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Chapter 21| Vengeance

I don't think I've ever been this angry, no I was beyond anger, I was wrathful and I wanted them to feel it.

Fire rushed through me, took over me, threatening to burn me from within at the sight of Cirini trying to take what was mine.

They would feel this fire, this pain that coursed through me tenfold.

I could barely speak; opting for short responses was wisest seeing as I could hardly keep Maverick in check. I saw crimson, and if I let him loose, there was no telling what I would do, who I would hurt.

We wanted blood, Cirini's blood, and I wanted her penitence, but that would happen on my terms.

You will watch as I give your mate pleasure like she's never known. If you leave, I will bind her to me as my pet.

I swear my vision blurred before it refocused on him hovering over Amina. I took one step and then another, each filled with the intent to kill.

I'd make quick work of him with one fatal blow, I'd figure out another way to help Amina. I was more powerful than him despite the age difference, surely my venom would wo-

"You don't know that," Maverick interrupted, "You know we can't risk her, " he warned, but with a roll of my shoulders, I shook off his warning, only heeding the need to kill, to eliminate.

I felt his panic grow with each step I took, but I shook it off, pushing him back to the recesses of my mind as he fought to take over.

"Malachai, no!" Maverick shouted as I approached the vermin sitting at the end of Amina's bed with a smirk adorning his face.

I wrapped my hand around his neck, raising him off the bed so that he could look at me directly in the face.

Slowly I could feel my claws protruding from my nailbed, piercing his neck, "My venom," he whispered maniacally with a smile on his face.

"I. Don't. Care."

Slowly blood trickled through the slits of my fingers, running down my arm, staining my shirt, but I held his gaze, waiting for the moment he realized that it was over, that I would detach his head from his body.

"We need to help Amina!" Malachai screamed, hoping to pull me out of the murderous trance I was in, but I blocked him out, silencing him from my mind. There was only one heartbeat I wanted to hear racing in terror.

His hand shot over my wrist that had him suspended in the air, "She will not survive it," he said in between barely-there breaths, but I didn't respond. Instead, I brought him closer so that he could get a better look, and sure enough, the moment of recognition came.

When he realized he was looking into the eyes of a man unhinged, his heart rate took off into a gallop. When he looked into eyes colder than his soul, his eyes widened with fear, pupils dilating as the adrenaline rushed through his system.

"Fight or flight, Cirini?" I asked with a wicked grin.

He struggled against me, and my grip tightened, causing blood to gush in between my fingers. "This will...mean war...Malachai!"

"You forget you can't walk in the sun," I whispered, "I kill you now, and I and my pack will descend on your filthy coven when the sun comes up and I promise you, I will annihilate every last one of you, then I'll take your territory."

His claws slashed at my arm, but I couldn't feel it. The anger coursing through me had numbed every sensation save one, rage, and he would feel it, all of it.

"Malachai," Amina called to me, her voice heavy with tears, "Maverick told me you can't do this."

How the hell was she able to speak to him?

"He said there's no guarantee."

"Interesting," Cirini whispered, still struggling to remove himself from my death grip, "No mark...and yet she speaks to your wolf...what are you?"

I squeezed a little harder, and blood spurted from his mouth as a violent cough racked his body.

"I don't want this either, Malachai, but we have to."

I didn't have to do anything other than expunging this filth from the face of the earth, she wouldn't convince me that this wasn't the right move. Long ago this wall was erected, and over the years it was enforced with a lifetime's worth of bad blood that existed between me and Cirini.

He'd been a thorn in my side from the moment I became alpha, and even more so these last two years. This was the final straw; he would die today and no one could convince me otherwise. I would solve Amina's problem and if I couldn't I'm sure Freelah could.

"Please," her trembling voice rang through my mind, and just like that the frenzied pitter-patter of his heart was muffled by the reluctant crumble of my wall I was sure not a soul could penetrate.

It was as if the asshole could hear when the first piece fell, shattering to pieces too small to count.

"You're losing your resolve," he said as a devilish smirk adorned his face. My claws retracted and extended, a part of me still fighting against Amina's pleas. That part rejoiced as I watched the vampire wince in pain from my claws assaulting him.

"You can kill him after if you must, but please Malachai, this is torture," she cried through the mind link. We weren't bonded, but her distress hit me full force, and it was enough for me to loosen my grip.

I lowered Cirini to the ground, and the smug bastard kept eye contact smirking as if triumphant. I stepped to him, crowding his space, "You will grant her release if you try to fuck her I will castrate you. Don't fuck with me, Cirini."

He batted his eyes, "Oh you know I would never, your highness," he said with hands clasped.


"Are you ready my pet?"

"I am not your pet, and seeing as the status of my preparedness didn't give you pause before, I doubt you care now. Get on with it."

I could feel the fury engulfing me again, but just as quickly, one touch from Amina tamed the flames.

"Oh, but it did matter, my pet-"

"My name is Amina," she spat.

"Little Rose," he said condescendingly; he paused waiting for her rebuttal, but when she didn't reply he continued, "I waited until you were ready. I could smell when you were ripe and sopping for me-"

"Get on with it," I growled.

