To Be Loved

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Found her

Third person pov

The sound of passing cars and the hussle of the hospital drowned out as Mason sits by the woman lying on the bed. Her serene face makes him forget his worries and troubles....even if its only for a short while.

"You know angel...I had a meeting with some potential investors for my company today.But it went like every other meeting this past week...They declined. But I can't blame them....even I would have declined to invest in a newly graduated 25 year old's start up with only big ideas as assurance....I guess its another week of Ramen noodles and crackers for me and Nico." Mason says with a sad laugh.

As mason sighs and debates selling his watch for paying her medical bills this weeks , he sees a flash of red and realizes that the woman's lower body had started to become covered in red blood. He gets up with a start and runs out calling,


The next half of his hour is spent pacing outside her room with a worried Nico by his side. Prayers and promises to a god he didn't believe in left his mouth in whispers as he panicked in silence.

Then suddenly the doors opened revealing a grim looking doctor. He approached the men and his next words made the man's heart drop to the floor.

"I'm sorry but..she lost the baby."

Mason felt his heart aching as he thought of what the woman will have to go through if she wakes up. Even thought does not know the woman, he could tell that she would have loved the baby with all her heart.

"B-But didn't you know that she was pregnant? why was it not sown in the previous reports??"

" I-I'm sorry sir but we didn't bother with the tests for that....We didn't think-"

"WHAT SORT OF HOSPITAL IS THIS??!! YOU DON'T EVEN DO THE PROPER TESTS FOR PATIENTS?? I WONT LET HER STAY HERE ANY LONGER!! JUST PREPARE HER PAPERS!" Mason was shaking with anger at this point and the doctor hurried to do as he said. Nico put his hand on Mason's shoulder and said,

"Mase..calm down. So...I was thinking, our business doesn't seem to be taking of here...Its been months...what do you think about moving somewhere else? We can start fresh...we can also take her with us....You don't have to agree but I think it will be good for us.."

Mason who had been thinking along the same lines saw this as the final straw. A new start was what all of them needed.

"Okay Nic...We can prepare to move by tomorrow evening.."

Ryan's pov

The stale smell of beer hung in the air as I sat on the floor of my living room. It had been a whole week since I had learned the truth and I was yet to find my love. I had to find her...I have to.. I need to apologize and tell her I'm sorry for everything I had done. I know she won't forgive me ... but I have to try. Just once .. . I have to see her just once. I'll make her understand that I had changed,that I wouldn't hurt her anymore. It was my fault...all my fault.

I threw the bottle of beer in my hand and heard it shatter as it hit the wall. The act of agression helped relieve a bit of anger I felt but it wasn't much. I kept remembering her pleadings and how she begged me to stop. In my quest to destroy a monster, I became a monster myself.

I felt tears leaving my eyes as her screams echoed in my ears. She pleaded ...just like my mom had, but I didn't listen.

I became the demon I had always feared....

I lay on the floor, tears running down my cheeks like the physical representation of my regret, clutching another bottle of alcohol and drowning my sorrows. I didn't even realize that Wyatt had come in and was shaking me. He shook me out of my daze and I was brought out from her screams. The echoes receeded a bit and I was able to recognize my surroundings but my mind was still fuzzy from all the alcohol.

"This is enough man!! How long are you going to continue this??!! Its been a week and you haven't had anything to eat or drink other than beer! I've been your best friend for years but I haven't seen you like this before!! I can't see you like this man! Get up and take a bath and have something to eat." Wyatt had been trying to get me to eat something for days but I couldn't. His words sent me down another spiral...

I garb Dani by her hair and push her down to the floor. A sick sense of satisfaction fills me as I see the tears roll down her cheeks as I kick away the cover of what I had brought for her to eat. I push her face into the bowl of dog food and laugh as she tries to resist my hold. I push her down harder and chuckle as she finally breaks and eats the shit I had kept there. She was finally in her place,

As my bitch...

The memory makes me want to throw up and I clutch my heart as I break into another set of tears. I look up at Wyatt with glazed eyes and tell him,

"Okay...I'll eat...Bring me a bowl of dog food.."

Wyatt's face twists in disgust as he says,

"What?? are you out of your mind?? Why would you want to eat that?"

"It's what I made her eat...isn't it.." I whispered. Wyatt gives a loud sigh and takes a deep breath before saying,

"Would you get up if I told you I found Dani?"

I was taken aback for a moment but then my anger rose,

" Don't joke about this!! You don't know what I have done...I have to find her" the last part left my mouth as a sad whisper.

