will damage your body! Especially that you’re undergoing in a basketball intensive training!”

This conversation is going nowhere, just like what I assumed. “Just tell that our lawyer will be talking to them.”

“Where are you going?” she asked as I started to walk out in her office.

“Training,” I bitterly said.

I badly wanted to quit basketball. Even though I’m tall and fit to be an athlete, I don’t have passion in doing outdoor activities. They’re the one who’s persuasive for me to take this game.

Thinking how annoyed I am, I didn’t notice that someone’s coming my way. She fell into the ground. Chantalle’s the one I bumped into. She’s our Vice President here in the university, my childhood friend. I was about to tease her as I saw her red undies when she fell but I immediately notice that she’s crying. I squatted in front of her and wondering. Chantalle’s not really a cry baby, even when we were in high school. And now, I noticed how strong her personality is. It’s impossible for her to cry over petty things.

“Chantalle, are you okay?” I worriedly asked.

She wiped her tears right away. “N -nothing… something just got into my eye. I didn’t notice you,”

Impossible. I held both of her arm to at least comfort her but she shooed my hands away. I got shocked at her reaction.

“Don’t touch me!” she shouted before standing up and hurriedly went on her way.

Weird. She’s the only girl that doesn’t want to be touch by me. Well, that’s Chantalle. Way back in high school, when I flirted with her, my efforts are all invisible.

I didn’t mind what just happened and went to the gym for the training. Our training will be whole night as the new recruits in the New Student Festival will be watching. Not bragging but most of them joined because of me. Well, Owen Orbiso’s a son of the well-known coach, a brother of a PBA player and MVP of the university for four years! We were pressured to play. Let’s just say that it’s all on me, the pressure. There are some endorsements that I grabbed at a very young age; milk and energy drinks. And now, I’m also an endorser of a shoe, clothing line, and food. Star player, that’s what the fans think about me. And not thinking about the game — I’m the MVP.

Someone tapped my back when break time comes.

“Are you okay, dude?” Mario asked, not even sweating!

“Yeah.,” but to be honest, I’m really damn tired.

“Really, huh? I heard about la…” he lips protruded. “Last night.”

“Stop telling be about what you think. Do you think I’m a sex god?”

Mario laughed.

If I’m about to ask, Mario is really the MVP of our university. He passionately know things about the game. Offense or defense he is really good at it. He should be the star player, not me.


Instead of staying in my dorm, I went home. Family’s complete tonight. Mom’s the first one who knows the bad news, about the girl who reported that I molested her. The reason why mom’s looking at me fiercely.

I was late but gladly, they are still in the dining area, talking about basketball. As usual. They brought me up into the topic. They asked about my standing and all. I answered them nicely but deep inside I’m really pissed.

Is basketball the only thing that we can talk about?

“Oliver, how’s your company?” mom asked my older brother.

I thanked god as they’ve changed the conversation.

“The best seller right now is the volleyball equipment. It’s becoming popular now here in our country.,” Oliver started, that was just the beginning of a long talk about the Sports Equipment Store that he built.

I was so tired of sports talk so I bid my goodbye for me to run outside before going to bed. They were pleased with it because they thought I was really dedicated and would still run even after a long training. If they only knew that I just wanted breathe.

On my way home, I stopped at the house I used to visit when I was a kid. It is five blocks away from our house. I heard shouts and cries from within. Mrs. Amadeo came out, crying. She saw me but I got ignored. She went in her car and left.

I stayed there, while contemplating. Is that the reason why Chantalle’s weeping inconsolably earlier?

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