Safety Of His Arms (Connor)

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"Jealous? I don't even like you, ass face. I despise you... Now get off me!" I tried to sound annoyed, but my voice was husky with lust. I attempt to push him again, but he turned me around with a swift move then pressing his front to my back and nudged my legs apart with his knee. A moan escaped from my lips when he slides his hand under my short dress between my legs and rubbed his finger along my dripping slit under my soaked panties. He chuckled and whispered in my ear with amusement in his voice. "The body doesn't lie, Gattina ...(Kitten.) You carve me." *_*_*_*_*_*_*_* Warning 🔞🔞🔞 There's going to be a lot of very heavy sexual content and some violence. Do NOT read if you're under 18 years old. This is the second book of the Safety of his arms series. You can start reading without the first one but it's better if you read the first book first. And guys...? Help me continue... Comments likes and share🥰🥰🥰🥰

Romance / Erotica
Golden pixy
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Chapter 1

Chapter 01


Sitting on a stool at the bar I was staring at my reflection in the mirror behind the bar shelves filled with different kinds of buttles in front of it with what it seems like my hundredth shot in my hand when the bartender broke my eye contact with my heavily drunk reflection.

“Hey, sweetie. It’s getting late. You had more than enough drinks, do you want me to call an Uber?”

It was the sixth time she was asking it and the only thing I wanted was to kick her in her sweet ass but she’s my best friend and my coach said we don’t hit our friends, only mother fucker bad guys, and enemies. His words, not mine...

“No, Janet, for the love of God... I’m fine... Uuugh... I’m going to pee.”

God... I need to punch someone tonight!

When a girl is sitting in a bar drinking her ass off with “just dumped” written all over her people may think she’s upset about the jerk. It probably is correct most of the time but not about me. We’ve been dating for over three years and recently he made me cry in private a lot I felt like I was dating an onion!

I can’t blame him... He wanted a family, I couldn’t give him one! He wanted to leave me for a long time now but for whatever fuckedup reason he had, he couldn’t. Then finally he manned up around a week ago and broke up with me via email and left while I was at work.

MAAAN!!! I throw away almost five years of my life for a fucking pussy?!

That’s why I’m not upset about losing him. I’m upset about dying alone. No, parents no siblings no children, or someone to love...

I was walking toward the fantasy bar’s bathroom and thinking about my empty life when I felt a sharp pain on my butt cheek.

Did somebody just spank me?!

Turning around I saw a young asshole no more than twenty years old with a cocky grin right behind me.

HUH... a fucker to punch...

I was about to get my life’s sweet revenge from the poor loser when someone punched the conscious out of him in one move.
I looked up and saw a handsome tall devil with beautiful shining big emerald eyes and soft touchable raven black hair in a black suit who took away the pleasure I was looking for all-day from me.

“Couldn’t you mind your own business?”

His eyebrows shot up when I snapped at him and his jewel green eyes widened for a moment before I turned around and went toward the bathroom.


Still angry from the green devil, I sat on my stool again and drank my last shot before asking for the last, last shot from Janet.

“That’s enough, Skye! Are you trying to hurt yourself?”

“No! I was trying to hurt the asshole who spanked me near the bathroom but the green devil took the chance from me, now would you please give me another shot... You can call all the Uberes in the city after that. I promise.”

“But, Sky...”

“Please give her another one, Janet.”

“Yes sir.”

Someone said with a sexy panty-melting Italian accent in a deep voice and rich, silky tone. Turning around I saw the same emerald eyes staring at me with amusement on his face.

“you’re welcome.”

“Look... I get it, You’re the rich, handsome Mr. Boss who sweeps into the trouble and saves the sad princess then falls in love with her, and rocks her world in the bed every night to knock her up to have a nice little family and the happily ever after...

Sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Boss. I’m not a princess, I don’t need a savior and I don’t do love.”

“You think I’m handsome, Cara? (Dear)”

“This is the only thing you got from the whole speech? You’re not that smart huh?”

“No, no... I get it! You don’t do love. I don’t do love either and believe me, I’m far from a savior. I just wanted to get you a drink, Cara, that’s it.”


“Excuse me?”

“Skylar, my name is Skylar, not Cara.”

“A beautiful name for a beautiful lady. My name is Connor. Glad to meet you, Skylar.”

“That was a cheesy line, Connor.”

He started laughing and the sound of his laughter released hundreds of butterflies in my stomach.

I don’t know why but I let my guard down and started to talk with him for a while. I started rambling until the drinks I had finally started to kick in. Janet was about to call an uber but Connor stopped her and insisted to take me home himself.

Taking the address from Janet, he took me home in his Fantasy car.

A fantasy man who owns a fantasy bar and a fantasy car with a fantasy driver. He’s the final fantasy!

