To Be Loved

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Hello uncle


It had been my constant companion all my life. But the last few months with Ryan had taught me a whole new meaning for that word. But whatever he did, nothing could compare to what he did last night. He not only hurt me in a way no one had physically he also destroyed my dignity and self respect. He reduced me to something less than human , something he felt he could use as he felt, giving no respect to my consent. I had in all sense of the world , become his plaything.

And that was the final straw.

This couldn't go on and if no one could save me, I have to save myself.

The next morning when I woke up , back in the little closet with blood covering my lower body, i was filled with a sense of urgency that made me realize I had to escape from this monster whatever the cost.

But it didn't seem like a possibility considering the fact that that monster had locked me in this room. My body was badly hurt and I couldn't even stand up straight due to weakness and dehydration. But that didn't stop me from trying to find ways to escape this hell.

I spend the whole morning trying to think of something but couldn't find any ways. But fate must be on my side because a few hours later I heard Ryan coming in to the room.

He opened the door and sneered at my condition before shoving a tray full of food and a bottle of water towards me with his foot. I was truly confused as all this time I was barely allowed a glass of water and now he was giving me food which made my mouth water. Even the plain bread and butter that he gave seemed to be the most delicious smelling food I had ever seen.

I drooled at the sight of the food in front of me but held myself from flinging myself at the food and shoving everything in my mouth. I turned up to see what he expected me to do only to be met by his stern face showing no emotion. Then suddenly he said,

"Get up and eat this . Be grateful I even allowed you this food. And later get up and get dressed in the clothes I have kept on the bed. A business partner of mine is holding a ball and I am being forced to bring you. Keep in mind that I would never bring you if I had the choice, The only reason I'm taking you is because people have started to think that you are dead. We haven't gone out in public since the wedding and I don't want people to think I killed my wife."

But you did are the reason I'm dead inside.....

With that he went away leaving the room open. The minute he went out I rushed to the tray and ate the food faster than I had ever before. Sometimes I even fell like throwing up as it was the first time in weeks that I was having solid food but I still continued eating.

Once I had finished everything I took a deep breath and tried to stand up. My knees were trembling and I was barely able to stand straight but this was better than I had felt all these days. I stumbled into the bathroom and looked at myself for the first time in weeks.

The sight in front of me was not pretty. my entire body was black or blue I looked like I hadn't slept in days. My hair looked like something had made a nest in it and then called its friend over.

A lone tear escaped my eye as I stared at the person in front of me. I could barely recognise myself as the woman in front of me did not resemble the the Dani in knew myself to be. The Dani who always tried to face everything life threw at her with a smile on her face was gone and was replaced by a broken woman.

One who had forgotten how it felt to smile....

I took one last look at myself before getting into the shower. The warm water soothed my tense muscles and I felt human again.

Once I was done showering and battling with my hair I went to where Ryan had said he had kept a dress and found one of the most beautiful dresses I had ever seen.

It was a long sleeved dress with a modest neckline that was a deep crimson. The material flowed around like a river of blood and it seemed to match my situation perfectly. The long sleeves covered my bruises and cuts making it seem like everything was fine.

Only if it was...

I put it on and did my hair in a small up do and covered my bruises as well as I could. Thankfully the dress covered most of my arms and upper body so it was okay.

By this time I was feeling much better and started planning my escape. I decided that once we get to the ball I would say I was going to the washroom or something and then escape from there.

When Ryan came that evening he looked really good in his tux, but all I could see was the monster that lay under that facade. He looked at me for a minute and I thought something akin to regret flash through his eyes but I must have been mistaken. He didn't say a word as we drove to the ball and continued remaining silent as we went into the ballroom.

The place was filled with people dressed lavishly and everyone had a drink of some sort in their hands. The whole place gave of the vibe of luxury and I was very uncomfortable there. We entered and Ryan turned to me and said,

"I know you are not used to keeping your legs closed but try and maintain a sense of decorum while we are here. Do not embarass me here or go away from me. Stick close to ... I don't want you blabbing about everything to someone." As he was saying this he leaned close to my ear. To anyone else it might look like he was whispering sweet nothings into my ear.

If only that were the case....

Ryan kept a firm grip on my arm as he introduced me to person after person. I kept trying to find a chance to escape his grasp but it wasn't happening.

And then a few minutes later I came face to face with someone I had wished never to see again.

" Hello Dani" My uncle said as he greeted us with a smile.

Ryan was standing right beside me so I only responded with a fake smile.

" Hello Mr Roberts" Ryan said and my uncle turned to him. They continued chatting for a while before my uncle suddenly said,

" Say Ryan..would you mind if I could talk to Dani here alone for a while? You know.. Father to daughter..."

Ryan quickly hid his frown before saying

"Of course sir..." he said this and gave me a look of warning before moving away.

"Now come with me you little whore" my uncle said and he dragged me into a hallway away from every one and pushed me to the wall.

" You little bitch!!! I told you to keep Ryan in check ... then why is he secretly trying to destroy my company!!!??" His face had become red by this time and he looked like he was one step away from bursting.

"I-I am-"

"Shut up!! you better not screw this up for me or else I will take care of you just like I did your parents you understand??!!"


That was how I felt at that moment. I don't know why the news that my uncle was the one behind the fire that killed my parents even surprised me. I mean at this point nothing should surprise me.

He suddenly slapped me and then left for the ball room leaving me alone, clutching my cheek , to digest this shock. But I didn't get the time to do that as I realized that I was alone.

I was finally alone.

I didn't waste a second longer and dashed to the back exit that was being used by the caterers. They weren't very surprised to find a lady in a huge ball gown dashing through the doors. I ran through the doors and into the cold night and,

I left.

I left ...not knowing my husband had been standing behind a pillar next to us the whole time.

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