To Be Loved

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Mason's pov

Nights when my stomach growled with hunger, the cold wind freezing my insides with no coat to keep me warm, days when I had to walk in the blistering heat for hours in search of a job...all that seemed like nothing because I finally had her in my arms.

Once I had managed to get Mal to calm down, she fell asleep in my arms. We reached back home but she was still asleep so I carried her to my room and laid her down on my bed. Her cheeks had sunken in and her skin had a greyish hue to it. Bruises and cuts from the scramble before littered her body and a pang of hurt flashed through me as I wiped her face. I kissed her forehead and whispered under my breath as I left the room,

"I won't let you get hurt again my little phoenix."


Dani's pov

Ropes dig into my wrists from where they are tied to the bed. Cold wind makes my body shiver sending chills deep into my bones. The lack of food makes dark spots appear in my vision,making me feel like I was about to pass out. I no longer felt the pain, just an ache where my heart once used to be.

The creaking sound of the door opening surrounds me like a noose around my neck and I feel a shudder go through my body, and it's not because of the cold. I hear heavy steps approaching me my mouth utters words without me realizing.

"No no no please no...."

My whispers join the sound of his hard breathing like the melody of a song.

Only the song is the song of my doom.

The chuckle I once considered the most beautiful sound echoes through the room and I feel all hope leaving me.

The monster had come out of his lair.

I heard the whoosh of the whip before I felt the first lash cutting through my skin. I don't recognize the agonized scream reverberating through the room but I feel it leave my mouth.

Every lash felt like molten fire on my skin. I was being flayed open without care.

My screams continued to echo through the room but monsters don't care , do they?


I wake up with a gasp. My whole body is flushed and I am covered in sweat. I feel tears leaving my eyes like waterfalls and I am completely dazed. I look around to see an unfamiliar room and panic fills me once again.

He found me.

I start to hyperventilate and a panicked scream leaves my mouth unwillingly. I bring my knees to my chest and rock myself in attempt to calm down but am startled when the door bursts open revealing a heaving man.


I then remember all that had happened yesterday and start to calm down when I realize I must be in Mason's house.

Mason was breathing heavily,like he had just finished a marathon. He glances around the room like he was looking for someone and he lets out a relieved sigh when he sees that there is no danger.

His gaze finally falls on me and I look down feeling intimidated. Footsteps approach the bed and I feel a finger under my chin , coaxing me to look up. The touch makes me flinch and when I look up I see the hurt and guilt swimming in his pitch black eyes. He takes a few steps backwards and for some reason that makes me upset.

"So um...hi?" He stuttered out while scratching the back of his neck. I guess no one informed him about how to greet someone you don't know but have been with for over a year.

He looks kinda cute all flustered.....

I shake my head to get rid of the stupid thought and say,

"Hi.." He gives me a small smile at that and sits down on the bed with me. I stiffen at the closeness and I think he picks up on my trepidation and scoots away.

"So...I'm Mason....but I think you already know that..."

I nod, " Yes I do."

"So you could hear everything I said?" he asks and I nod again.


His cheeks start to turn a bit red when he sees that and he clears his throat. I decide to say something to break the tension.

"Thank you Mason." A small frown etches itself on his face.

" Why?"

I look down and smile softly. This man doesn't even realize how his actions brought me back to life, how he was the one who saved me. No normal person saves someone from being attacked and stands by the said person for uncertain amount of time like he did.

"For everything...."

He gives me a small smile and the child like innocence and adoration I see there is a vast difference from the darkness and hate I'm used to.

Maybe he's different....

But I had decided not to let myself become overtaken by delusions and once again closed off my feelings. I was starting to get a bit twitchy as I had missed Stella's tea today and was starting to feel the familiar craving crawl up my mind. The need to forget and become numb again was starting to consume me and entrap me in its shackles.

I turned to Mason who was looking a bit uncomfortable at not knowing what to say and a new idea formed in my head.

"Mason would you happen to have some painkillers?"

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