To Be Loved

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My wedding day

A girl in a beautiful full length white gown with her set in an elaborate up do and light makeup on her face stared back at me as I looked at myself in the mirror.

This was it.

The day all my dreams come true.

I am finally going to be able to get away from my horrible life and begin a new chapter with Ryan. As I think about him , a new feeling blooms in me and its tendrils wrap around my heart making me sigh with happiness. A burst of joy shoots through my veins as I think about what lies ahead of us. For the first time in my life , since my parents died , a feel of euphoria washes over me making me see he world in a new life.

Maybe I do deserve to be loved.....

As I finish the final touches on my dress the door to the room opens with a bang and my aunt and uncle come in with matching scowls on their faces. They are both dressed to impress as the cities elites were attending the wedding of the year between the heir of Adams corporation and the daughter of one of the richest men in the country.

My aunt comes and inspects me before saying.

" I guess there is only so much you can do to hide how ugly someone is. Where did you even get that dress? Goodwill?"

That remark brought me down from my bliss and into reality. My dress belonged to my mother and I wanted a part of her to be with me today.

My uncle gave me a glance and then said,

"You know how important it is that he falls in love with you. You ruin this and my entire company goes bankrupt. You understand? DO NOT SCREW THIS UP. "

"Yes uncle." I replied meekly

Only a few more hours of suffering...


My uncle's fingers dig into my skin as we stand before the doors leading to the chapel. A million thoughts race through my mind as I stand at the brink of this new beginning.

Is this the right thing to do?....

Am I jumping from the frying pan to the fire?...

Ryan will love and take care of me...right?...

I am woken from my inner panicking by the sound of a piano playing the bridal march. My uncle grasps my chin and turns my face towards him.

"Do not screw this up for me you understand? I don't care what you do, do not let him destroy my company or my family.. if you know what the consequences will be"

"Yes uncle"

Only a few more minutes....

I guess whatever Ryan does can't get worse than this....

I take in a deep breath as the doors open and we walk down the aisle. The music from the piano surrounds us as I look up to see something that makes all my doubts and worries disappear.

A sense of calm washes over me as I see Ryan standing at the end of the aisle looking at me with so much love, like he would give up everything for me. The smile on his face widens as we near him and when my uncle hands me over to him the look of adoration on his face could compete with the love moon has for the night.

"You look beautiful" he whispers to me, making me blush from my head to toe. I smile back at him and we turn to the Reverend who begins the ceremony.

"Dearly beloved...."

I am lost in the beauty of the ceremony and don't realise time flying. Soon it's time for our vows. Ryan begins by saying

"My dearest Daniella,

I promise that I will respect you as an individual, support you through difficult times, rejoice with you through happy times, be loyal to you always and, above all, love you as my wife and friend. I promise to love and respect you, helping our love grow, always being there to listen, comfort and support you, whatever our lives may bring"

The look in his eyes when he says this brings tears to my eyes and I get choked up as I repeat my vows.

Then the Reverend announces

"I present to you Mr and Mrs Adams! You may kiss the bride"

I gasp having completely forgotten about this part in my nervousness. Ryan slowly grabs on to my chin and looks into my eyes. His grey orbs pierce into mine as though looking deep into my soul. He slowly leans forward and places a soft kiss on my lips making me go weak at the knees. It seems like forever before he pulls back but was only a few seconds in reality.

The crowd starts cheering as we pull away and start our descend down the aisle. Outside, a hoard of paparazzi were waiting to get a few pictures of the couple of the year. Ryan expertly avoids them as we get into the car and begin our journey to the reception.


The hotel where the reception was taking place was close to the church and it only took us a few minutes to reach there. Ryan was unusually silent throughout the ride but I chalked it up to wedding jitters.

Once we reached there we were ushered out of the car and we're dragged into the hotel in an attempt to hide us from the media.

After a walk through the lobby we reached the ballroom and entered together. The guests had already arrived and everyone started cheering as we came in. We were quickly surrounded by guests and I was dragged away from Ryan before I could get a word out.

Being thrust into the world of socialites and snobby women covered in makeup was not my idea of a fun time but that is exactly what happened once I was dragged away from Ryan. I suffered through their endless jibes and comments and mindless gibberish about the latest trends and gossip for hours before Ryan and I were called for our first dance.

We met at the centre of the dance floor and I thought I saw something pass through his eyes before a look of happiness filled his face.

"May I have this dance young lady?" He asked cheekily and I replied

"Why of course my good sir"

He took my hand in his and pulled me towards him as we danced to the rhythm of some song. His eyes bore into mine as we danced and I thought I saw something akin to sadness pass through his eyes before it disappeared.

The people around us started clinking their glasses indicating us to kiss and Ryan didn't disappoint. He pulled me flush against him and placed a smoldering kiss against my lips. The kiss made me feel like I could take on the worldwith him by my side .

Soon it was time for is to retire and as we walked out I caught my uncle's eyes as he mouthed

"Do not screw this up"

Well atleast those threats don't matter anymore....

I entered our room and went to the bathroom to freshen up before our wedding night. I had never been with a man before and was extremely nervous.

I waited on our bed for Ryan to come and within a few minutes he did come.

But the Ryan that came in was not the Ryan I knew...

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