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Chapter 3| Doubt

From the moment she entered the hall, I sensed her. I thought I was losing my mind because I was so sure I would never experience this again. But, then I caught her scent, and I nearly lost all control to Maverick.

Before the shock could register Maverick was on the prowl, he needed to find her. We needed to know that she was real, but I needed to reign him in before the growls tore from my throat.

This was not Shadowfang, and there were far too many humans about. While Matthew knew what I was, I couldn't ruin this event. He needed investors for his company to take off, and I was here in support.

So after a few deep breaths, a stern conversation, and a very stiff drink, Maverick settled down. I could still feel him bristling just beneath the surface, but I knew he wouldn't simmer until I found her.

Her scent was too overwhelming, too addicting, I swear my mouth watered the more concentrated her scent became.

When I found her, she was in conversation with Matthew, and when she touched his arm, I had to cough to cover the rumble that escaped my chest.

I couldn't blame Maverick this time, I was losing control. Luckily, my cough caught Matthew's attention, which was much of a relief as it caused him to move away from her touch.

"Malachai, how good of you to come," he said as he walked toward me. "This is bound to be a great night indeed, " lowering his voice, he whispered, "Have you seen the turnout?" excitement evident in his voice, "The room is dripping with money, I can practically smell it! Clover Industries is bound to secure a few investors tonight for sure!"

"Any louder Matt, and you just might lose them," I answered absentmindedly. Matthew could hardly contain himself, which was understandable.

He worked relentlessly for this moment for years, and I was happy for him, truly I was, but I needed to know who the woman in the apple red dress was.

With her back still to me, I couldn't take my eyes off her. Her hair cascaded in waves of midnight black down her back.

Her skin, Goddess, her skin, what I would give to taste-before I could finish my thought her friend caught me, red-handed, and still I could not avert my gaze.

I watched as she whispered to her friend, "Don't make it obvious, but there is a very gorgeous man who is staring you down like you're his next meal."

I could feel the smirk grow on my face, I couldn't help it. I watched as she tensed unsure of what to do, and then she turned around slowly, moving her eyes from left to right as though searching for someone until they landed on me.

I froze in place the moment her honey-colored eyes fell into mine. The feeling that overwhelmed me at that moment had long been forgotten.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen again. I almost stumbled back with the shock of this revelation, but before I could come to terms with this discovery, the change came on just as abruptly.

Pure, unadulterated hunger consumed me like never before. I had never been this pent up at the sight of a woman in my life. My heart beating in tandem with Maverick's chanting in my mind over and over again, "Take her! Claim her!"

Occurring in my head was a ceremony; as if a spell had been cast, the overwhelming need to touch her, feel her, taste her was impressed upon me.

We was all I saw, all I felt.

Searing heat shot through my veins as the blood rushed through them with newfound need.

I was tempted to approach her, but I wasn't sure how. I could sense she was human, and while Maverick was ready to pounce, I knew she wouldn't understand.

Matthew was going to be my way in, he must have known her if she was comfortable enough to touch him. Just as I was about to ask Matthew to introduce us, I watched as she approached him.

Her gaze never left mine as she walked across the room. With each purposeful step, her hips swayed, her movements reminiscent to a lioness.

The human, she was hunting me, and as the thought registered I couldn't help the devious smile governing my countenance. I was far from prey and she had no idea the things I would do to her.

Matthew turned to face her after she tapped him on the shoulder, "Mind introducing me to your friend?" Bold, was all I could think, and with that thought, my slacks felt all the more constricting.

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