Cirini sighed, "I've told you time and time again, I'm not known for my patience, and yet I practiced an extreme amount with you, Little Rose."

He then looked over to me as if finally acknowledging my presence, "Count your blessings that I did, Malachai. Had I not I would have whisked her far away."

This time even Maverick rose to the threat, "I'd hunt you down, you know I'm good for it," I spat his words from earlier right back at him.

"Never doubted that you were, but all that work to find me would have been in vain, boy. Little Rose wouldn't even remember your name by the time I was through with her."

It was like my body moved on its own accord, but that wasn't the case this time, Maverick was ready to pounce and with Amina's tight grip on our hand, she was practically dragged out of the bed.

"Maverick!" Amina shouted, "It hurts less when you're close," she said, as she minds linked me simultaneously, "We kill him later."

Maverick nodded and we returned to Amina's side.

"I know you're enjoying this pissing match, but in case you haven't noticed this situation is quickly turning into a painful one, could you just do it already?"

"Ask me nicely," he said as he approached the bed where she lay.

I couldn't help the rumble that bubbled up my throat.

"Cirini, could you-"

"Michael," he insisted.

She took a deep breath, "Michael, could you please help me?"

He nodded as a smile grew on his lips, "Appreciation, Little Rose, is all I ask for."

Slowly, he lowered himself at the foot of the bed as his tongue darted from his mouth, licking away the blood that had crusted around his lips. I watched in agony as the hunger written all over his face washed over Amina.

I watched as her stiffened legs tremble under the weight of his stare, struggling to remain closed to him. It was useless, a soft caress up the length of her legs was enough to nudge them apart and was all the access that asshole needed.

His hands braced her knee caps quickly shoving her legs apart to expose the nirvana that existed between them. Between her scent and the sight of Cirini delving into her, feasting upon her, I did not know which impulse to take hold of first.

My mouth salivated with the desire to taste her; my fangs protruded, and I could practically feel the mixture of saliva, venom, and blood dripping from the tip of my fangs and onto my lips.

Her heat, her blood, I wanted it all. I wanted to shred Cirini limb from limb for taking my place, for taking what was mine. Her body was mine, her moans were mine, and watching her fight the urge to moan spurred the hybrid beast in me all the more.

She enjoyed it, I could tell from the way she bit her lip, the flush of her skin, the grip of the sheets beneath her. A sick part of me enjoyed it as well but was pissed that I wasn't the one to make her feel this way.

I was a mixture of furious, jealous, and horny, and I was quickly discovering that this was a very deadly combination.

"This is meant to be a transaction here, Little Rose," he said as he removed his lips from her heat, opting to use his fingers instead. She writhed underneath him like a serpent ensnared as his finger pistoned in and out of her, his other hand bolting her hip to the bed.

"Your mate has requested that I not fuck you, and I have...acquiesced, but what I will not accept is your silence." A growl tore from my chest, shaking the walls of the room, and Amina's breath shuttered with the compounding ecstasy.

"Moan for me, or I'll be sure to have you begging before the night is out."

He dove back into her heat without removing his fingers and all I could see was the whites of Amina's eyes as her eyelids opened and closed in quick cessation. A tear trickled down the side of her face, and I could tell she wouldn't hold on for much longer.

He would drive her insane if she didn't give him what he wanted, and she seemed ready to take him on, but this was a fight she wouldn't win, not against the likes of Cirini. If this was her intention, she should have just let me kill him.

I bent over her, connecting our foreheads, "Its okay, Amina, let go," I said through the mind link.

"No...he can't...have...this," she said in between panting, "I won't, " she couldn't complete her thought.

"You have to, or he won't stop."

"I don't care."

"Yes, you do. If you didn't, you would have let me kill him."




"Amina!" I said more sternly, "Do as he says," I said as my hands slid up her abdomen.

"What are you doing?! You're helping him?!" she said with a tone of incredulity.

"Trust me," I said through the link as I pinched one taut nipple, while I massaged the other breast.

Her back rose off the bed, but I pushed her back down as my lips trailed the length of her neck. When I reached her sternum, my lips engulfed one breast.

"Trust me," I repeated, as I bit and sucked and flicked. With one final tug, she reached her breaking point letting out a wanton moan that sounded more like a siren's call.

"Oh," she screamed, and I could hear Cirini's distant chuckle, "Oh fuck-" her moans were silenced by my lips as I invaded her mouth. Every moan that erupted from her throat, I swallowed.

She didn't want to give him the satisfaction, and neither had I, so I did the next best thing, I took what was mine.

"Your moans are mine to own, no one else's, not ever, " I said, as she bit and sucked my bottom lip with fervor.

I knew when she came, for she had bitten my lip so hard she drew blood, and what shocked me most was that she drank it.

When her eyes opened, they glowed a fierce gold as if they had caught the sun's reflection. My eyes widened in surprise, but I didn't dare ask questions with Cirini present.

"Kill him!" she cried through my mind with a want for vengeance never more potent than it had been at this moment.

"Say less," I said, he'd take this memory nowhere else but the grave, and hell after that, Goddess willing. When I turned to face the vampire, he was gone.

As always, it been pleasure. Don't hesitate to point out any mistakes!


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