Somehow I fell asleep in the car and found myself in his arms as he was carrying me into my apartment.

“What are you doing, put me down...”

I said in a sleepy faded voice but I knew he heard me when his chest vibrated as he chuckled at my weak pointless protest.


I opened my eyes to my dimly lit bedroom and I curled under the blanket and closed them again.

From the pounding in my head, and dehydrated feeling I figured I must have been drinking heavily last night. My throat felt like sandpaper. It hurts to move. It was like having the flu. Self-inflicted flu, which deserves no sympathy.

At least the curtains are closed.

Opening my eyes again, I ran toward the bathroom when a wave of nausea added to my misery.
I washed my hands and mouth after emptying my stomach in the toilet then looked at myself in the mirror.

“I need coffee.. a lot of coffee.”

Walking toward the kitchen, I heard someone or something growled on the couch behind me under a blanket.
I saw Max’s baseball bat on the floor and grabbed it as fast as I could then hit the thing under the blanket on the couch without thinking.

Cazzo! (Fuck!)”

I stood there with the baseball bat in my hands and ready to attack again as a tall gorgeous stranger started rubbing his back as he was staring at me with a pair of very beautiful angry emerald eyes.

“What the fuck are you doing you, crazy-ass woman!”

“Who are you? What the fuck are you doing in my house? How did you get in here?”

“What do you mean who are you?! I brought your drunken ass home last night after you passed out in my car...”

“Oh my God... Are you a rapist? Did you touch me when I was drunk? I’m going to crack that useless skull of yours, you rapist asshole.”

“What? Noooo...”

He jumped behind the couch and ran toward the bedroom when I jumped over the coffee table and ran after him with the baseball bat in my hands.

I was about to hit him but he shielded himself with a pillow then yanked the baseball bat from my hands and wrapped his arms around me, then tightened his hold to stop me from struggling.

“Listen you crazy wild kitten. Janet gave me the spare key to your apartment so I can take you home. You were so drunk when we arrived that I thought you might choke in your own vomit if I leave you in that state. I didn’t do anything. ok?”

My body relaxed when he mentioned Janet’s name and I started to remember last night’s events slowly. He loosened his arms around me a little when I stopped struggling then gave me a side smirk.

“Merda! (Shit!) You are wild, woman!!!”

“I... I’m so sorry. I didn...”

I was about to apologize but suddenly stopped when the loud sound of gunshots from the street interrupted us. Conner tightened his arms around me again and dragging me with himself as he lay down on the ground.

“Stay here, Cara. ok? Don’t move.”

I was so shocked I couldn’t answer so just nodded a couple of times before he ran out of the bedroom. Then suddenly everywhere went quiet. I took a deep breath and went toward the living room on my hands and knees. I screamed when the gunshots started again as soon as I put my hands on the livingroom’s floor.

They were much much closer this time... closer like in my kitchen and living room closer!
closing my eyes I put my hands on my ears then suddenly someone grabbed me by my hair.

Alzati cagna. (Get up bitch.)

Yanking my hair he made me stand up and using me as a shield started walking toward the kitchen.

“Connor fucking Russo... I’m going to kill the bitch if you don’t surrender right now.”

Everywhere was silence for a few moments before Connor walked out of the kitchen and throw his gun on the ground.

His gun? He has a gun? who the fuck is he? Who are these people?!

I looked at Connor and frowned while they were busy tying him up.

What the hell did I get myself into!

I looked at Connor’s gun on the floor in front of me then suddenly kicked the asshole who was yanking on my hair in the balls as hard as I could.

He growled in pain and let go of my hair. I rushed toward the gun on the floor but hissed and winced when someone else grabbed my hair again and pressed the hot metal of a recently used gun barrel against my temple.

“Come on... We’ll get Russo to the van. you finish the bitch then come as fast as you can. We need to go before the cops arrive.”

Someone told the asshole who was yanking on my hair before he hit the back of my knees with his foot and made me sit on the ground on them and pressed the gun to my temple again.

So this is how I’m gonna die!

Oh shit...

I knew my heart condition is going to butt in when my breaths shortened.

“I suggest you take your filthy hands off my fiance before you regret it, stronzo (asshole)

I heard Connor warned them before a familiar pain shot through my chest and I started to feel dizzy, then everything went black.


Hi, my darlings. this is the second book of the “Safety of his arms” series. It is not necessary, but it's better if you read the first book (Safety of his arms: Brandon) before this one. So, give it a try and...

Like it, if you like it and then tell me about it.😁😋

Oh! And... English is not my first language and the stories are not edited yet and there is a big chance of different kinds of mistakes. I’m a sensitive soul so, please be kind.😁😋

Love you all💝💝

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