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Chapter 12| Reality


I had just come and I was already hard again. Amina was like a drug-one time just wasn't enough-I wanted her all the time.

Just the memory of her clenching around me was enough to make me burst. The way she felt-smooth, soft, hot, plump...wet-I had found heaven in Amina, how could I possibly stay away?

I felt my gums retract and my fangs elongate, Maverick wasn't happy with my thoughts at all, he'd do any and everything to ensure Amina was ours.

With a groan my back hit the other side of the bed, my chest rising and falling in quick succession as I tried to calm myself.

"You're still hard?" she panted from the other side, and my body stiffened, her scent had overpowered every other scent, making it all the more difficult to maintain control.

I took a deep breath before answering, but the struggle was still evident in my tone. "I'm sore," she said as she threw a leg over my waist with her back to me.

She lowered her head just close enough to my member that I could feel her hot breath against it as she said, "Soothe her, and I'll take care of you."

Before I could ask who "her" was she had taken me into her mouth in one fell swoop.


I growled with the shudder that rocked through me as the buds of her tongue stroked the ridges of my shaft. I lost all focus when her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked me from base to tip, I could hardly contain myself let alone Maverick.

Amina was going to be the death of me.

With a pop she released me, pausing her deadly assault. My eyes instantly snapped to her in the absence of her warmth. She never turned to face me, allowing the silence to linger a while longer.

Fucking tease.

"I said, soothe her Malachai...she's sore," she said with confidence, and she took me into her hand and stroked me as she blew cold air against my cock.


Both Maverick and I rose to the challenge; giving her a hard-earned slap on the ass, I watched as her caramel skin reddened before taking it into my grasp.

I kneaded and massaged the reddened globe, as she whimpered in pleasure. Her pussy was a sight to behold; red and swollen, glistening with a mixture of our essences; it was art at its finest.

My tongue darted into her, lapping at the juices we created as though I had gone without refreshment for days. I could feel her quiver against my tongue, releasing more of her juices and I relished in her sweetness.

She took me into her mouth again, and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. I was lodged deep in the tightness of her throat as she massaged it and my legs trembled beneath her.

I was losing focus again, teetering on the edge of what was Nirvana, and I was fighting to hold on. I needed to fixate on one thing, but how could I not fixate on the pleasure this woman was giving me?

I bit into the plumpness of her ass cheek and she moaned against me sending vibrations up and down my shaft. I slapped each cheek, eliciting another moan from her as I delved back into her heat.

I latched onto her clit and sucked as I pumped two fingers in and out of her, and she writhed against my fingers as she moaned on my cock. I pulled my mouth away from her heat and smacked her cheek again, and I watched as she clenched and unclenched around nothing.

"Say my name, Amina," I said as I thrust into her mouth, and she moaned. I smirked, as I pulled my fingers out of her and slowly dragged them down her folds before I smacked her clit.

She jumped in surprise as a low moan escaped her lips encasing me, and I squeezed her cheek in an attempt to remain in the here and now.

I flicked her clit with my tongue and I felt her tremble above me, "Malachai! Mmm," she screamed, her voice muffled against me. I couldn't hold back anymore, my fingers pounded into her pussy as I thrust in and out of her mouth and she held on to me for support.

With an ear-piercing scream, she released me as she came. My climax soon followed, and my head hit the pillow with exhaustion.

As I caught my breath she started to lick me, cleaning my release off of my legs. I groaned as I could feel the arousal stir in me again.

"Amina," I said with a shaky breath as my cock twitched against her, and she chuckled.


Alpha, Balfore sounded off through the mind link; he truly had a knack for disturbing me at the worst times, I was just about to ask Amina to join me in the shower.

What now, Balfore?

You're needed back at Shadowfang, there has been an incident.

What kind of incident, Balfore?


I shot out of the bed in search of my clothes, Cirini at Shadowfang only meant one thing-trouble, and where the hell was I?

What happened?

He's pissed about what happened at Ascend, he wants to challenge your claim.

My claim to what? Shadowfang?


Crimson invaded my eyesight, my gums retracted, my fangs descended, and I could feel the shift start to take over, we would kill him. No questions asked.

If he wants to meet true death, tell him I'll be there shortly. I roared through the mind link.

Yes, Alpha, and there's one more thing.

What?! Why of all days must all this shit be happening? It wasn't enough that I had Cirini to deal with?

We were able to find some information on Amina. I think it would be best if you read over the information rather than you hearing it from me directly.

Great. Just fucking great. There had been a small part of me that hoped we wouldn't find anything on Amina. I needed this to be easy; denying her had been torture, and now that I'd her, I knew I couldn't live through that again.

The Goddess has a funny way of shitting on your parade.

Again, fuck you, Selene.

Right after I've dealt with Cirini.

Yes, Alpha.

"Malachai, is everything alright?" she asked as she pressed against my back tentatively. Her touch calmed me enough that Maverick settled down some.

I turned around to face her and as she looked up at me, in her eyes I saw everything we could be. Beyond what she liked in bed, I didn't know her much. Nevertheless, instinct told me that on a deeper level, much deeper than I could comprehend-I did.

We could be great, but the cloud that hung over the both of us cast so much doubt over that potentiality. Whatever I would learn this night would determine whether or not there was a future for us, and that scared me.

"We have to go. Pack a bag."

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