To Be Loved

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Her haunting screams

Third person pov

The cold basement is filled with the stench of booze and sweat and the floor covered in empty bottles of beer. An old mattress lies in the corner and on it lies a man only half conscious. His naked torso covered in cuts and wounds he inflicted on himself but still, he failed to feel anything.


He was completely numb. But what was the point of feeling anything? All that had mattered to him was now gone. The sweet revenge he wanted to taste for so long had lost its appeal and what he desperately wanted had been snatched away from him...again.

He had gone to see his love once again but only to met with an empty bed and ignorant doctors. They had no idea where his love had been taken. All they knew was that the man who had brought her there had taken her away that evening not wanting to continue here any longer. The only thing he was able to do just then was let out his anger at the people nearby so that's what he did.

After being kicked out of the hospital it seemed like he had forgotten everything...the only thing he seemed to care about was finding her so like a mad man he continued to roam the streets of the city, screaming her name. But the only reply he received was the shouts of people telling him to shut up.

Hours of screaming and running around the city had taken a toll on him and his feet took him to the nearest bar. It was a shady place , filled with the lowlives of the city and if he were in his senses he would have scorned at the peeling walls and broken chairs but at that moment all was forgotten. He stumbled into the nearest stool and gave his order without giving much thought to it. The first glass helped in numbing his aching heart.. but soon the pain came back with more strength and that was followed by another glass of alcohol. Glass after glass of alcohol went through his lips in effort to help him forget...but all they did was increase the pain.

He just wanted to forget...

By the tenth glass of whiskey he had started feeling dizzy and soon passed out on the counter. But soon or after what seemed to him like a short while he was shaken awake my two rough hands. He lifted his eyes to meet the brown orbs belonging to Wyatt.

"What the hell were you doing??!!" yelled Wyatt.

"We've been looking for you for hours now and you were passed out in a bar?? What the hell were you thinking??"

Wyatt's speech flew right past him and kept muttering the same words over and over again and Wyatt understood what had happened.

"She's gone...she's gone...I lost her...They took her Wyatt...she's gone...."

"Ryan get up and come with me....we'll go find her.."

Ryan looked up to him and slowly nodded but as he tried to get up he stumbled only to be caught by Wyatt. He gave a sigh and held his arm in his and dragged him out of that dingy place and took him back home. At home he continued drinking and passed out again, but his time in the basement.

This was a year ago.

Now the same man lay in the same place with only the changes in his body as signs of the time that had passed.

His once strong and healthy body had detoriated . He had grown thinner and his once clean shaven face had become covered with a thick unkempt beard. His eyes were bloodshot and the dark circles under his eyes made him look like someone had punched him. His body was covered in scars of wounds he had inflicted on himself and some were still bleeding. He clutched a bottle of beer in his hands and his half open eyes were glazed with unshed tears .


PLEASE!!!! I'M SORRYY!!.....


Sir....please don't do this!!!!

I love you.....

Ryan!!!!! I'm sorry.......


Ryan clutched his ears in a desperate attempt to stop those haunting screams only he could hear. He kept muttering 'I'm sorry...please don't cry' under his breath but the person who was supposed to hear that was long gone.

Because of him.

He crashed his hand on the floor , forgetting that he had the bottle in it. The broken pieces of glass surrounded him and he relished the feel of the blood flowing down his hand from where the glass had cut him.

Suddenly he saw Dani lying in front of him. Her frail body was covered in blood and bruises he had made but he didn't stop. He had continued whipping her for burning a piece of toast and hadn't stopped until his belt had broken and she had passed out.

The tears finally broke free at that memory and flowed down his cheeks. He held the broken piece of glass that reminded him of how he had broken her and stabbed his arm with it. The relished the piercing pain and stabbed himself once again thinking he deserved it for what he had done.

Her screams kept echoing in his ears as the darkness finally claimed him and he passed out , not even realizing the pieces of glass were piercing his torso. His faint whisper was filled with pain as it echoed through the walls

I'm sorry Dani.....


Mason's pov

The chilly air whipped past my face as I walked through the streets near the hospital. Winter was nearing but I couldn't afford another coat so I had stuffed my arms in my coat in an effort to keep warm. I looked up into the sky only too see the that the weather matched my mood. The skies were filled with grey clouds which were not letting the sun's rays pass through them. The whole environment around me seemed to be gloomy and that matched my mood perfectly.

I was returning from yet another failed meeting and this time I was really close to giving up hope. I have been trying to start my own business for the past year but have been unable to find investors up until now. My only source of income was from bar keeping every night but that went towards my rent and my angel's medical bills.

She has been in a coma for the past year and recently there have been signs of development. The doctors are sure she will wake up soon but they have been saying that for the past month now and the excitement I had been feeling has been diminishing. I wish she would wake up soon.

I don't know anything about her, not even her name, but when I saw her in that alley that horrible day and saw her eyes I knew she had been through a lot and also that I wanted to help her get over it. Her eyes were filled with pain and suffering but I knew she was strong. Any woman who could go through all this and still come out alive had to be strong and I knew she was the strongest of them all.

I don't have much...hell I don't even have dinner for tonight, but I know I want to help her, help her overcome everything and I want her to join me on my journey. We could build our life together as friends...or maybe even something more.

I just hope she would wake up soon.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and opened it to see a text from Nico saying he was waiting for me in the lobby of the hospital with Angela. Nico has been my best friend for ages now and he has been there through thick and thin. Even now when I'm on the verge of bankruptcy he is there for me, believing that we would make it. He had met Angela a few weeks after we had moved here and they have been dating for months now. She knew about our situation and about my angel and fully supported what we were doing. She comes in everyday and checks on her and helps the nurses with caring for her even when she is busy . They were now waiting for me at the hospital so that we could go and visit my angel together.

I reached the front of the hospital and saw them waiting for me. After greeting them we went in together to her room but the the sight in front of us made us all freeze.

The bed was empty...and my angel was gone.

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