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Chapter 11| Bound

It was the oddest sensation feeling him behind me as we ascended the stairs to my apartment.

His broad shoulders, tall frame, and taut muscles made me feel small and engulfed.

I genuinely felt like I was prey being stalked by a predator but in a way that tightened the muscles in my lower abdomen with excitement.

Did he mean to finish what he started? Was he coming in? Or was he going to leave me high and dry like last time?

Anger like no other hit me hard and fast. I had to remind myself, don't blow up, give him time, see what he does. If he left, I was going right back to that club, I thought to myself as I reached my door.

Like I said, the best way to get over somebody...

I punched the code in and the door unlocked, but before I could open the door, a firm hand came down on my ass with a smack and I yelped.

"You're not going anywhere but inside that apartment," he said as he gently massaged the sting on my ass, and I bit my tongue to suppress a moan.

Had I voiced my thoughts aloud?

He chuckled, oh that damn chuckle, "You will sing for me, Amina. One way or another this entire complex will hear you tonight," he said in my ear.

I closed my eyes as hard as I could, trying and failing to give all of my focus to suppressing yet another moan threatening to spill forth from my lips.

His hands began the painfully slow ascent to my breasts, caressing, squeezing, and teasing along the way.

When his hands had finally reached their target, his large calloused hands groped, and tugged, and twisted in tandem with his lips that ravaged the sensitive spot on my neck.

Not even the measly door handle could provide me with the stability I needed, my knees buckled under his assault, wrapping me in his embrace before I could meet the floor.

The feel of his front against my back, and his heat surrounding me only exacerbated the sensations. It was like waves of electricity flowed through me, settling in my core. Warmth spread in my belly, causing me to clench over and over again on nothing.

He was right, I sang, "Malachai, please," I cried out, it was all I could say before he captured my lips in his, silencing my moans. He reached for the door and we stumbled into the apartment, never breaking contact.

"Wait, wait my shoes, let me just-"

"No," Malachai interrupted, "The heels stay on," he said with finality in his voice. I nodded, the heels were staying on.

By the time we made it to the room, my dress was gone, how? I honestly had no clue. What was more frustrating was that I was the only one undressed.

In the heat of the moment, I didn't care, but now, standing here as Malachai took in every inch and crevice, my insecurities started creeping in again.

What was he thinking?

Was there something he didn't like?

Were my hips too wide, my breasts too small?

Funny thing about alcohol, the absence of inhibitions doesn't last long enough if you don't drink enough.

I wasn't imagining things though, this hot and cold thing Malachai keeps doing is insanely hot, but beyond frustrating. He creates this need that makes me desperate, and I can't even hide it.

It's embarrassing.

Still, he stares. What is he so focused on? Because I know what I'm focused on, I want sex and I want it now.

What can be more important at this moment? What is he so hellbent on committing to memory?

"You. You're beautiful."

I froze; the tone of his voice was direct and left no room for doubt. It felt like it had been ages since a man had held me in such regard. It felt good, not just to be wanted, but to also be appreciated. I had forgotten what that felt like.

Everything in me wanted to break eye contact, I didn't want him to see the tears welling up in my eyes, but I fought against that instinct. Worst came to worst, I'd blame it on the alcohol.

Instead, I sought for the sincerity of his words in his face. He meant what he said, my intuition was sure of it, and for the second time since I met this God of man, I had felt more than just deep lust.

I couldn't find the words for what I was feeling, there was a tinge of familiarity like I was becoming reacquainted with something I had once had the joy of experiencing, but what was it?

All I knew was, my heart was full.

I lunged for him, pulling his face down to mine to kiss him. All the things that I couldn't say, and didn't know I needed to say went into that kiss.

His lips were the softest to ever grace mine, and as our lips skirted across each other's, I grew needier.

I licked and prodded, demanding entry so as to claim him, and he granted access. My fingers threaded through his hair as I kissed him. So soft, so delicate.

He tasted sweet, like chocolate. I could drink from him forever, I thought as another moan escaped my throat. The need spiked again, and I was clawing at his shirt, I had to feel him.

In an instant, the shirt adorning his strong arms, and muscled torso was gone, and my hands were everywhere. From the veins that corded his lower arms to his bulging biceps, back down to his striking chest and the ridges of his abdomen, to the adonis belt that was cut off by his pants, I felt him.

The notion that this behemoth of a man was going to take me, all of me in every single way brought my need to a fever pitch, and I couldn't control the moans that tore from my throat.

He hadn't even touched me yet; apart from the kiss, he gave me time to touch and feel him, and that alone was sending my need into overdrive.

My teeth caught his bottom lip in a show of dominance, I bit and sucked as I slid my hand further south, making contact with his hardness.

I'm surprised the zipper had not burst, his length was impressive, his girth was almost intimidating, but his hardness erased that worry from my mind as soon as it came.

The moment I felt him, I was giddy with excitement. The things he could do to me, I wondered.

