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Chapter 10| Fire

A/N: Warning. Mature scenes ahead.

I was in too much of a haze to realize what was happening; one minute I was with Michael and the next I was with Malachai, when had he arrived?

I was just about ready to leave with Michael, and before I knew it, Malachai's hands were all over me, and I was hot, weeping, trembling, and moaning for him.

We almost went there in the middle of the club and I wasn't going to stop him. I didn't even try to feign indifference, which is quite frankly what he deserved after he left me hanging a week ago.

My sex-crazed induced fog was gone from my mind the moment the frigid winter wind hit me. It was then that I realized that we were headed to his car.

Were we going to his place?

The sheer force of my heartbeat against my ribcage had me thinking my ribs would combust.

"Amina," I heard someone far off in the distance say, but I was too far gone with my thoughts to pay attention; was this really happening, Malachai and me?

"Amina," he grabbed my face, searching my eyes with concern as though they would provide him the answers he needed, "Are you ok, can you hear me?"

"Y-Yes, I'm sorry, what?" I stuttered, Oh God, he probably thinks I'm a fool, way to go, Amina!

He pulled me over to the car, opening the door for me to get in, I complied and he followed after me. As he took the seat across from me he asked, "I said, what's your address?"

"Oh. 15 Syre Lane," I said to which he nodded, with a slight tilt of his head towards his chauffeur he said, "You got that, Jeff?" His eyes never leaving mine.

His driver simply grunted in reply. Never relenting, his eyes remained fixed on me as he reached over to press a button, and I watched as the partition went up.

His eyes were still on me.

It was like the world fell out of existence in the back of the moving SUV, and all I was aware of was me, myself, and Malachai.

Despite the revealing dress, and my lack of jacket in the dead of winter (thanks to our abrupt departure), it was getting hot again.

Still, we sat there in silence; as the traffic lights sporadically caught his reflection, I noticed his eyes grow increasingly darker. Was that hunger?

I wanted to avert my gaze, but I couldn't. I was locked in and there was no place I'd rather be. This was happening; after two long years, I was going to get laid–no, from the look in his eyes, I was going to get fucked.

I was nervous, intimidated even–this man, this God of a man, Malachai Rendell (God, even his name was majestic), was promising me something sinister, something earth-shattering with just one look, and it was enough to make knees buckle in my seat.

It had been so long, could I please him? Could I meet up to the challenge that was in his eyes? No, no Amina, positive affirmations–I had to reassure myself– you will please him, in fact, you're going to ride this man into oblivion, you're going to suck the soul right out of his di–

His heavy breathing interrupted my thoughts, bringing my attention to the rapid rise and fall of his chest. Traveling further north, I found his eyes were still fixated on me. As if on cue, the thoughts flew out of my mind.

I took a deep breath in an attempt to steady my breathing. I can do this, you can please him, you can handle Malachai Rendell.

Suddenly, too sudden for my eyes to see, he was hovering over me, hand wrapped around my throat, how the fuck?

"Handle me, baby?" he said breathing hard, and I gulped. A deep sensual chuckle escaped his lips as he tightened his grip, moving his hand up and down as if testing the girth of my throat.

What I imagined was enough to send my eyes rolling in the back of my head. He leaned in closer, and when I felt the warmth of his breath my eyes shot open looking directly at him, I watched as a devious smile took over his face as he whispered,

"The things I'm going to do to you," and he captured my lips before I could say anything else.


The need to feel and taste was overpowering, almost as though we would never have this chance again. I needed Malachai like I needed air, the sensation of his touch was like remembering to breathe again.

Pure bliss, utter joy, an intense need that required satisfaction, that was what Malachai did to me. The knot was back in full force and was raging, a path of fire blazed wherever he touched me, it was everything yet not enough all at the same time.

As he lowered his lips to my throat, I shivered, hardly able to control the moans that escaped my mouth, "More," I said wantonly as I pushed myself against him. I had to feel all of him, "Oh," another moan escaped my lips as he kneaded my breasts.

"Malachai," I said trying to convey my need to him in a voice that I didn't even realize was mine. As his hands reached down to my thighs and spread them apart, I trembled. He hadn't even reached where I needed him to and I was trembling.

As his calloused hands glided up my smooth inner thighs, my breathing grew erratic, I spasmed in anticipation, and when he finally touched my pussy, my head flew back barely able to contain myself.

He stopped.

When I looked up his head was down, and I watched him with hooded eyes as he took deep breaths as if trying to compose himself.

"W-what's wrong?"

"You're. Not. Wearing. Underwear," he stated huskily. Was I supposed to answer? Because it didn't sound like a question.

Before I knew it I was lifted and my dress was brought up over my waist, I was on full display for Malachai. To say watching his hungry eyes feast on me wasn't a turn on would be a lie, my pussy spasmed causing more of my juices to trickle down my thigh. I moaned.

I looked to see Malachai still as a statue, staring at me. With speed I could not comprehend his hand came down on my clit with a smack, and I yelped in surprise.

"You" smack "Will" smack "Not" smack "Wear" smack "Underwear" smack smack "For" smack "No one " smack smack "But" smack "Me" smack

I was a mess, I had been reduced to moans and nothing more, unable to think a coherent thought or form a single word.

When I didn't answer, he found purchase in the curls at the nape of my neck as he brought his face closer to mine, "You understand me?" he questioned with authority, and I nodded.

"Say it," he said with gritted teeth.

"Yes," he nibbled on my jaw, "Yes, Malachai."

He released me and with one thrust his finger entered me, my back arched in an attempt to take him in further, but he held me down as his finger pistoned in and out me.

I thrashed underneath him and moaned so loud there was no doubt in my mind that Jeff did not know what was happening, but I didn't care, I couldn't care.

"Who's it, Amina?"

"What?" I asked in between moaning, what was he talking about?

"Who's pussy is this?" he said more firmly. There was no way I was answering that question, Malachai had lost his mind this night.

"Who do you belong to?"

Yup, sure is fucking crazy, I thought. Before I could respond his hand that was holding me down at the hips descended on my clit and I spasmed again, my back coming off the car seat, but he pushed me back down.

"Who does this pussy belong to?" he said gruffly.

Suddenly his movements grew faster and a second finger entered, filling my channel, God his fingers were big. He went even deeper, and I lost it, my head thrashed from side to side as I screamed his name,

"Who?!" His voice boomed.

"Yours!" I screamed, "Oh God!" I yelped as he beckoned me closer with the come hither motion he made with his fingers and I felt my walls clench down on his fingers. Still, he persisted.

"You own this pussy, I belong to you, " the words came out shaky, I was blaming my current state of mind on the throes of passion, but that remained to be seen.

"Oh God," I said as my eyes rolled to the back of my head, "Malachai," I mewled out, I was so close I could literally see the stars align, "Oh-Oh God," just as I was about to come crashing down, he stopped.

My eyes shot open, oh no not again, my eyes quickly found his and a devious smirk overtook his face, "Not God, just me." He paused for a while before continuing, "There will be no other's name on your lips but mine when you come, and you're not allowed to until I say so."

I sat there in utter shock as he fixed my dress. When he was done adjusting me to his liking he opened the car door and stepped out. We had reached my apartment, when did we get here?

I looked out to see his hand held out waiting for me.

"Get out of the car, Amina."

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