"I'm not kidding...I found her. Come with me I'll take you to her."

Once I took a look at his face I knew he was telling the truth. Suddenly, for the first time in days my heart felt something other than pain. A small spark of hope was ignited in me and I jumped up from my horrible state.

"Really? you're not kidding? Then what are you waiting for? I'll meet you in the car!!" I said and hurried out of the room, I quickly took a shower and freshened up not wanting to meet her in this state.

The car ride was filled with silence and me tapping my foot impatiently as I waited. Wyatt looked tense the whole way but I was too excited to notice. But when he suddenly turned the car to the enterence of the nearby hospital I turned to him with a confused look.

"What are we doing here Wyatt?" He gave me a sad look and told me to follow him silently.

We got out and I followed him through the halls ans suddenly he stopped in front of a door. He turned to me and said,

"Come in with me...but please don't make a scene."

With those final words he opened the door and I followed him inside not knowing what to expect. But what I saw in front of me was definitely not what I had expected. There on the bed lay my angel, her head was covered with bandages and her body was badly bruised. It physically hurt me to think of how I was used to that sight. Her cheeks had sunken in and her skin was deathly pale. Her eyes were closed and sadly , for the first time since our marriage I saw her in a state of calmness.

She looked a wilted flower..

I hesitantly walked to her bed saw that she was not reacting to anything. I tried calling out to her,

"D-Dani? I-Its me...Ryan..I know you're angry but...please open your eyes..." I begged but she lay there unmoving. I turned to Wyatt ,

"W-Why isn't she opening her eyes? Does she hate me that much?" My voice cracked as I asked him my greatest fear. But he just gave me a sad look and told me that he was going to bring a doctor.

A few minutes later he came back in with a doctor in tow and I hurried to him and asked him what happened. He asked me my relation with her and I said I was a relative. He seemed satisfied with my answers and started talking.

"She was brought into the hospital a week ago by a man. She had been attacked in a street and and had almost died because of the hit to head. It caused her to fall into a coma and there is no saying as to when she will wake up. But we also noticed that there were signs of severe previous abuse all over her body. She was severely underweight and dehydrated and had had healing bruises and cuts all over her body. T- There were also signs of sexual abuse...Now she's recovering in her body but it's like her mind has shut down. It's almost like she doesn't want to wake up..."

I've heard people saying they have felt their worlds collapsing around around them. But it was at this moment that I actually understood what that meant.


Signs of previous abuse...

Sexual assault...

Doesn't want to wake up...

These words kept spinning in my head and I was hit with what felt like a wrecking ball of sorrowful memories,

My mind was in a drunken haze as I stumbled into my room. It was my parents death anniversary and I had gotten drunk. My hatred for the Roberts family was at its peak and I wanted to make them suffer. I stumbled with the key until I finally opened the closet I had locked Dani in and saw her huddled in a corner shivering from the cold. The sight of her brought back memories and my blood began to boil.

I ignored her pitiful pleas and dragged her onto my bed. She was going to know what pain really meant. I told her to shut up and slurred something as I teared her clothes off. She kept trying to resist me but I slapped her and pushed into her in one hard thrust. I ignored her screams and continued thrusting into her as I moaned in pleasure. I could see blood pouring from between us but I didn't stop. A mix of revenge lust and alcohol had taken over me and that evening I gave into my demons until they were satisfied.

The memories came crashing down on me and I gaped in horror as I listened to what the doctor was saying. Her screams echoed in my head as I struggled to stand straight after what I had heard. But the doctor wasn't done,

"I-I'm sorry...but she also lost the baby...she wasn't receiving enough nutrients and there had been too many wounds to her stomach..there wasn't anything we could do..."


Couldn't save the baby....

My Dani was pregnant...I was going to be a father...

Not enough nutrients...too many hits to the stomach...

It was then that I realized the true gravity of what I had done. I had starved dani...I hit her...The baby was dead because of me...

I killed our child.....

The doctor had gone by now and I was left alone with Dani. I ran to her side, tears streaming down my face and clutched her hands in mine and cried,

" D-Dani I'm sorry! I'm so so so sorry!!! Please wake up I need you !!! Dani please......"

She was still lying there unconscious and I was turning mad with regret and grief. I let go of her hand and ran out of the room ignoring Wyatt. I ran and ran until I reached my house. I went went into the basement and fell on the floor clutching her clothes. I cried and cried for hours , not realizing that my Dani was being taken away from me yet once again at that moment.

I'm sorry my love...please wake up...

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