When I started to stroke him, I felt his whole body stiffen. I knew he felt the smirk grow on my face.

How does it feel to be the flustered one now?

I brought my lips to his ear, and whispered, "How does it feel to lose control, Malachai?" I took his earlobe into my mouth and sucked, as I continued to stroke him.

My, my how the tables have turned.

Since the first time we met, Malachai was always the one in control. With wordless demands he took and I gave, which was so out of character for me.

This moment, the time he gave me to feel and touch him brought the vixen out of me. It was my turn to make him melt, it was my turn to control, and I wanted to watch him combust.

The little voice in my head demanded that we claim him. I would not be the only one to sing this night.

My lips traveled down his throat, sucking, kissing, biting, as I continued my assault on his hardened member.

A deep sensual groan left his lips as he shuddered against me, and I clenched uncontrollably.

I needed more, and I would have more. I pulled away from him, looking him directly in his eye as I started unbuckling his jeans. All I could hear were the harsh breaths escaping his lips under the intensity of his gaze.

I didn't back down.

"You're mine, Malachai," I said with the utmost conviction. I had no idea what came over me, what possessed me to say this to him, but every part of me knew this to be irrefutably true like it was written in some book somewhere.

To take it back, to say otherwise was impossible, the words could never be uttered. Before I knew it, I was in the air, my legs wrapped around his waist, his hand right back where they belonged on my ass and his lips on mine.


He laid me down on the bed ever so gently and parted my legs. I had already been overly sensitive, so when his thumb descended on my clit, I was ready to come undone.

I panted and moaned, and my eyes began to close to savor the moment when he caught me by the throat again, "Eyes on me," and my eyes snapped to him.

"I don't like having to repeat myself, Amina, what did I say?" he purred, never letting up from his ministrations. If it weren't for the look in his eye I would have come right then and there.

No coming till I tell you to.

Giving him a sharp nod, I tightened my abdomen trying to hold off this orgasm threatening to tear through me.

"Good girl," he said smugly.


That look of hunger in his eye came back, then suddenly his mouth latched on to my pussy; I didn't think it was possible to scream like this until Malachai.

My voice was so unfamiliar, it took time for me to realize that I was screaming. I was caught up in the rapture that was Malachai. He'd be my ruin; no one would ever compare not even close, only him.

Of their own volition, my hips writhed against his mouth as he lapped at me, drinking my essence, penetrating my entrance with his tongue.

The knot had me in a grip so fierce, I didn't know what to do. I couldn't breathe much less moan. My back arched off the bed as my body shook, my core was trembling beneath his lips, this orgasm was coming fast and hard, I couldn't hold it off anymore.

"Malachai! I can't, oh God, I need to come."

He didn't answer, instead, his mouth latched onto my clit, sucking and swirling with abandon. Tears of pleasure tumbled down my cheeks as I moaned his name.

He consumed me; my thoughts ended and began with him. The urge to climax sitting just out of my reach simply because he told me I couldn't, was its own sweet form of torture.

With a shaky voice, I cried his name out again, tugging at his hair, "Please!" I screamed, "Let me come," he paused his assault and I whimpered. It did nothing to ease the ache, in fact, it worsened.

Slowly, he crawled back up to me with a sinister smirk on his face. After settling himself comfortably between my spread legs, he lowered his head to my ear and whispered,


I imploded; my nails dug into his arms, my back arched off the bed, my vision blurred. This climax was a high like no other. I cried with the intensity of the orgasm, saying his name over and over again as it tore through me.

I hadn't even come down when he suddenly thrust into me, and another orgasm crashed into me before the first one could end. I was lost in euphoria, I didn't know which way was up, which way was down. I didn't know where I ended and he began.

His name was all that remained clear through it all. He pounded into me with all the force he could muster, each thrust pushing me further into the bed. Only when I was finally able to catch my bearings did I meet each thrust fervently.

I writhed and thrashed under the sensations surging through me. His face was intense, eyebrows drawn in concentration with pupils darker than I thought possible were focused on me as he grunted with each thrust, "Mine."

My pussy quivered at the thought of belonging to him, and another groan escaped his lips, as he picked up his pace and his mouth latched on to my erect nipple.

"Oh," I moaned, "It's yours, it's all yours!" My voice rose higher with each thrust, "Take all of it, take me!" He didn't ask, nor did he take this time, I gave.

The next moment, my legs were over my shoulder as he hammered into me with a speed I didn't know was possible. Searing heat shot through me as I climaxed, it came on more suddenly and stronger than the last.

Malachai had reached a depth within me that had never been discovered; my spirit rattled within its confines, as though it wanted to break free. It moved up, down, and side to side searching for the crack to slip past and then it snapped back, settling back in place while leaving some space.

My spirit made space...for what?

I stared at him with curiosity and awe in equal measure as he found his release. This wasn't just sex, this wasn't earth-shattering. Malachai was soul-shattering.

Malachai Rendell, what are you doing to me?

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