To Be Loved

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Mason's pov

The word surprise suddenly had a new meaning as I stared at the empty bed in front of me. My angel who had been in that bed every day for the past year was not there and I felt like a huge part of me suddenly went missing. I stood there like I had been struck by lightning and continued to gape at the empty bed in silence only to be shaken out of my daze by Nico.

" Where is she?!!" He yelled in my face

" I don't know!! Somebody get the doctor!!" I yelled back and continued staring at the bed. It was like I had suddenly forgot how my legs worked. Suddenly I was met with a stinging pain in my cheek and turned to see Angela looking at me innocently. I glared at her holding my cheek and she said,


"Why did you slap me??!"

" You looked like you were gonna pass out...and I've always wanted to do that...." she said with a shrug.

I continued glaring at her but Nico interrupted our glaring match by saying,

" Are you two going to continue glaring or do you want to know what happened to Mallory?"

We needed a name to admit her into this hospital so we decided to name her Mallory for the time being. I just hope she doesn't mind...

"Right" I said and we started in search of the doctor who had been taking care of her.

We walked around until we reached his office and barged in without knocking. The doctor was busy reading something and looked up when we came and gave us an unamused look before saying,

" Sure , come in please.."

Right we should have knocked but a patient is missing...that definitely counts as an emergency. I ignored him and got right to the matter.

"Where is Mallory?Why is her bed empty doc?" I asked.

He gave a tired sigh and scratched his head. He looked really tired and I wondered what had happened in such a short while to make him so tired. He gave us a guilty look before finally saying,

" see uh... She...She kinda woke up..."

"WHAT??!!!" we all yelled together and the doc cringed.

" Yeah..she woke up this afternoon and started screaming and saying she was sorry for some reason..She wouldn't calm down and started attacking everyone who came near her so we tried to sedate her, but she kept lashing out and yanked off the wires attached to her and then ran out of the hospital..." The doc looked really guilty as the said this and we took the time to take in everything he just said. I just continued staring at him and then asked,

" So she woke up?"


"She woke up and attacked everyone?"

"Mhmm yes"

" She ran away?...yes?"


"So she's gone?"



Everyone winced at my sudden yell and Nico put his hand on my shoulder trying to get me to calm down. I could feel a vein in my forehead throbbing as I tried to control the rage I was feeling. The doctor sighed and said,

"Look Mason I know you're angry but we've been trying to contact you for wouldn't pick up the call..But don't worry we've called the police and informed them of what happened. They are looking for her right now.."

Right...I had turned my phone off for the meeting...

I turned to see Nico and Angela with matching worried looks on their faces. I ran my hand over my face and got the information about the police from the doctor and quickly hurried outside.

Nico grabbed me by my arm and asked,

"Wait so what are we gonna do?"

I sighed and said,

" We can't just let her go now can we? Lets go find her! "

Nico raised an eyebrow at that

"This is a pretty big city...are you sure you'll be able to find her? We don't even know her real name..."

I scowled at him and said,

" I don't care. We're finding her and we're starting now. Lets go to the police station." and with that I started walking towards the police station. I heard Nico and Angela arguing as they walked behind me nut ignored it as thought of all that had just happened.

She woke up...

She finally woke up!!

I am suddenly overcome with joy as I thought of finally being able to meet her properly. I will finally be able to look into her beautiful eyes and tell her everything I've wanted to say for so long..How she is the strongest woman I have met and how I want to get to know her more...

But she's gone..

She's gone and I have to find her.

I am suddenly filled with the desperate need to find her and hold her in my arms and start walking faster and soon see the police station in front of me. I hurriedly walk in and start ringing the little bell in the front continuously in hopes that someone would come out soon.

I hear Nico and Angela walking in behind me and panting from trying to keep up with my pace. Soon a police man comes to the front. He was a big man with a beer belly and a scruffy beard. He had a cup of coffee in one hand and a donut in another. He was busy chewing on it and frowned when he saw us.

" What do you want?" He asks us with the food still in his mouth. Angela lets out a sound of disgust which she quickly covers up as a cough. He looks at us like we had committed some sort of crime by coming here and goes to sit in a chair by the front. He puts the cup on the desk and groans as he relaxes into the chair.

" So? Is there a reason you came or did you just decide to randomly disturb my coffee break?" He asks us harshly.

I clear my throat and try to hide my apprehension as I say,

" Uh yes...Do you have any news on the woman that ran away from the hospital today?"

He looks confused before asking,

"What woman?"

"The woman who ran away from the hospital today afternoon? with black hair and pale skin?Don't you know who she is?"

A look of recognition passes through his face

" Oh her! Ahh yes...and may I ask what her relation is to you?" He asks us skeptically.

I give Nico a nervous glance but he just smirks and says,

"Oh she's his wife....isn't she Mase?"

I glare at him one last time before saying,

" Uhh..yes she's my...wife.."

The officer rolls his eyes and mumbles something about crazy couples under his breath and says,

" Look kid... we've been slammed nowadays and don't have the time to deal with couples who have issues. This is a big city and we don't have enough time to deal with your problems...don't worry she'll come back home when the night falls and it becomes cold. Now run along before I lock you up for public disturbance..."

Is public disturbance a real thing??


" Out!!" he yells and we run out before he really does lock us up and stop in a street nearby.

I take a deep breath and look up to the sky trying to figure out what to do next. Nico and Angie start whispering to each other as I try to calm the burning sadness in my heart. I feel the small ray of hope I had disappear and am suddenly overcome with despair as I think of my angel all alone in the cold.

Where will she stay tonight?

Wont she be cold and hungry....

Come back angel....

I am snapped out of my thoughts as Nico hits my arm.

"Oww! what did you do that for?!"

He rolls his eyes and says,

" Just snap out of it before you start moping around...So I have a plan, You know my friends from the garage? We can ask them to help us search the city for her and you can also ask your other friends for help. We can start tomorrow and I'm sure we'll find her soon...don't worry."

Nico works in a garage for now and most of his friends are ex-military or marines. With their help we could find her for sure...

"Okay...come lets go" I say and start walking back home.

I'm gonna find you angel....

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