To Be Loved

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Body mind and soul

Ryan's pov

I have gone through a lot in my life.

But throughout everything, the thought of revenge had fuelled me to move forward and not just give up on life altogether. Some might think that even though my parents died, at least I was adopted by rich parents who loved me...that's gotta count for something...

I am grateful to the Adams. They gave me everything after I lost everything and dragged me back from the depressed hell I had been in. Mom and dad tried their best to make up for the family I had lost but what they didn't know was that the old me had been destroyed.

James Roberts had killed me along with the rest of my family that night.

Every single night I dreamt of how I would destroy that man and his family just the way he had did to me. He awoke something dark in me that even I found unsettling. Dark thoughts plagued my mind, wrecking havoc in my soul. The raging fire in my heart could only be satisfied by one thing,


The thought of revenge became my drug. Whenever I felt the darkness take over that one thought calmed me and make me work harder. Soon I took over my dad's company and in a very short time, took it to new heights. In just a few years I had become one of the richest men in the country.

But all this meant nothing to me. The one thing I wanted was still out of my reach. The time that had passed had only fuelled the rage in me and nothing was able to quench its thirst. The darkness was taking over me, body and soul...until it wasn't.

Because I met her

That day at the bookstore when she bumped into me at first I thought she was some desperate woman trying to make a move on me. I was going to give her a piece of my mind when I saw her face.

I thought I was dreaming when I looked at her and saw the most beautiful woman I had ever met. Her plump pouty lips called to me, just begging to be kissed and her small button nose made her look like a little cherub. Dark hair cascaded down her back in waves, rippling like the soft waves of the ocean as she moved. When I stared down into her ocean blue eyes , for the first time in years I felt the darkness retreat, and the quench for revenge had calmed. I suddenly had a new purpose, protecting this angel. The goddess in front of me should never come into any harm. One look at her innocent blue eyes and I was already drawn. She would be mine, and I hers....forever.

The way she stuttered and rambled was the cutest thing I had seen and made me want her even more. She made me want to be a better man, just for her...

But before I could object, she had left my grasp. She ran away saying she had to meet someone and disappeared before I could follow her.

I had lost my angel.

Suddenly I was obsessed. I had to know who she was and every last detail about her. I immediately asked my PI to find everything about her. The wait for the her file was the most agonizing wait I had gone through. I was restless and impatient , unable to even concentrate on my work.

Then the file came.

Daniella Roberts.

Daughter of James Roberts.

What I felt that day was almost as painful as what I went through the day my family died. I felt like my angel had betrayed me, and once again I was filled with rage. But this time worse than before.

I wanted to see her dad suffer. What better way than to hurt his daughter?

But the thought of hurting my angel made my heart ache. I would rather claw my eyes out. But then I remembered my mothers face as the she kneeled before James , begging him to spare her life. That image was all it took to remind me of what I lived for. I started making plans to trap that bastard and his daughter and came up with the best idea.

I asked James to work with me on a project. It was set inn such a way that it would make them a lot of profit, but if I ended the contract they would lose everything. James being the greedy bastard he is agreed immediately and when I put forward the idea of me marrying Dani he was only too happy. At first I was confused because I thought he would be a bit reluctant to marry of his precious daughter but I chalked it of to him being too greedy.

Then I met her again. She was just as beautiful as I remembered but I kept reminding myself who she was.

The daughter of my family's killer.

We went on many dates and spent lots of time together. As I got to know her more I felt something in me I had never felt before. I grew to crave her company and her smile became the reason I got up everyday.

But then I was scared.

Scared of what I felt for her.

She made me forget my plans and my revenge. She made me forget all my worries and troubles and showed me a whole new world. For a second i was in love. I was on top of the world with nothing n my way but pure joy and love.

But then I saw her dad and how he cared for her. How she seemed to be the center of his world. And I was scared. Scared that my enemy's daughter held the keys to my heart. I couldn't let that continue and slowly distanced myself from her. And I vowed to make her life hell. To make her wish she wasn't born. To destroy her and her family.

And for me to forget what I felt for her...

And I did. After our marriage I let out the monster I had kept hidden all this time. I let the darkness take over me and I turned into her worst nightmare. The love I felt for her was overshadowed by my hatred for her father and I let everything out on her. I destroyed her.

Body, mind and soul....

Now as the bastard asked to talk to her alone, I couldn't help myself. I wanted to see whether she would go crying to daddy and end all my plans. So I followed them out of sight. I hid behind a pillar and what I saw shocked me to the core.

I saw her hit the wall as he pushed her into it.

" You little bitch!!! I told you to keep Ryan in check ... then why is he secretly trying to destroy my company!!!??" His face had become red by this time and he looked like he was one step away from bursting.

What??!! That bitch..... I'm going to kill her!!

"I-I am-"

"Shut up!! you better not screw this up for me or else I will take care of you just like I did your parents you understand??!!"

I...I don't understand...what does he mean her parents? Isn't she his daughter??

Suddenly I saw him slapping her hard and her face flying to the right. He gave her one last warning and started walking away. I was filled with rage at the sight of someone hurting her and as he neared me I stalked towards James and punched him in the face.

" I will deal with you later " I said and walkd towards where they were standing , leaving a stunned James on the floor.

I had to find her. I had to know what was happening.

Did I hurt my innocent angel?

I was completely confused and roamed around the building calling her name , but it was like she had disappeared.

I saw a worker carrying a bunch of plates and stalked towards him and asked,

" Have you seen a woman in a red dress wandering around here?"

He thought for a moment and said,

"Yes sir, a woman had run out through the servants exit a few minutes before. We thought she was late for something-"

Before he could finish I had started running towards the exit and into the streets.

But the streets were empty.

A cold wind was blowing as I ran through the streets screaming


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