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Chapter 4| Confliction

"Oh, Amina! Please let me introduce you to my good friend Malachai Rendell." I put out my hand to shake hers, this was the moment of truth.

While the simple act of her raising her hand to meet mine felt like an eternity, the moment we made physical contact was all the confirmation I needed.

This woman was my mate, my second chance mate. She gasped as the sensation hit her. As we stared at each other in utter silence, I watched the bond course its way through her, settling itself in her core.

I could see the alarm in her eyes, as the strength of the bond hit her full force now that it had settled.

She pulled away from me, severing all contact before taking a breath to steady herself. "I'm sorry, I-I'm just going to take some air, I-"

"No worries," Matthew interrupted, why he was still in our vicinity, I had no clue. The man never was never good at reading the room.

Ignoring the scowl set on my face he continued, "If you go up a floor, there's a terrace to the right of the elevators, the view at this time of day is amazing."

I let her go, I knew where she was headed, and I would follow, but first I would give her the time she needed because Goddess knew I needed it too.


I followed; I stalked my prey just as my hybrid nature demanded. On that terrace, the air was practically crackling around us.

The tension so thick, too palpable for words to be exchanged. I pounced, and I could hear Maverick in the distant corner of my mind howling with glee that I had finally taken the initiative.

I couldn't control myself, and from her response, she couldn't either. However, I found myself at a loss for words when she pushed me away roughly, but it would not deter me.

There was no way I could let her leave this place without anyone knowing who she was-mine.

The mantra from earlier was now accompanied by the blood rushing through my veins. No longer just a heartbeat and simple command, it had transformed.

It was the beating of drums uplifting the melodic circulation of my blood as Maverick continued howling and chanting the familiar mantra-"Take her! Claim her!"

Never before have I had this reaction. This woman, made my blood sing, and I intended to make her sing too.

Eyeing me with hooded gaze, it was her turn to pounce. She was no mere gazelle, she wanted to lay her claim, but I had already claimed this moment. I would have her if it was the last thing I did.

Without breaking contact we left the terrace, entering an office, who's? I didn't care. Items crashing, falling over I had her on the desk, ready to rip this sinful dress from her equally sinful body.

Her caramel skin was sweet as sin, and that was when I knew I would have my taste. I stood her up, back to me while she faced the windows, she could hardly control herself.

This moment was mine, her reaction was mine, she was mine, and she would sing. I knew what she needed and I would give it to her-when I was ready.

When I gave her the command, she sang for me, and I almost came undone. My arm found purchase around her waist as I continued my assault, but the glint of her bracelet caught my eye, stopping me dead in my tracks.

Cladded in iron was a familiar coat of arms I thought I'd never see again. A centaur with two sabers crossed at the midpoint.

The emblem of The Brotherhood of Knight.

I was sure I eliminated each and every one of them. It had become my life's work to exterminate into oblivion the organization responsible for the death of my mother and my mate.

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