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Chapter 22| Reckoning

I was in a daze, somewhere between serene satisfaction and anger. I couldn't do much except replay the last few hours in my head. I had finally escaped, only to wind right back up Shadowfang mere hours later.

Was I ever going to get away from this world?

Malachai was speaking to me as I sat on the couch in his office, nearly catatonic and it was like his words entered one ear and went out the other, nothing registered. What the fuck have I gotten myself into?

"Amina!" Malachai screamed as he cupped my face, the contact instantly freeing me from the trance I was in.

"You okay?"

"Y-yeah, I just-"

"We need to talk, are you up for it?"

"Will you let me respond or do you intend on cutting me off?

He waved his hand signaling for me to continue.

Thank you. Now, what would you like to discuss ?"

"Discuss?" He scoffed, "That stunt you pulled, what the fuck was that? I've never seen anything more foolish, more irresponsible, more selfish," he said as he paced back and forth before the hearth.

"That stunt? You speak as though I was trying to get your attention, Malachai I was trying to get away from you, and I would have if it weren't for Mich-"

His hand shot up to silence me, "Do not..say his name," he growled. He took a deep breath before he continued, "Don't you get it? This was over from the moment you walked into Ascend."

"What are you talking about?"

"You walk into Cirni's nightclub, a club full of paranormals, dressed the way you were, smelling the way you do, and you think no one took notice?"

"Are you saying this was my fault?"

"No, I'm saying there were eyes on you. More than just me and...him," he said bitterly, as he walked over to the minibar and poured himself some whiskey.

"The only reason no one else made a move that night was because you were with him, and then you left with me. Cirini wanted you then, and even more now to fuck with me!" he screamed as he beat his chest.

"You say it's not my fault and yet you speak to me as if it is. I'm sorry that my scent arouses your kind but it's not like I knew."

"It's not about that!"

"Then what is it about?"

"I told you the type of person Cirini was, I was honest with you about him from the beginning!"

"Honest? Let me remind you that this could have been avoided if you were more forthcoming. You sold me a story of half-truths and omissions, and when it blew up in your face, you left me for three days, not a word, nothing!"

"Yeah, I left for three days so I could figure some shit out, and like a petulant child, you threw a tantrum, stole my fucking Maserati, and ran away! And of all the places you could go to, you went home."

He bit his fist, trying to control his anger, "If you were safe there, I wouldn't have brought you back to Shadowfang with me, at least not so soon. Did you think about that? No! You were too concerned with trying to prove a point."

Realizing what Malachai thought of me made me livid. I was a grown ass woman, I could do whatever the fuck I wanted, and here he was talking down to me as if the sun rises and sets on his ass.

"You arrogant piece of shit," I said as I shook my head, disappointment and shock settling in in equal measure, "Did you ever think for one moment about how I've felt in this entire situation? In case you have forgotten, I know nothing about your world. You left to figure some shit out, but how would you feel having just discovered that this whole world exists and that you're mated with one of the most powerful people in it?"

I rose from the couch, as anger swelled up in me, "How would you feel knowing that some bloodthirsty megalomaniac is after you, and you're powerless against him, against all of it?" I asked as I approached him, "I've been thrown headfirst into a world, your world, that I know nothing about. I'm in the dark, Malachai, and you've done nothing to help me navigate this successfully," I said as I shoved him in his chiseled chest. He didn't move an inch and that fueled my anger even more, as it served as yet another reminder of how weak I was in this entire situation.

"In fact when the opportunity presented itself, you ran away, like a pussy, leaving your beta behind to help me make sense of things when it should have been you, my mate!" I spat, "Even Michael has been more honest with me."

His eyes grew dark with anger as he growled a warning, he didn't like when I said his name, and I remarked that he hated it all the more when I called him by his first name.

I laughed, "How much of this is really about my wellbeing? Because I'm beginning to think this is actually about your ego."

"This has nothing to do with my ego and everything to do with the fact that my mate-"

"Oh, so now I'm your mate? " I interrupted, "Pretty sure you didn't feel that way three days ago."

"Do not cut me off."

"Or what?" I didn't give him a chance to reply, ignoring the growl that tore through his office, I continued, "What are you really mad about Malachai? That another man made me wet?" I asked as I traced tantalizing circles down the length of his bulging biceps.

"Stop it," his voice grew deeper, but I continued.

"That another man did things to me that made me wild with lust?"

"I said stop, Amina."

I crowded his space, wrapping my hand around the girth of his neck as much as I could. I could feel the rabid racing of his pulse beneath my fingertips. His heat flowed through me, settling in the depths of my belly. When I was close enough, I whispered, "What is it that has you in such a livid state, hmm? Is that Michael made me come?"

Whatever control he was maintaining was gone the moment those words left my lips. I was thrown on his desk, papers flying to and fro before my mind could register what was happening.

Callused hands gripped my thighs as my dress was lifted above my waist. He crowded the space between my limbs, inhibiting me from closing them, and ripped my panties from my body. Like the savage he was, Malachai rammed his member into my heat with a force that knocked the breath out of me.

I quivered around him, milking him for all he was worth as a wanton mewl filled the room. He pinned me down to his desk. "Is this what you want, Amina?! For me to lose control?"

The pleasure was too blinding, too intense for me to answer, every time I opened my mouth to speak, moans came out in place of words. I had found my nirvana, right here at this very moment.

"Answer me!" he growled with a smack on my ass that sent me spiraling headfirst into an orgasm that I had not anticipated. My vision blurred as tears spilled from the intensity of it, my soul unfurling and coiling on itself in quick succession.

"Yes!" I screamed, "Oh God, I want this!"

He never stopped, his thrusts only growing rougher, faster, more demanding, and I loved it. He would draw the truth out from me tonight, and from him, I would as well.

"Because," I said breathlessly as he fucked me into yet another release, "It's the only way to get you, Oh, oh, God!"

"Get me to what?!" He grunted as his thrusts grew more erratic. I welcomed the warmth of his fluids as they coated my walls with joy. Laid out on the top of his desk, my eyes never left his as we remained connected.

"Answer. Me," he said in between breaths as he came down from the high of his orgasm.

"Its the only way to get you to tell the truth." I looked away from him as disappointment flooded through me, "Get off of me," I said As I pushed him away.

I was approaching the fourth day of hardly any sleep, and I was tired physically, mentally, emotionally. I just didn't have the energy to keep on going like this.

I got off the desk, and fixed myself as best as I could on my way to the door, "Werewolf, vampire, or human, you're all the goddamn same. Men."

I stood in front of the door, not bothering to face him, he wouldn't get that respect from me tonight, "No one owns me, you understand? This is my body and mine alone, and I will do whatever, and whoever I want with it. I'm not your fucking toy!" I shouted at him, "I'm not some object that you and Michael get to use to display your dominance. Quite frankly, I think you're pathetic, both of you are."

I opened the door and walked out, not even bothering to close it behind me. When I rounded the corner, I bumped into Balfore, who wore a face of skepticism at the site of me.

"I don't have the strength nor the patience for one of your smart ass comments. I'm tired, and I would like to go to sleep, take me to a room where I can, one in which your alpha is not allowed."

"But they're all his Lu-"

"Now, Balfore."

He bowed his head in acquiescence, "As you wish, Luna."

I rolled my eyes.

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