To Be Loved

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Third person pov ( After Ryan's talk with Wyatt)

The jovial air around the building quickly comes to a pause as the man who had been away for months passes through the doors again. Jokes are cut short and coffee is spilled as everyone stops what they are doing to watch the sight of their boss's big return. His loud steps are the only sound that echoes through the lobby containing over twenty people, his anger foul mood spreading through the air and surrounding them thickly.

His steps come to a stop everyone stiffens as they feel the storm about to come.


Suddenly everyone is unfrozen and filled with new life, praying they wont be the one to take the brunt of his anger today as they get back to work. It is when the elevator doors close with him inside that they breathe again , thanking God that they hadn't lost their job then.

The door slamming can be heard across the topmost floor as he reaches his office, and the next thing Jenna hears is her intercom buzzing.

"Ms. Myers, My office. Now."

Her half eaten sandwich is forgotten as she stumbles into his office, trying to walk and fix her hair at the same time. The deep breath she takes before knocking does little to calm the nerves wracking her and once the quiet 'come in' comes her way she does the sign of a cross before entering.

"You called sir?"

The look she gets would make a lesser woman shake but she tries her best to stand her ground.

"Of course I called you, or you wouldn't be here. But that's not what I wane to say. Get Johns and Smith in here in the next half hour or you're fired. You may leave."


Two men rush into the office together falling on top of each other a they try to reach inside before the clock hits the thirty minutes mark. Once they stand up they meet the unamused stare of their boss, flinching as they see the anger buried there.

"Good you're here. Now Johns, I want you to find Daniella. I don't care how much it costs or what method you use but I want her location as soon as possible. Now get out."

The poor man looks absolutely frightened as makes his way out of the office, leaving his petrified partner behind.

Smith looks like he would pass out any second but tries to delay the inevitable fainting episode, knowing that he would rather deal with the boss face to face rather than face what happens if he faints. Sweat beads on his lip as he waits for his job, chills running down his spine as he hopes for a miracle to save him.

"This goes without saying but what we discuss now must not leave this room. Understand?"

He nods his vigorously and the boss seems satisfied as he gives a curt nod before continuing.

"I want you to investigate James's company. I know he has some shady businesses on the side that are not fully legal and I want you to find definite proof about that. Find anything you can about the entire Roberts family that will effectively put them behind bars and destroy whatever hold James has on the city. The faster the results the higher the pay so you better find it fast. You're dismissed."

Once the office is empty he leans back into his chair, sighing as another wave of sadness hits him. He wouldn't be in this position where he has to comb the city t find his beloved wife. He could have been sitting there, counting down minutes until he reaches home and takes her into his arms without having to let go. He could have had that, but he ruined it. His rage, his revenge became the cause of his miseries.

If only...

In his quest for revenge he hurt the wrong person. He hurt an innocent angel, he became the monster he hated.....he was the cause of all.

But this time he would do it right.

This would be his redemption.

Suddenly he hears shouts and yells coming from the other side of his door.

"Sir! You can't just barge in there!! You need an appointment to-" Jenna's voice is cut short when his door slams open revealing someone he dreaded to see.


Ryan's pov

"What the hell are you doing here??!!!"

The man I dreaded to see just gave me a smirk but our staring contest ended when Ms Myers started pulling him, trying to drag him out of the office.

"It's okay Myers. He can stay." Her relief when she realized she was not being fired could be seen clearly as she went out.

"Is that how you greet your brother in law Ry? But I don't know why I expected better from the man who hits his wife. bad."

His words send another bolt of regret through my heart but I shake it off and turn to the matter at hand.

"What are you doing here Henry? I thought you were in France?" I ask.

A cloud of rage covers his face as I mention France but he gives me a sinister smile and says,

"Of course! How could I forget how my daddy dearest drugged me and took me back to France. So you were part of it too weren't you?"

I look down in guilt of my actions but before I can apologize I feel hands grab my collar and force me to look up. I feel his fist meet face but before I can react another one hits my stomach. A metallic taste fills my mouth as he pushes me against a wall and punches me again.


"She- shes's not here....." I manage to cough out between his incessant punches and I feel his grip loosen. I use that opportunity to move away from him and don't bother to hit him back because I knew I deserved it.

"What do you mean she's not here?" His voice had gone deadly calm and I knew this was just the calm before the storm.

The whole story pours out of me and it takes a dozen more hit before Henry finally calms down.

He sits back into a chair opposite mine and his face is the picture of sadness. I was curious,

"Why didn't you come back once the drugs wore off? It was not like there were no planes available...."

His jaw ticks when I say this but he gives me a sigh and says,

" That son of a bitch stole my passport and papers when he took me there. On top of that our company there was on the verge of bankruptcy as he had neglected it for far too long and put me in charge of it. If I hadn't sorted it out, thousands would have lost their jobs and starved." I raise an eyebrow at that.

"If he stole your passport how did you manage to come back?" I asked genuinely curious.

He just gives me a smirk and says, "That's for me to know an you to find out"

The next minutes are drenched in silence as we both contemplate all that had just been revealed. Henry finally gives a sigh and says,

"Look I don't like all. But order to find Dani we're both gonna have to work I'll help you...until we find her. " he says with conviction.

"You'll go against you're father for her?" I ask him with a raised eyebrow.

The smile that covers his face is pure evil.

"That man does not deserve to be called my father. Moreover....who better to destroy him than his very own son"

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