To Be Loved

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Fallen Angel

Third person pov

A man rushes into the emergency room at the St. Thomas hospital, covered head to toe in blood and clutching a woman who looked dead.

"Somebody help!!" he yells as he rushes inside and the attendants hurry towards him with a gurney. He quickly lays the woman down on it and she is hurried into the emergency room. A doctor rushes into the room as the the nurses try their best to stop the blood flowing from a severe wound on her head.

" What happened to her?" The doctor asks.

" I found her in an alley and there were some guys attacking her. she had been thrown into a wall when we reached there..." The man said.

" Okay sir you're going to have to step out while we treat her."


"I'm sorry sir bit you're going to have to listen to me. We are trying our best to help her..."

Another man who had come in with him drags him out of the room and the doctors get to work. The man who had come in with the woman drops into a seat nearby and clutches his head in his hands.

"Don't worry Mason.. she'll be okay.." the other man says.

" You don't understand Nic... She looked so...broken when she closed her eyes. I don't want her to suffer anymore."

Nico sits beside Mason and pats him on his back.

" Don't worry man, she is a fighter...I just know it..."

They both pace through the hallway outside the operating room...hours pass but no news reach them. Mason looks like he is on the verge of breaking down the doors and going in there when suddenly the doctor comes out of the room with a grim look on his face.

Mason rushed to the doctor and asked him,

"Doc! is she okay?"

The doctor gives a small sigh and looks up with teary eyes. He had been working in this field for more than 10 years but what he had been through before was nothing compared to what he had seen today. The condition of that poor woman had made him almost lose his belief in the concept of humanity. He had been shedding tears continuously as he saw the condition that woman had been in. But he couldn't help but admire the strength that woman go through so much and yet struggle to survive.

"I'm sorry..That woman in there is the most bravest person I have ever come across...there are signs of previous abuse all over her body. She is highly undernourished and dehydrated. She has four broken ribs and a few are bruised. Its a wonder her lungs are not punctured. Her body is severely bruised and there are a few broken bones...I'm sorry but...she had been raped not too long ago and there are tears in her private regions.."

Mason and Nico stood by him , still like they had been struck by thunder. Their eyes had gone glassy and their hearts clenched as they heard the condition of the poor woman inside. Mason finally asked the doctor,

"C-Can we meet her? is she awake?"

The doctor gave a sigh and said,

" That's what I wanted to talk to you about...You see when she was thrown into that wall her skull had been fractured and blood had clotted in some parts of her brain. She has slipped into a comatose state and we can't say when she will wake up. It might be hours , days or even years..she might not even wake up..ever. We can only wait and see."

Mason stood silent as he heard what the doctor had said. His heart ached for the woman inside, she had gone through so much in her short life...The doctor had left , giving them permission to visit her. Mason took a deep breath and didn't wait for Nico as he went inside.

He walked to where she laid. her raven hair lay spread across the pillow. Her face and arms were covered on blueish black bruises and her head was wrapped in a bandage. her long eyelashes curled and almost touched her face and her pouty looks gave her an air of innocence.

How could someone hurt such an angel?.....he thought as he stood beside her bed.

He takes her hand in his and feels how bony and fragile they are. He once again feels for the woman...his fallen angel.

The door clicks shut as Nico comes in. He goes and stands beside Mason and looks in sadness at the woman in front of them.

"What are you going to do know we cant afford her expenses..."

Mason glares at him before saying,

"The business can wait. We pause our plans until she wakes up."

His tone left no room for argument and Nico nods his head in understanding as Mason drags a chair next to her bed and sits there with her hands in hers.

Wake up soon my angel....

Ryan's pov

My mind is clouded by confusion and doubt as I wait for my men bring Tatiana. Dani's sister must have some answer to the questions that have been plaguing my mind. I drop my head into my arms as the doubts crawl up my mind.

What did he James mean by her parents?

why was he hurting her?

what did he men by take care of her?

What...What if she was innocent?

No...that's not possible. She's just the whore i I know her to be...

My men have been trying to find her for hours but it is almost like she had disappeared off the face if the earth. I have to find her...what if something happened to her?....

I am deep in my thoughts as the door bursts open and a dyed blonde woman with a painted face storms into my office. She looks extremely pissed off as she shouts,


"Good afternoon Miss Roberts. Please calm down. I just want to ask you a few questions. You answer them honestly and we all part on our merry way." I say and she huffs before plopping into one of the chairs in front of my desk with all the grace of a baby hippo.

Dani is always so a female swan...

" Well are you going to ask me something or just stare at my face?" Tatiana asks.

I frown before replying,

"Right. So I heard your father mention something about Dani's parents. What did he mean by that? Isn't he Dani's father?"

I watched as the blood left her face and she paled like a ghost. She cleared her throat before saying,

" Of course she is!! What nonsense are you saying. Do you know what my father will do if he hears about this?! I-""

I cut her off by saying,

" Ms Roberts,before you go about spouting more nonsense let me tell you I have proof about your drug addiction that your family has been hiding for years. Now tell me the truth or that will be on the cover of tomorrows newspaper."

The look on her face when I said that was priceless. She kept opening and closing her mouth like a fish as she was struck speechless. I waiting for a few seconds and my patience was almost out.

" Well? are you going to tell me the truth or not?"

She let out a huge sigh before finally giving in and saying,

"Yes you are right. Dani is not my sister or my dad's daughter."

What??!!! No.......

I felt the blood drain out of my face when she said that. But it was not over.

"She is my cousin. Her parents were killed when she was five in a fire and my dad took her in .Too bad she had to go...she made a good maid..." no no....

Suddenly everything started to make sense. What that bastard had said at teh abll started to make sense to me....

He killed her parents...

Suddenly I remembered Tatiana's last words,

" What do you mean maid?"

I watched as a sick gleam filled her eyes. She seemed to be recalling some memories that made her sickly satisfied.

"Oh you don't know do you? My dad took her in, but not as his daughter but as his slave. He made her do all the house work since she was five . I must say we saved quite a lot of money firing the rest of the staff. He punished her for the smallest of things...He punched her kicked her, cut her, starved her, locked her in the basement. Those were fun times...even mom and I joined him at times...She was our punching bag. Finally he forced her to marry you. Ha! it was simply hilarious how she denied at first!! Dad locked her in the basement for weeks and tortured her for weeks before she agreed..."

" Get out"


"I said fucking GET OUT!!!!" I screamed as she scrambled out of the room.

NOOO!!!!!!!! NO NO NONO......

what have I done......

I hurt an innocent girl..She was innocent all this time ...I-I raped her...

The gravity of the situation had finally sunk in and I felt my heart drop to the floor.

"I-I have to find her..I have to find her and apologise. SOMEBODY FIND HER!!!!!!!" I yelled and sunk to the floor.

What have I done....

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