To Be Loved

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Angel in Hell

The memories of my past and the future looming before me haunted my mind rendering me sleepless. The hateful look Ryan had in his eyes as he looked at me was becoming the cause of my nightmares. My life continues to go on, disrupting the lives of others.

After a sleepless night I started my day early not wanting to make Ryan angrier than he is. I went up to the kitchen at around six thinking of getting an early start on breakfast. As I reached the kitchen I found an unknown presence by the stove stirring a pot oblivious to the surrounding world.

I cleared my throat not knowing who it was standing before me.

"Umm.. excuse me.. but who are you?"

The figure turned around revealing a woman with blue eyes and a beautiful body. Her long brown hair was pulled up in a bun and her eyes were filled with suspicion.

"And who are you to ask me that?"She asked with a frown.

"Umm... I'm Dani..Ryan's...wife?" I meant to say but it came out as a question.

The woman flashed me a bright smile and came dashing towards me, giving me a hug. I was taken aback by this action and looked at her confused.

"Hi!! My name is Theresa and I'm the cook here! Ryan had told me you would be here. Its really nice to meet you!"

I was taken aback by her cheeriness and continued to look at her like she was crazy.

She gave me a sheepish look and said,

" I'm sorry for behaving like a six year old kid but this is so exciting!! I haven't had anyone to talk to since Ryan dismissed all the staff a couple of days ago."

"Nice to meet you too. I'm Dani."

"Good to see you up and about Dani. Although I wasn't expecting you to be up until like in the afternoon because ... you know... you just got married..."

I blushed at her words and said,

"oh! no ... I .. I'm an early"

" Hey don't worry just relax. So did you need something?"

" I.. thought I could get started on breakfast..."

" Oh there is no need for that. I am almost done with it. You ca help set the table if you want to."

" Oh ok..sure" I said and started helping her out.

As we worked, Theresa told me about herself and her family. She told me how it was working for Ryan and how better it was here than with her other employers. After a while I started relaxing in her presence and was able to talk to her a bit about myself too.

Pretty soon Ryan came down for breakfast and sat down to eat. I quickly served him and he started eating without a glance at me. After finishing he told me to come and meet him in his study immediately after washing up and left. The sight of the leftover food made my mouth water as i hadn't eaten since my wedding reception. Deciding to ask him whether I could have something to eat when I meet him , I carried myself to his room.

" Come in " I heard him calling out as i knocked on the door.

He looked up to see me standing there and smirked before saying,

" Tonight some of my business associates are coming here for dinner. I need you to cook a three course meal and dessert before the get here and the house must be spotless. You will act as my maid when they are here and serve us. Theresa will be gone by 11 am so don't expect help from her. If I find the presentation today satisfactory you may have something to eat."

There goes my hope of getting something to eat....

I nodded without much hesitation and was about to turn away and go when I decided to give it another try,

"Ryan... c-can I have something to e-eat b-before working?" I stuttered

He gave me a look of rage before stalking towards me and grabbing my chin

"What did you just call me?" he ground out from between clenched teeth.

By the time I realized my mistake it was too late.

"I-I'm sorry sir... I-It was an accident! It won't happen agai-"

I was cut off by a harsh slap to my cheek. He hit me with so much force i fell on the floor, hitting my head on the ground. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up and held my face right in front of his face , forcing me to look into his eyes. What I saw made me shake in fear as his fingers dug into mu chin. His eyes were red with rage and there was a vein protruding by his temple.

" Do not ever forget what you are! You are nothing but a worthless piece of sh*t and don't deserve to take my name from your filthy mouth. Understand?!"

He suddenly threw me to the floor and kicked me in the ribs making me cry out loud. He alternated between kicking and speaking as he said the next words,

" You"






I curled into myself , tears leaking out of my eyes as he continued his assault. Kicking me one last time he said,

" Do not ever repeat this again. If you do, whats coming for you will be way worse than this. As for food... you had your entire life to eat luxuriously ... a few hours of hunger wont kill you. And if your parents ever find out whats happening here you will wish you were dead. Now get lost and start working. After all you have a feast to prepare and a mansion to clean in " he took a glance at his watch and said " less than 9 hours. Good luck with that."

With that he went back to what he was doing leaving me on the floor trying to silence my groans. I tried to get up but my leg kept buckling and I fell back to the floor.

" What are yo still doing here!! GET OUT!! " he screamed and I somehow managed to drag my battered body out of there.

Reaching the kitchen I tried to compose myself so as to not make Theresa alarmed. I took a deep breath and tried to hide my grimace as my ribs burned. Walking into the kitchen I saw Theresa put on her coat and getting ready to leave.

She turned up and gave me a big smile as she walked towards me.

At least someone is happy to see me... people don't realize the value of a single smile... sometimes it could be the difference between a smile and a frown that saves someone's life...

" Hey you alright?" she asked me

" Yes of course .. why wouldn't I be?"

" Nothing .. its just that you look a little red...take rest ok?"

Yup sure.. loads and loads of rest is definitely in my immediate future....

" Sure. Are you leaving?" I asked

" Yeah.. for some reason Ryan gave me half the day of today.."

"Okay then.. see you later" i said as she gave me a smile and went away.

As she left I gave a sigh and started to the the closet where the cleaning supplies were located. As I grabbed the supplies and started to clean the upper floor bedrooms , I remembered my life with my parents and how different even the simplest thing were back then...

I struggled to hold the giant mop properly as i tried to tried to clean my room. The mop was twice my height and I failed to hold it properly.

" Stand up stwaight Mr mop I cant cween my woom withowt you"

The mop kept silent as I waited for it to stand straight and help me.

Getting frustrated I gave up and went in search of my mom. I found her in the library reading a book by the fireplace. I went up to her and tugged on her skirt to grab her attention.

"What is it honey?" She asked

" Mwommy the mop is being mean to me... its not standing straight and helping mwe!!" I said with a pout.

My mom chuckled loudly before grabbing me and placing me on her hip. She started walking towards my room and said.

"Baby... mops don't do their work on their own. we have to hold it properly and move it to clean/ understand?"

" But mwommy the mop in the beasts palace works on its own.. why doesn't ours work?"

Mom smiled at me before saying

" Don't ever grow up okay? always remain my sweetblittle innocent angel...."

I was confused but remained silent as mom carried me to my room to clean up the mess I had made there.

If only she knew her angel has been living in hell all her life....

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