To Be Loved

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Never letting her go

Mason's pov

A week.

It has been a week since we lost Mallory.

Where is she? Is she okay? Is she alive.....

All these thoughts have been plaguing my mind, making me unable to think of anything else. She had already gone through so much...I should have been there for her. I have been drowning in that guilt for the past week and I know the others are worried about me....but I can't help it. It was my fault she panicked...I should have been there.

We have been combing this city in hopes of finding her but it was all useless. No one had seen or heard of a girl fitting Mallory's description. It was like she had disappeared into thin air. Nico and I have spends days without rest, walking through the streets in an attempt to find her. But still....

I had started my search early today morning and hadn't stopped even after hours had passed. Eventually, Nico dragged me back home and locked me in my room saying that I couldn't continue searching for her like this...without eating or drinking or resting....just walking in hopes of catching a glimpse of her shadow.

And so here I was, sitting on my rickety bed while my Mal was all alone somewhere...

My Mal? When did she become my Mal? I meant my friend Mal...right ...that's what I meant....but is she my friend if I haven't even spoken to her yet?

I broke away from my thoughts when I heard the door opening. A blonde head looked trough the small gap before the door opened fully revealing a dressed up Nico. He was wearing some of his best clothes and had tried to tame his wild hair using gel but to me it looked like he had been licked by a cow. I held back a snicker at his appearance but I think he noticed it because he gave me a menacing glare and said,

"Don't you dare! Angie did this when I told her about my plans and I couldn't exactly say no her without making her upset...."

This guy was head over heels in love with that little devil....he couldn't bear to see her upset and would do anything to make her happy....I hope I get to experience that someday....

I bet Mal and I could have that...

Wait what? No I didn't really think that did I? Of course not...

"Yo here?" I heard Nico call. I saw him waving his hand wildly in front of my face. I pushed his arm away and stood up.

"So...whats with the get up??"

He sighed and said,

"So today I met an old school mate of mine and turns out he's now a big shot restaurant owner. We started talking and when I told him about how you were moping like a lost puppy nowadays he told me to bring you to his restaurant and that maybe an outing would cheer you up. So long story short...we're going out and you need to get dressed."

That explained the monkey suit.

I gave a sigh and said,

"Nic...I appreciate the thought but I really don't want to can I when she's out there somewhere?"

Nico just smirked at me,

" I knew you would say as insurance I brought Angie along! She's waiting downstairs and told me to tell you she will come up here and kick your ass if you don't get it downstairs in the next 20 minutes."

Crap. An angry Angie was like an active volcano...we can't say when it will burst.

"Okay fine..." I said sullenly and got dressed. When I reached the entrance of our apartment complex I saw Nico and Angie waiting for me. When I neared them Angie turned to me and said,

" My my clean up good..."

" Don't call me that."

" Hey you're my girlfriend not his!"

Both Nico and I say at the same time.

Angie just scoffs and says,

"Whatever. You both better leave before you miss your reservation."

I simply ignored her and started walking towards his car while Nico went to kiss her good bye. Once had come and we started our journey he said,

"Mason...maybe... it's time for you to give up. We have searched the entire city and couldn't find her...maybe she really is gone..."

" You don't know that Nic...but even if she has, I won't stop looking. I don't know why but I just wont."

Nico just went back to driving knowing that arguing with me was useless. We had had this conversation many times before and each time he had gotten the same answer.

Once we reached the restaurant we drove to the parking lot and parked and as we were getting out, I heard it.

The scream that had haunted my nightmares.

I gave Nico a look and he nodded as we both started running to where the sound had come from.

As we got closer to a parked car we heard muffled sounds of struggle and what I saw on the other side of the car made my heart weep.

My Mallory was struggling under a creepy guy as he kept punching her. She kept trying to scream and throw him off but he was too strong.I wasted no time and yelled,


I ran to the creepy guy and pushed him off of her. As I gathered her into my arms I saw Nico taking over for me and raining punches on the other guy.

"M-Mason?" I heard the most beautiful voice whisper. Her voice was like the sweetest melody and I knew I wanted to hear that voice even as I was taking my dying breath.

I felt her hands come up to my face and cup my cheeks. Her hands soft like the petals of a baby rose and I felt like I was drowning in the green ocean that was her eyes. They were glazed with tears and for some reason the sight of them made my heart bleed. I clutched her closer to me as I leaned into her touch.

" I'm so sorry Mal...I'm sorry I wasn't there for you" I whispered.

"Y-You're r-real?"

She voice was filled with disbelief and amazement. She continued to hug me tighter and at that moment I decided.

I was never letting her go.


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