To Be Loved

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But it never is...

Dani's pov

I ran.

Once I got out of that building I ran with everything I had left in me.

I had finally left my nightmare and into the world of freedom. I didn't care that I didn't have any money, or that I had no one to go to or no place to stay. Running in this dress was like running with a sack flour but I didn't dare to stop. All I cared about was that I escaped Ryan.

As I ran I kept turning my head around to check whether he was following me. I was afraid he would catch up to me like before and drag me back to his prison.

And I knew. I knew that I wouldn't survive another one of his rampages.

It felt like hours had passed when I finally had to stop because of exhaustion and nausea. I collapsed in a dark alley which looked like a set from a horror movie but I physically couldn't move another inch. I was on the verge of passing out when I heard footsteps approaching me.

I dragged my eyes to where the sound was coming from and saw five men approaching me. They looked like they hadn't taken a bath in years and some of them had bottles of beer in their hands. Their beady eyes were filled with evil intent as their eyes roamed over my body shamelessly. One of them came and kneeled before where I was lying and started stroking my face. He had a scar by his left eye and he smelled like the dead.

" What do we have here.... hello doll,,whats a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this at this time of night?"

I couldn't even move myself to get his disgusting hand off me and he continued to touch my body in ways I never wished to be touched again. By now his friends had joined us and they formed a circle around us. Unlike Ryan, the monsters in their eyes were not hidden. They were out in the open for everyone to see.

"That dress and jewellery looks expensive...Why don't you hand over everything you have and we all go our merry way eh?" scarface said as he lifted my necklace with one finger.

I was unable to even nod or give any sort of reply and lay there completely still. Scarface tsked under his breath before saying,

" Looks like our little lady needs a lesson in manners boys... why don't we show her how we should treat our superiors?"

He didn't even finish saying that before the person next to him crashed his beer bottle on my head. The bottle splintered and I could feel some pieces digging into my skin. Before I could even register what had happened They had started kicking and punching me wherever they could.

I was already in agony as all of my old bruises and injuries had flares up because of my exhausting run. When they started hitting me at first the pain was unbearable, but then it was almost like my body was shutting itself down because it couldn't handle anymore pain. I was lowly loosing my senses and pretty soon I couldn't even feel the blows anymore.

Then suddenly I felt scarface pick me up and and I felt like I was flying before I crashed into a nearby wall. The hit knocked any remaining life out of me and I felt blood trickling don my forehead

I thought I saw was two people running towards us and raining punches on the men and the last thing I felt before the darkness finally claimed me was someone gathering me in their arms and telling me everything was going to be okay.

But it never is....

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