To Be Loved

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My saviors

The human mind can only handle so much before it has to collapse. People who sleep at night without any worries don't know hard it is for us who can't. The memories keep gnawing at my mind when I close my eyes, rendering me useless. I had finally reached a point where I physically couldn't handle anymore. And it was in that state that Theresa found me the next morning, surrounded by my own blood and vomit, passed out in the washroom.

When I woke up I was lying on a bed in the guest bedroom as Theresa wiped my face with a wet towel. Seeing that I was awake she gave a small gasp before engulfing me in a big hug.

"You're awake!! What happened?!! I went to clean the bathroom and found you passed out in the there!! I thought you were dead! and when I told Ryan he told me to pour some water on your face and tell you to get on with your chores. Honey what happened?"

Her worried expression and kindness to someone she barely knew made me break. I started heaving and crying loudly as she kept hugging me . Once I was able to speak without choking I broke and told her everything. From what happened with my uncle to what Ryan was doing , I told her everything. She kept her arms around me throughout the entire time and by the time I finished her face was contorted in pity and rage.

She kept silent even after I had finished talking but her silent comfort was all I needed. I slowly calmed down as she whispered calming words in my ears and gave me the comfort no one had ever been able to give me before. Just as she was about to tell me something we heard the doorbell ring and someone pounding on the door. She gave me a confused look as the pounding continued. I gave her a shrug indicating I had no idea who it was. She gave me a reassuring look and held my hand as we walked down to the door. The person behind it was pounding on it like crazy and it made me shake in fear . Who knows what new form of torture was waiting for me there.

Theresa gave me one last look and opened the door and I was immediately tackled into a hug making me lose my balance and almost fall on my face. But the arms around me kept me steady and continued hugging the life out of me making me say

" C-Cant breathe"

The arms around me loosened revealing a face that made me forget all my worries,


Just before my uncle's big announcement he had forced Henry to go back to France for some business. He must have known Henry would never let this marriage happen and removed him from the picture.

He must have come back recently and learned about my marriage. Or else he wouldn't be so panicked.

" Dani...." He said in a broken voice

"I'm so sorry I couldn't help you... I should have been here.." He looked close to tears at this point.

" Its okay Henry... you couldn't have done anything... I was always doomed.."

" No its not okay! Just look at that bastard has done to you!!"

I was only wearing one of Theresa's tank tops and shorts and my bruises were fully visible. My body now looked like someone had painted it blue, yellow and purple. My bones were protruding from malnutrition and my skin looked paler than milk.

His words brought back memories of what had happened and tears filled my eyes. Theresa must have understood that I needed a moment and took away Henry's attention by introducing herself. She explained to him everything that had happened and they talked while I tried to compose myself.

" Dani look here..." Henry called out after talking to Theresa.

" We can't let this go on anymore. We are gonna help you run away.Go and pack your bags."

"But..I-I cant...Ryan or Uncle will find me..."

" No they wont. I have a few friends who will be able to help you. No one can find you there."

What if he was right....Maybe I could escape my hell once and for all.. But if Ryan finds me I probably wont survive the night... But what if I do escape...

" Okay" I agreed

" Good . I'll get some food for your journey" Theresa said and we to the kitchen.

" Don't worry Dan... everything will be okay" Henry told me with a smile and gave me one last hug before leaving me to pack my stuff.

I went to the closet where Ryan had locked my stuff and quickly packed some essentials and got into some decent clothes before going to where Henry was standing. He was talking to Theresa when I got there and when they saw me coming , greeted me with quick smiles. Henry told me to come and meet him in the car when I was done and went out. I was left alone with Theresa who wrapped in a big hug, making me breakout into tears.

"Shh... It will all be okay..." she said

" Thank you so.. much I'll be grateful to you for ever..." I said in between sobs.

"Hey its okay ... " she said again and gave me pat on the back before ushering me to the car where Henry was waiting. I hugged her one last time before getting into the car with Henry.

" You ready?" he asked me .

I nodded in agreement and he started driving. The slow hum of the engine lulled me into some well needed rest and I fell asleep.

When I woke up Henry was pulling into a motel.

" we have been driving for more than five hours. We can drive the rest tomorrow." He said and I nodded.

I waited for him as he booked us a room and he soon came back with the keys. A staff member showed us to our room and we went in. Henry must have been tired cause as soon as we got in He plopped down on a couch and and fell asleep. I was feeling grossed out from all the travel and took a shower before lying down on the bed.

A few hours later Henry woke me up saying he was going to get dinner. A few minutes after he had gone I heard someone knock on the door. Thinking it was Henry who had forgotten something I opened the door saying,

" You are such an idiot He-"

But as I opened the door instead of Henry I saw the monsters from my nightmares standing in front of me with matching evil grins.

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