To Be Loved

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Dani's pov

I opened my eyes.

I don't know how long its been but the darkness had finally receded and I finally came back to the world of light. I had to see him. Find him and thank him for being there for me.

And that would be the last thing I do before I end it all.

I and I will end it all. Because that is the solution I found to end my pain for once and for all. But before that I had to meet Mason. Just once, then I would die in peace.

And for that I woke up.

The my eyes slowly fluttered open and the blinding lights of the hospital made my eyes hurt for a second. I was surrounded by whitewalls and the sound of the heart monitor beeping steadily echoed in the room. I tried to move my arms but they ached as they hadn't been used for a long time. I could feel the needle from the IV in my hand but my focus was not there.

I had to see Mason.

I sat up with a grunt and frantically looked around the room but it was empty. Not a soul was in sight and I was completely alone.

No..No No...

Mason is not here...I'm alone...

Ryan is going to find me...

I was suddenly overcome with memories and I started shaking as I thought of what is going to happen when Ryan finds me . I know I can't survive meeting him again ...He's going to kill me...

Mason is not here...he isn't real. I can't do do this...I have to go before Ryan finds me.

I have to escape...

My mind is overcome with fear and I let out a loud scream. I had to get away from here and I start ripping of the needles and wires attached to me. The heart monitor starts beeping very fast as my heart beats frantically in fear.

Suddenly the door bursts open and a doctor rushes in followed by a bunch of nurses. They stop in their tracks when they see me sitting up and as soon the doctor sees my panic stricken he starts to approach me with his hands raised.

"Hey Mallory...please calm down, we're no gonna hurt you.." he says.

Who's Mallory?...This must be some sort of trick..

He must be working for Ryan. He will take me back to him....I can't lat that happen again..

"Noooo!!!! I won't go back!!! H's going to kill me!!! Please don't take me back there!!" I cried

The doctor and nurses surrounded my bed and tried to calm me down saying that I was safe.


I knew better than to believe them.

" NOOO!!!" I screamed and stumbled of the bed and pushed past the nurses. I got out of the room and started running out of the hospital. I could hear the security chasing me but I didn't stop. My feet pounded the pavement and I ran with all I had left in me. Soon I saw a small alley that looked like it could barely let on person pass and I ran there. There was a small crevice barely big enough for a small child but I managed to fit inside. I heard the people chasing me run past the alley not bothering to look in such a small place and flop down on the ground.

The strenuous exertion had caught up to me and I panted as I tried to get the air back into my lungs. Sweat was pouring down my body and I felt dizzy. I was on the verge of passing out and black dots continued to plague my vision. I sat on the ground with my hands covering my face, my body shivering with exhaustion and my mouth felt like it was filled with cotton.

My head kept spinning and I knew I was going to pass out soon. The last thing I saw was a woman coming towards and the darkness claimed me.


Third person pov

Stella walks through the abandoned alley after a quick trip to meet Liam. His stuff was always fresh and gave her the high she needed. She had stocked up on all she needed for the week and was on her way back to her dingy apartment.

As she neared the end of the alley, she saw a figure crouched in a small crevice and was about to pass without minding it...but something made her stop. She paused by the small body and crouched next to it. As she got closer she realized that it was a small girl who had passed out from what seemed like exhaustion. She was going to leave her there but decided to take a look at her. She pushed back the hair that had previously covered her face and was struck for a moment.

The girl in front of her was an angel. Her dark hair, olive skin and pouty lips made gave her an exotic look and her dimples gave her an air of innocence. She was the definition of beauty.

A smirk quickly rose on Stella's face as an idea popped into her head. She decided to take the girl with her and somehow managed to drag the half awake woman back with her. Once she reached her apartment she dropped her on the couch and adjusted her body so that she was lying on the couch. She went to the kitchen and brought a glass of water and some pills and managed to managed to get the girl conscious enough to swallow them. Once she had done so she covered her with a thin blanket and went back to her bedroom. She plopped down on the bed with an eerie smile, waiting for the girl to wake up.


Hey guy 👋

Ik...I suck at writing third person pov 😅

So what did u think??

What do u think of Stella?

How many of u r waiting for Mason to come back??

What about Ryan??

Share your thoughts in the comments section 😜

Thank you so much for reading ❤️


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