To Be Loved

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I always had a feeling of security and love when Ryan looked at me. But that's not what I saw in the person standing in front of me.

He had the same body and face, but the look in his eyes said a different story. The same eyes that looked at me with adoration and love looked at me with loathing and hate. Like my mere presence caused him pain.

He came in and stood by the door as i sat on the bed in my wedding dress , wondering what could have changed in such a short period of time. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath and said,

"Pack your stuff. we're going home"

Saying that he left the room, slamming the door on his way out.

I sat there wondering what happened to the sweet Ryan who never raised his voice or was rude.

Maybe it's something I did...

I quickly packed all our stuff and went out to the lobby. Ryan stood there, leaning on a wall while looking down onto his phone. I went towards him with our bags and said that I was ready. He gave me a curt nod and indicated for me to follow him. He lead me to the parking lot and got into his car leaving me to deal with our heavy bags. I struggled to get them into the trunk and then joined him inside. He saw me getting in and started driving without a word.

The drive was filled with uncomfortable silence and all my attempts to start conversation was shut down by his curt replies. Once we pulled up to his house he got out and almost ran into the house while I took a minute to take in mansion he called a house.

Calling the monstrosity in front of me a house was an understatement. The mansion looked like it had three stories. The driveway was surrounded by bushes and I could see a hint of trees peeking from beside the building. Seeing that Ryan had already gone in I quickly gathered our stuff and followed him inside.

The inside was even more luxurious than the outside. I walked in and was welcomed by the sight of a huge stairway spiraling around, leading to the other floors. A chandelier hung on the ceiling of the entryway and the windows were covered by red and gold drapes. I saw Ryan reaching the top of the stairs and walking away and followed him not wanting to get lost in this maze of a house.

I saw him walk across a long hallway and followed him to the room he went into. As I opened the door he turned around asked me with a frown,

"Where do you think you are going?"

"Isn't this our room?" I asked confused.

Then I saw as the Ryan I knew changed into a monster in front of my eyes. An evil gleam filled his eyes and said,

" This is my room. Come on , grab your stuff I'll show you to yours."

"Aren't we staying in the same room?" by now I was truly confused as to what is happening.

" No we are not. And you are not allowed to enter my room under any circumstance. Understand?" I nod in agreement not knowing why he was being like this.

He started walking out and I followed him with my bags. We reached down the stairs and behind them was a door. Ryan opened it showing a small storeroom.

"Keep your stuff in there and follow me."

I kept my stuff in there thinking I was to come and get it later. We moved towards the back of the house where the kitchen was. There, a door led to some stairs which looked like it led to the basement.

Fear started crawling up my mind at the thought of going in there as memories of my time in my uncle's basement came back to me.

I tried to grab Ryan's hand but was sharply pushed away as he said

"Don't touch me, ever."

I was startled and timidly said,

"Ryan, please don't take me down there.."

"Why shouldn't I?" He asked and my uncle's words on what would happen if I opened my mouth came back to me.

"No reason. Just please don't take me there..."

" Oh so the little princess can't handle staying in a dark and cold little room. Too bad for you because this is your new room." He said with hatred and malice seeping through his voice.

I gaped at him in horror as he said this and took a proper look at the place. The floor was cemented and the walls were bare. There was water dripping out of one place and the surrounding area was covered in mold. There was a single flickering bulb dangling from a wire by the corner and I even thought I saw something running in the shadows.

I turned around and looked at Ryan in horror ,

"Ryan please don't do this to me. I'm your wife! I thought you loved me?!!"

He started laughing hysterically and said,

"You my dear are not my wife. You are my slave. I bought you from your uncle and you will do as I say. And love? Ha how could you even think that I could love someone like you? You are disgusting ugly person and no one will ever love you."

At that moment I felt all my hopes and dreams of a happy life crumbling under my feet.

"But... I love you..." I mumbled under my breath but he heard it and smirked.

"Well then I guess I am a great actor.."

My heart had already been broken before and I felt as his words crushed my recovering soul. The physical pain I felt by the hands of my old family couldn't compare to what I was feeling at that moment.

Tears started filling my eyes as I stared at the man I thought had loved me. The man I thought was going to be my savoir. He was supposed to be my prince, but he turned out to be the monster who captured me.

"Why are you doing this to to me?" I asked with a broken voice.

" Oh honey, this is nothing. Be grateful u even have a place to stay. I was planning on letting u stay in my dogs kennel but changed my mind. Be grateful for that. And as to why I'm doing this? You'll know when you have to. Now come on, you have work to do. You didn't think you'll be able sit and nothing all day did you?"

I guess I don't deserve to be loved....

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