To Be Loved

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My battered body ached as I dragged myself up the stairs to the 30th floor.

I should have known breaking that plate would have consequences......

I finally reached my office and almost fainted at the sight of all the paperwork waiting for me

20 files and its only 8 AM

Just as i was about to tackle the mountain of paperwork waiting for me the intercom buzzed and I suppressed a groan as my uncle's voice yelled..


Damn it! how could I forget that!

I ran to the breakroom and quickly filled a cup of coffee and hurried back to his office.

I entered the room and kept his coffee on his table.

"Where is the Morrisson file?" he asked

"That file is not due for another month. I was only getting started on it..."

"Well I want it today before 3 pm so you better get started on it . Miss lunch for all I care. I want it on my table before 3 understand me?"

"yes sir"

Its not like you want me to do a months work in one afternoon...

"Then what are you waiting for? Get out!!"

I ran out of his office and returned to mine. After alll I have a whole month's work to do.

I'm so gonna get beaten tonight...

As I started in my work I thought about my parents and how different things were when they were alive.

My parents were the actual owners of this company. They died when I was 5 and the company was passed on to my father's brother. I was just the additional baggage they had to take on in order to get control of Roberts Inc.

Trust me they never let me forget that.

Well as I was saying my parents Mark and Cindy died in a fire when I was 5. They were able to save me but they couldn't save themselves. So I've been living with my uncle's family since then and they officially adopted me for appearances sake. Now I'm 22 and am thier official maid/ uncle's PA/errand girl...

By the time I had finished musing a long time had passed and I still hadn't finished the report. It was past 2:45 so I put on my brave face and went towards his office.

"Come in!" He said as I knocked

"Sir ..,.."

"You! Finished with the report?"

" Sir about that..."

" Have you or have you not finished that bloody report?"

"No but-"

"Get out! And don't come home unless you finish it understand??!!!!"

"Yes sir" I whispered.

Looks like I'm staying overtime...

It was past 8 when I finished my work and reached home. As I reached home I was welcomed by the sight of my cousin going out. She was probably on her way to another nightclub.

Great ... I guess I'll have to clean up whatever story is written about her tomorrow...

I reached my room in the attic and plopped on to my bed.

What did I do to end up like this....

I drifted of to sleep thinking about my parents and the few happy memories I had.

I woke up with a start when I felt ice cold water on my face.


"Wake up you little b*tch! We are waiting for breakfast!"

Great. Aunt and uncle dearest woke up before me. Guess it's no breakfast for me today.

"Yes ma'am" I replied and hurriedly freshened up before going to the kitchen.

"Good morning ma'am, sir" I said as I entered.

They didn't bother to reply and continued their conversation.

I quickly prepared bacon toast and some more stuff and set the table before informing them that breakfast was ready.

" Finally. We have been waiting for half an hour. Since you made us wait you can go without food for the day." My uncle said.

Told ya... Although I was only expecting no breakfast...

"Yes sir" I said and started to clear up the mess I had made in the kitchen in my hurry.

As I was clearing up I accidentally dropped a bottle of milk and dread crawled up my mind.

"Daniella! What was that sound?" I heard my aunt ask

" I- I accidentally dropped the bottle and - "

" You little- James!! Come here for a moment!!" She yelled.

"Yes darling?" He came in

" This little b*tch just broke a bottle of milk and wasted it. Don't you think she should be punished for wasting our food?" She asked with a smirk.

" Of course darling." He replied with a matching smirk.

"Daniella on your knees. Now!" He ordered

I slowly got on my knees as I knew that resisting is pointless

"Nuh uh not there .... On the glass you broke. Don't you think that's only fitting?"

" Yes sir" I replied meekly

It's not like it's the first time this has happened....

I winced and suppressed a scream as I slowly kneeled on the glass. I could feel the glass piercing my knees and bleeding as I held back tears.

One would think I would be used to this by now...

"You won't get up unless I say so understand?" He asked as aunt Marianne stood by watching.

"Yes sir" I replied with a shaky voice.

He nodded and warned me again before going back to his study. Aunt Marianne turned to me and slapped my cheek before kicking me and left, leaving me alone on the cold floor kneeling on glass shards ...

What can I say.... Just another day in my life....

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